Yarrow can be an eye-popping feature to any garden with its umbrella-shaped flower clusters that are available in a show of colors that span the rainbow. Ideally you want to do this on a dry day, not a rainy day. Yarrow’s always seemed magical to me, and I remember lounging in my room as a teenager, reading through 16th-century herbals and dreaming of the day I’d spot it in real life. Yarrow—it is absolutely the one herb that you should be growing on your homestead. Yarrow propagates easily and in many ways, including via division, stem cuttings and seeds. From the many medicinal uses of yarrow, to how to grow and harvest yarrow—we’re going to talk about it all in this one blog post (including a recipe for yarrow tincture). Please keep in mind that “low maintenance” is not the same as “no maintenance.” CLICK HERE to learn about Herb Folk and how you can get your first month free! It is also an attractive plant to gardeners because it is low maintenance, drought resilient and relatively pest free. Yarrow for External Use. Here’s how to grow yarrow in your garden! Division is usually the most convenient, because yarrow grows … So there you go. Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is a native North American plant that’s popular with pollinators and practically care-free, making it perfect for borders, ground covers, and open meadows. We’re studying yarrow more in-depth next month in Herb Folk. Harvest some this summer and fall to harness that healing power with these 10 ways to use yarrow. Learn how to identify, harvest and make medicine with Turkey Tail Mushroom with Herbalist Yarrow Willard (Herbal Jedi). Yarrow is also not recommended for pregnant or nursing mamas! Now you know how to make a yarrow tincture using fresh yarrow, and you have five different ways to use it! Propagating Yarrow. **Even if you do not want to plant Yarrow for its’ medicinal benefits OR because the flowers are beautiful, you should plant Yarrow because when you add the leaves to your compost pile, it will speed up decomposition. The most ideal time to cut yarrow is on a warm morning when the flowers are fully open, the dew has evaporated and the leaves are completely green (vs starting to yellow and pass). (Yes really, that’s actually how I spent my free time as a teenager. **This plant is very easy to grow, and shines in zones 3-9. 1) Yarrow has astringent properties that can help reduce swelling for external wounds. Yarrow can be used fresh or dried for many things. **Yarrow is a tough, hardy perennial. How to Harvest Yarrow. Use it fresh this summer and dry bunches for winter too.

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