A very popular surname, Kaur means ‘princess’. For your baby boy, this name would mean a lot. It means ‘rosegarden’. The name is a popular connotation of telling someone that they are strong and powerful. It also means ‘blessed from everyone’. Another name to indicate beauty is Lavanya. To cook in water that begins cold and then reaches a boil. Another famous Punjabi name is Balwant. Your daughter is sure your blessing! Tanvir means ‘enlightened’ or ‘rays of light’. It means ‘Lord of beauty’. Extent meaning of harmony in punjabi language of it means that the framework of pakistan to the grand governing council. To make this a little easier for you, here is a Punjabi baby name list with meanings for you to check. “Stuffing” vs. “Dressing”: Do You Know The Difference? Gur means ‘young lion’. It also means ‘victory of truth’. Fajal means ‘accomplished’. Channan is a rather unusual girl baby name. This is a not-so-common Punjabi baby name. Express your thoughts and feelings in poetry with one of the most versatile Hindi Shayari. It also has another meaning, ‘a saintly person’. This is a rare Punjabi name for you to have heard. Girls would actually want to be recognized by this name. nies 1. a. Lakhwinder as name is very interesting. Here is a list of Punjabi kids names for boys. Hab means ‘love’. The name is very cool and sounds great as well. Generally, there is more than one Punjabi child in the family and parents love naming their first child (if a boy) by this name. This is one of the best names for Punjabi boys. Almost all of them are beautiful and some are really rare as well. Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020, Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition What Is The Difference Between “It’s” And “Its”? Aad means ‘in the beginning’. The name Arjun is of high significance to the Indian history. For all the baby daughters, this name is sure for you! This name thus has multiple meanings and could be a good choice for your daughter. Another unusual name is Naamsukh. The name also refers to strength. �Y�-$⋷��G1�h���z?#��s�۔��M=��D\t���?�aL���c�-��ci�)�ݟ�_H|_H"����"j��R�������B6��-6�x�"�+�C 6g�5���bMmK�/瘼�H�bX�=��ޠu�&�L�@a�h�Jo���2��h���x6`�ږ�7�ڝ÷S���L���O_�b�� �_�!�僰 N���N" Fa�ApC�}���� -d "~C��1�30�W���� This can be said to be one of finest and well-made names that will suit a Punjabi girl pretty easily. It also means diamond or power. In the modern world, there is a dire need for people who can communicate in different languages. It also means ‘supremely victorious’. The rich red turrets and towers at this canyon gateway are harmonious introductions to the greater glories of Bryce. The name has a positive connotation and is a beautiful Punjabi name. It means ‘hero of the battle’. This is a modern Punjabi name that means ‘praise’, ‘prayer’ or ‘art’. :]�X�a;-� �wk�$�c����w#������)gij�ag7� �1�⹾ p���Ԃu��e@.<9M\#��G(�~F͇o� j��usnG�pw��0��\b0² K[ƒ�T<63!�i�� Heard of this name before? 60 Traditional Arudra Nakshatra Baby Names for Boys and Girls, 60 Modern and Meaningful Mrigasira Nakshatra Baby Names, 70 Unique Baby Names Inspired by Lord Shiva for Boys & Girls. Jasmeet means ‘famed’. “Epidemic” vs. “Pandemic” vs. “Endemic”: What Do These Terms Mean? Indulge nearby words. Loveleen means ‘absorbed’. However, because of the rising popularity of the name, it is not being accepted by a lot of Punjabi parents too. Balbir means one who is mighty and strong. The meaning of Adith is “sun”. The other meaning of the name is ‘hero of fame’ or ‘famous personality’. This one is for the kind babies which almost every Punjabi girl is. Divyajot means ‘light of diya’. This is the Punjabi women’s name that infamous,meaning “beloved”. The name is quite new and has a catchy pronunciation to it as well. This is the one for you! Praneet is not a Punjabi kid’s name. 56. The name also means ‘the great warrior’. Harmony definition: If people are living in harmony with each other, they are living together peacefully... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Inder refers to Lord Indra. It also means ‘inhabited town’ or ‘flourishing’. An orderly or pleasing combination of elements in a whole: color harmony; the order and harmony of the universe.

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