Customer success , customer experience , customer advocacy and customer happiness are some different ways of describing what people in these roles do. Tech Support Engineer: Technical Services: Technical Customer Support Expert: Technical Services Engineer: Technical Support: Tier X Support Specialist: Picking the right name for your support team. The first point to consider is how much you want to emphasize or deemphasize hierarchy – both internally, and in interactions with customers. That’s because it’s ultimately a label that clarifies how the responsibilities of a particular job fit into the larger mission of your company, a point that’s in no way trivial! Check it out! Brewing Java 6. For example, customer success can be a subcategory of account management or vice-versa – or, the two teams can be independent. Consider the generic, three-word name for the entire team: Customer Service Team. When it comes down to it, the team name and job titles you choose are inseparable from your understanding of what your customer service team aims to accomplish and how it functions. Thank You For Calling. They might simply be “customers,” but they might also be clients , partners , community , or users . Are they advocates , heroes , gurus , representatives , champions , specialists , consultants or a squad ? Join 251,101 customer-obsessed readers on our mailing list. No one would like to hire a company with a funny tech name. Yes This Is Tech Support. Changing the second word, Service , says something about what the team actually does . Changing a job title can lead people to see the same job in a new light. Byte (Byte Me) 10. ). You can call all your support professionals heroes, but if you’re not providing them with the tools, support, and capabilities they need to do great work, then the special cape won’t really help. You can stick with the three-word model, but you can also make the team name either shorter and more efficient or longer and more descriptive. In my local area you can visit Dr. Hart, a fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians. See more ideas about funny, tech humor, tech support. Pick your favorite tech support meme and share it with everyone you know! A more creative, “wacky” name in a staid and traditional company can feel inauthentic or even patronizing. The truth is that your customer service probably won’t be made or destroyed by the name you use. 7 foundational tips for building a thriving customer support team and department from scratch. 2. Here are some of the most common customer service job titles and team names in use today, plus a sprinkling of the less common: The truth is that your customer service probably won’t be made or destroyed by the name you use. Here, we have compiled a list of our favorite tech team names. It can be tough to pick a name that isn’t completely dull but also works for all those audiences. If there are fewer roles, each with a wider range of responsibilities, job titles can provide coherence by indicating what the binding purpose of each role is. Keep it Short and memorable. Here’s what you need to think about when picking the right name for your team. If the department includes a larger number of more specialized roles, job titles can help make detailed distinctions in who is responsible for what. They can send a message about how your company perceives the role of customer service. Code Fellas 11. Here are 15 examples of how you can combine these words: Once you have a catchy name to pull together the entire customer service team, it’s time to get more fine-grained with some creative titles for individual positions on the team. DevDivas (a great name if you happen to have an all-female group) 15. Even if the responsibilities of the two types of roles overlap, the name you opt for frames the end goal behind the position differently. So what, specifically, can an original customer service team name and job title do? Words like assistant , associate , manager , supervisor or leader denote a specific place in the hierarchy while terms like agent , partner and advisor are more egalitarian. Digital Destroyers 16. Code Warriors 12. Working In IT Support. Besides leading Userlike’s marketing plan for world domination, he fills his days watching old movies. Customer service, learnings, and product updates, Customer service insights, organized by theme, Deep dives spanning the customer lifecycle, Live and recorded sessions with industry experts. However, names can be useful and powerful. Short tech company names perform way much better than long boring names. Businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of customer experience roles, and job titles for these positions frequently put the focus on the customer. We Get Paid. Account management roles, on the other hand, are less narrowly focused. Cohesion and cultural fit are important in helping the customer service department feel like they really belong to the company as a whole, and the right name can help. Which one would you rather do business with? There are multiple audiences for any job title or team name. Tech Support Won’t Let Me. The meaning of titles (“customer success,” for example) can vary from company to company. Coming up with a creative team name and set of job titles for your customer service department can accomplish all of the following: Of course, that’s all good in theory. Here are some ideas to get you started. Jul 8, 2016 - Bringing a lighter side to what could be a pain in the rear!. Just look at Google! The theory of nominative determinism says people have a tendency to move toward things that resemble their names. If you’re naming a new team or considering renaming your existing one, here are plenty of example customer service job titles and team names to choose from — along with some factors to consider in picking the right name. If you pick a title for a team that does significantly different work than people with the same title elsewhere, you can end up making life more difficult for your hiring managers and for your new team members who have expectations based on their past experiences. Hexspeak 19. For this reason, while a job title is “just” a label, it’s definitely a label that deserves some reflection. Account management roles, on the other hand, are less narrowly focused. Brogrammers 7. This will help in driving traffic to your web. Cyber Knights 13. Performance in any field is guided by a few core principles. The wording of your customer service job titles might seem like the most trivial of details, but it actually conveys expectations of not just what someone in the position does, but of how they do it. We’re telling stories of companies spearheading a more thoughtful way of doing business, while showing the world you can be successful without sacrificing your values. Blue Screens 5. Guest Service Agent (common in hospitality), Customers Team (our team name at Help Scout! Here are the ones governing the quality of customer service. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, though it probably would not sell as well in the garden center. If you call your team heroes, then you’d better be giving them access to super powers, or your customers will be rightly disappointed. But if you create a culture of service where the customer-facing teams are respected, empowered, and supported, then you can safely call your team Customer Whisperers, Email Decipherists, Mind Melders, or whatever else you desire!

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