In Nth QLD you know a pelican wont come to you even with the offer of a fish – because the fisherman there dont feed the birds because it just might encourage crocodiles…..So you certainly dont get pelicans coming to take food of people enjoying a nice lunch because they dont understand that you are offering food. Significant injury can occur. On my early morning jog in the Turramurra bush today, I was swooped three times by a Butcher Bird. I was invading his territory so I beat a hasty retreat. I couldn’t see a nest anywhere so I’m not sure of the reason for the attack. Braked when she flew and moved when she landed. Readers on this blog have contributed many interesting comments – click on the comments section below this post. There’s a permanent alarm call (NOT ordinary birdsong – I usually like blackbird song, but this is definitely an alarm call and is quite distinct) from dawn to dusk and any time that anyone ventures out there they find themselves divebombed and basically hounded until they get fed up and run away. Indirecly related deaths, for example crashing a bicycle or falling down when being attacked, are still death and BUT FOR the magie attack these deaths would not have occured. Bear Gifts. Being swooped can be VERY unnerving to the unwary. They over flew us at a few inches, One bird after another when flying from one picnic spot to another. This is in inner Melbourne along the federation bike path near Geelong rd. I assured her in my reply that I have never heard of this species swooping humans. I talked with some locals in the area and they told me it was most likely a peregrine falcon. We love to watch our resident birds, many of the old nests still remain in trees about, and we particularly love the beautiful song of the blackbirds too. I have the same difficulty trying to explain to people at work why they should give the plover pair who are nesting on our Oval a wide berth. This one seems to be gaining weight but am feeding it mash and egg. When she goes outside she will watch for hours and never try stalking or leaping toward one. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board. I cannot find any more information but I suspect that the death was not as a direct attack from the magpie, but rather secondary infection. Sometimes the birds chase them right into the house. Our street connects to a popular walking track that leads to a retirement village. They are know to swoop and harass other bird species, and other crows who are intruders to their territory. The Red-winged Blackbird of north and central American is also very aggressive, I believe. 5. Fortunately, he was wearing a cap so he was not injured. Once the young are out of the nest this activity should stop. Magpies, plovers etc are just being good parents and lots of the time are reacting to young kids who throw rocks etc and most of them are riding on their bikes. Is there a web site I can link to or direct readers to so the group can get more publicity? Lucky for me i closed it at the right moment or i would have lost an eye. Any ideas? They harrass cats even more, I’m not sure if they are biting or clawing the cats, but the cats will run for cover. I have yet to experience the joy of seeing hummingbirds – someday I hope to go birding in your part of the world. Birders who notice a bird's angry behavior can use those clues to learn more about what is going on. […] found an interesting site on swooping birds today: Sadly though, most people who are the chief offenders are not only ignorant, they probably can’t even read this. Take care – they sound terrible. Many years ago a friend in Port Augusta related to me an occasion when a honeyeater landed on his shoulder and tried to pluck a hair from his rather ample beard. I am always amazed at the aggression shown by Red Wattlebirds towards all other species, especially the poor little Spotted and Striated Pardalotes – harassment is not the correct word – open abuse and brutality sounds better! Or is it? Up until this year, the noisy miners historically have feed there as well. When breeding is over they might gather in flocks ready to migrate to warmer areas, or they might just be gathering together for mutual protection – the chances of surviving an eagle or hawk attack are greater in a large flock. From your IP address I assume you live in the United States – could you have seen a different species? I am a teacher at a preschool. Even though it may be tempting, never strike a bird. Lucky, he did not peck in the holes, my head would be pecked. All Rights Reserved. I am so pleased that the Blackbirds found here in Australia (the same species as the Common Blackbird of Europe) are not aggressive like the birds you are experiencing. Do all butcher birds attempt to rear young in this inefficient way? I looked behind me and saw the Magpie following me. The degree of anger and what makes birds upset can vary by season and by what local resources the bird has available, but the most common reasons for angry birds include the following: Any bird species can show anger, but some birds have more volatile personalities than others. In parks and gardens as well as zoos and wildlife parks, any of the species of geese can get a little aggressive. I understand and appreciate that the birds are most probably being territorial because of young in their nest but their aggressive behaviour is escalating and their territory range extending. I didn’t know that about Hummingbirds. Gulls and picnics seem to go together. BTW (for your interest) you might Google -bird attacks Houston- to read about urban incidents–including one where authorities even chose to close down an entire downtown Houston (Texas) street.

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