We usually know the GW is pretty bad at simple biology, but this is beyond ridiculous and ludicrous. The Fleshborer is one of the most iconic Tyranid weapons, a simple design that fires a borer beetle that eats its way through anything it comes across during its flight. This energy amplifies in potency when in close proximity to another Bonesword, such as when used in pairs. On Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II, these living weapons are just regular torpedoes, despite the fluff. This beautiful gun fires a bony spine, steered by a shard-beast at the base of the spine, whose innards are ripped from its body when the spike is fired. To aid them in the digestion of a world's biomass, Pyrovores drool a highly corrosive acid that can dissolve pretty much anything. You get the Brainleech variety. More often, it'll let you turn opposing characters into an opportunity for bonus CP. The clouds being spawned from a Seed Spore covers a good range and any ship within the cloud takes hull damage rather than shield damage. Not very interesting for the Tervigon because its role is really nothing more than sitting on an objective, shitting out as many Gaunts as it can. The shot collides with enough force to cave in enemy tanks, and also releases a residue of the electrostatic firing charge upon collison in a lethal blast of electrical energy. However, it is completely slaved to the will of its wielder and is incapable of any independent thought. Flesh Hooks are sharp barbs attached to long, sinewy tentacles, which are kept coiled close to the Lictor's rib cage, until they are fired by a powerful muscle spasm. Because of the way the Drool Cannon interferes with the Hive Crone's mouth, it is unknown why the Hive Mind thought it is still viable to waste resource on its sharp teeth (maybe it's retractable?). This page was last edited on 23 November 2020, at 12:01. To make it even more killy the barbs and the gun itself is laced with acidic veins and toxin sacs to make any scratch almost always fatal. This is your go-to weapon for dealing with METAL BAWKSES. If you take this weapon in large broods, you will be aiming at your enemy's biggest units to just drown the suckers in dozens of shots. A Bonesword is living organism, which has a small brain situated deep within its hilt and has a rudimentary sentience that allows it to gradually grow in length and repair any battle damage to itself and maintain a deadly monomolecular edge. Certain weapons used by the Tyranids are part of the creatures themselves, instead of being addition to the arms/back. Just like the Cluster Spine, the Stinger Salvo is a weapon who practicality is only viable given on where the Tyranid would like to put it, turning into a living, breathing spike bomb into a fairly useless weapon that rains spikes cause the dumb idiot placed its Stinger Salvo a tad bit too high. There is also the Monstrous Scything Talons (For the big bois), which are found on Tyrants and the Carnifex. There is also an upgrade called Monstrous Rending Claws, which deal AP-3 D3 Damage, on a 6+ on a wound roll makes the attack AP-6 and a flat 3 damage. Although the Stone Wrecker Carnifex has less attacks than the Carnifex (two compared to three) any attack that goes through is more than likely going to cause an Explodes! They are launched with an electrostatic charge at tremendous velocities. Whilst it can puncture Jimmy's Flak Armor, don't think it would do quite swell with Power Armor. The largest Tyranids have banks of spines build into their carapaces that they can fire when under stress. The weapon is made of chitin and constantly crackles with powerful psychic energy that flows along embedded nerve tendrils to create a psychic field around the blade, effectively creating a biological version of a force weapon. They can pierce very light armor as found on Orks and the like, but tougher armor will likely stop the blows. This effect stabilizes the tunnel walls and prevents them from collapsing behind a burrowing Trygon. Remember that 70's cult classic Zardoz? Now they're Lictor and Warrior/Shrike only (Carnifexes have access to Spine Banks, which are similar), count as Frag Grenades, and can be fired for a surprisingly deadly shot. The biggest motherfucking gun alive on land (Both figuratively and literally). Wrecker Claws are immense claws covered in diamond-hard chitin and ultra-dense bone to enable it crush the armor of vehicles with relative ease. The Heavy Venom Cannon is just that: a bigger version of the Venom Cannon able to deal with bigger vehicles, and it would be a lot more reliable if it wasn't using a Blast template. In 8th edition it has recieved a much needed buff. Sometimes known as the Tail Scythe or Thresher Scythe.

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