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V�w��auy3��˛� X]ެ&a��Y����Za��=R k/� Thinking of my relationship with my parents when I was an adult, I would describe it as: 3. This page displays healthy relationship worksheets. Below are a list of other mental health worksheets which may interest you: If you have any queries or questions regarding these worksheets, let us know through your comments. When relationships go sour we tend to overlook our partner's best qualities. Ask each child to tell you something about kindness (e.g. endobj endobj Examples of such behaviors include illegal activities such as harassment, addictive behaviors such as alcohol drinking and so forth. Last updated on The red flags, or in other words, the warning signs in a relationship predicts the quality of a relationship. Enjoyed this article? endobj The information provided on this website is intended to encourage, not replace, direct patient-health professional relationships. The first category of worksheets falls under the more general topic of ‘healthy relationships.’ As is evident, there are many worksheets available across multiple relationship types, such as romantic relationships, marital relationships, parent-child relationships, mentoring relationships, and family relationships. x���|\��7. Nadejda Romanciuc holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a diploma in Addiction studies. �{��� M���]D>�8�5t �&REc��. cS����@�����(�[�9�9wQ~�(*%�΅߭��!6u6FW�^(�) ��Hl ����g�K$�*�be���dv���5��~lK7ݷ�鶹�S�u#�9 �SwE���|ߖ>mf��lm�*S������SO�;�w�Ԭi�z���4#����I�4E5����m �������.���{OJ����4R�S���]|@~n�{���"�Ѫ���7� �w2��j��8d5� &ǡ�H�Xl��SX��f�"gJ��/V��-�X�;�(Ia.���Z�̞�+8&�`������"*��ɧK�&����4YSeS��v?jy���. <> Participants learn that healthy relationships are based on equality and mutual respect. September 01, 2020 by Nadejda Romanciuc, Healthy Relationship Worksheet- My Relationship, Healthy Relationship Worksheet- Domestic Abuse, Healthy Relationships Worksheet- Keeping Boundaries, Healthy Relationships Worksheet- Being Assertive, Healthy Relationship Worksheet- Distinguishing between Healthy and Unhealthy Relationship, Healthy Relationship Worksheet- A Healthy Relationship, Healthy Relationship Worksheet- My Ideal Relationship. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'optimistminds_com-leader-3','ezslot_12',119,'0','0'])); It is advised to not to overlook the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship, for they can affect the victim emotionally, physically and psychologically as well. It requires adoption of certain skills and strategies. Furthermore, these worksheets also give awareness about the red flags in relationships which must not be ignored as they can lead to negative consequences. On its contrary when communication becomes difficult, blaming increases, harassment occurs and understanding finishes, it is a signal for an unhealthy relationship. endobj I need time to think and reflect on what I Produced By NAADAC, the … The worksheet “relationship red flags” is a brief worksheet that helps individuals to identify the red flags in their relationship. To ensure  a healthy relationship with your partner it is important to know the major differences between a healthy and unhealthy relationship. endstream endobj 5 0 obj << /Title (pencil BW.eps) /Creator (Adobe Illustrator\(R\) 8.0) /Author (--- - ---) /MetaData 4 0 R >> endobj 6 0 obj << /ProcSet [ /PDF ] /ExtGState << /GS2 166 0 R >> /Properties << /MC1 5 0 R >> >> endobj 7 0 obj << /Type /Filespec /F (mischief:Desktop Folder:KEEP old ALL HHRP+/n:~HHRP+/n GRAPHICS combined\ :Manuals/Slides \(tif res=144ppi\):pencil+/n BW.eps) >> endobj 8 0 obj << /1.3 << /Type /OPI /Version 1.3 /CropFixed [ 0 0 233.916 12.24899 ] /CropRect [ 0 0 234 12 ] /Size [ 234 12 ] /F 7 0 R /Position [ 82.131 147.73801 84.47501 150.56799 138.50999 105.799 136.166 102.96899 ] >> >> endobj 9 0 obj << /Type /XObject /Subtype /Form /FormType 1 /BBox [ 0 0.03 612 792.03 ] /Resources 6 0 R /Matrix [ 1 0 0 1 0 0 ] /Length 1364 /Filter /FlateDecode /OPI 8 0 R >> stream 77 0 obj 68 0 obj �XMl��mkm/���ݶ�^T�\Ɵk�,�V����wb��!���<8�Y�0�����7�^w�yUh4� �o)��%��ں��i�JIf�htr���ze]z�ws_)�[��ѳy�]�v�Ag>� eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'optimistminds_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_5',112,'0','0'])); The quality of a relationship is based on how you are treated by your partner. The following table highlights some other distinct characteristics of both healthy and unhealthy relationships, which can help you to determine what kind of relationship you have with your partner. �f%���Llχ0K��gʗcƶv�3Ut���WH��>��G�|{�����e]l�cm�C��:�JO%,�P�]Ā�� *���S2�s]E!�\)��w���q0� L1��C�:��W�����?;�z�iS�0S��h��X����݅��M. H��W��7����.fEQԣ��H�"H�>w#���$���kv%�$�v�+�yx�y�����������~|��Wx������� �oaki�=��C��� ��[)�7�����YQi���s�S*���]��Ž��lO?��—?��w�5�� ��N If your partner treats you well, cares about you, knows his rights and your responsibility and fulfill them, then you are in a healthy relationship. The healthy vs unhealthy relationship handout presents distinct differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships. @��H�T�d�`ӕb��g���į�L�C����1�{L"=68x�����ƻ���L����$PA�9 �p�ދv���3�,@��9$�L�G��B@��wEd�qZ�_���V��}#B|�2�EP&��Wݳ��;����D�u(����T�-� d��� endstream endobj 4 0 obj << /Length 790 >> stream My Relationship with My Parents 1. Keeping boundaries is necessary to limit the interference and control of people on yourself. Awareness is the key to knowing your rights and responsibilities to prevent adverse outcomes which could be as disturbing as mental illness. �S���)�eX���Ú�� Ͱfy3���3Wo�)�|�� The following worksheet helps distinguish between a healthy and unhealthy relationship. 76 0 obj 69 0 obj Domestic abuse could be any form ranging from physical to psychological. Healthy Relationships Workbook (for people with learning difficulties) The purpose of this workbook is to assist a person with an intellectual or developmental disability to learn about healthy relationships, to identify and recognize abuse and to know who to contact for help. <>stream The Teen Friendship Workbook is designed to help you learn more about yourself, identify the effective and ineffective aspects of your friendships, and find better ways to use newfound skills to develop and maintain healthy friendships that bring out the best in you – F�>y62�Qu[0����V�3歝�ū�=�y!����%͋4�+j*�*K]L�]�� �y�W���2�k ��&Y:��QY�͂��zV����t�q ���k���q]�\�4ʓ��yYXEyS�ۚ�}�%��t'�=�O�&��ڞ3M�I�qZ��D'��?Y��5�TGY=] 9Y��j�Ϋ��Z"&V�&�k�@�`U��5�.�L��,Z��2�%�,�E���-�vN�K��Ť�hF���pw�Ey�y9jr;�-��ìJ~^T��n�/M��/�uYCԓ����O��jO��K�����j�s>�0��ڪH��a����Ry��j�pZg�D^#�;mD���n��k���:�k2�Н�f`XZ�1d���j��e�\���,���|Z䚌xi���x�9Һ���"���L/��u��j4�y�f������*�M%|;-�\��_8A],���?y��.������y-�����JMC��۟C�� ����|��@�i=����� d�����5}���g�2���pI��ڐ�7��h��Ð3���:�i�q_�8�iݙVؙ���T?����M. The following worksheet mentions some skills and strategies that can help you make friends and maintain a healthy relationship with them.

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