Well, not any more! Copyright © Remove the pineapple core, by slicing down and inward. Try not to chop away too much of the yellow flesh with the peel. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I peel a pineapple I’d be patiently using the knife to dig out the remaining eyes on it. We hope that this little article has been insightful and of course feel free to share your thoughts with us. Make … Now you can always try and cut closer to the skin of the pineapple, when using this particular technique. Lay the pineapple down on its side and cut off the top and bottom of the pineapple. Do you want chunks, or some other fancy design? I love pineapple, okay so please don’t judge me. A true genius on Twitter shared a video of a new hack for cutting pineapples that makes eating them so simple. Thanksgiving Steals & Deals are here! A video of a person peeling off chunks of a pineapple went viral when it was shared to Twitter. Amazon UK Prime Deals: Let the festivities begin! But there's an easier way to peel a pineapple that has left us in shock. In fact, all you do is pull it apart, piece by piece, using the nodes on … The smell, the taste. According to this hack, not only do you not need to cut or core a pineapple, you don’t even need to peel it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 3 ways to peel a pineapple in the right way! But apart from it being a bit prickly to handle, the thought of peeling it, sought of prevents me from purchasing it regularly. Pineapple may be one of the most popular tropical fruits around. 2. However, you may end up losing a bit more of the pineapple with this technique. That means you’ll have to cut out those bits from the pineapple chunks. Who knew pineapple could do this pic.twitter.com/huFrlOigS6, wtf kinda pineapples r u ppl using pic.twitter.com/mzernN1too. Place the pineapple horizontally on the cutting board. Okay, so that’s a quick and easy technique. Bu it all depends on what you want the peeled pineapple to look like. There's more than one way to slice a pineapple ... or you could just peel it. Each strip of green peel will be about 1 to 2 inches. Your email address will not be published. There's more than one way to slice a pineapple ... or you could just peel it. Rotate the quarters and make slices all the way down. With four big chops, cut away the fleshy fruit from the core. But doing so means you’ll have some eye remnants on the pineapple chunks. The video below actually shows you three (3) additional techniques you can use to peel a pineapple. A fresh one is so much better and the smell is irresistible! All rights reserved. Try your best, not to eat them before you’ve cut the entire pineapple. But, to me that takes out too much of the pineapple. Roll it on the table and then use your finger to take a bite of it. I know, there is always the pineapple in the tin. Buying pre-cut pineapple chunks might seem like the convenient thing to do when faced with the option of choosing between a friendly-looking container or the spiky fruit itself. You can always use a melon baller to make quick work of peeling out the eyes. How to Start a Lawn Care Website & Make Money, How to Start Your Own Online Business From Home, Amazon Deals and Promotions: What’s Available Each Day. Lay the fruit on its side, and chop off the top and bottom from the pineapple so it has two flat bases. Al Roker's Grilled Pork Chops with Pineapple. Note; they are built in parallel diagonal rows. Once the core is removed, slice the half into another half or manageable quarters. James Briscione, director of culinary development at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, shares these simple tips to easily remove that tough, pesky skin, chop up the fruit and finish with core-less bites ready to serve up in your next fruit salad or any other recipe. It’s quick, easy to use and there is no big mess to clean up, when you’re done. All Rights Reserved. How to peel the pineapple. Oh, we've also been eating pineapples wrong forever. Love pineapple? But, to me that takes out too much of the pineapple. Anyway, I got a pineapple recently so I had to peel it without any fancy gadget to help. Place the pineapple and peel it off. There may be eyes on the fruit. Once you’ve done that, slice the pineapple in half, to create two equal halves. Required fields are marked *. Say goodbye to those freshly-cut fruit worries with these chef's tips for peeling and chopping a pineapple. More from MamásLatinas: 30 Tasty Argentinean dishes to try ASAP. You can always use a melon baller to make quick work of peeling out the eyes. I love fresh pineapple! Cut off the top and bottom of the fruit with a large sharp knife. Well, check this out, you’ll be happy you did. It was reportedly named due to the fact that it looks similar to a pine cone . Using fingers MATERIALS: Pineapple Vegetable knife METHOD: 1.Cut the edge of a pineapple. Looking for the best way to peel a pineapple? Check out the steps below for a quick and easy technique for pineapple chunks. Off-duty CPD officer found dead remembered as 'gentle giant', 6 months after George Floyd was killed, the untold arrest of an ex-Illinois state trooper, Need for loving foster care homes increases, Struggling restaurants rely on takeout orders, Black Friday shopping shifts online amid pandemic, Several animals killed in McHenry County barn fire, Remote learning poses greater challenges in underserved communities, Chicago Weather: Partly cloudy, chilly Friday, $2K reward offered in fatal Little Village hit-and-run, 3 charged with torturing, beating schizophrenic man to death. Here's how to use that freshly-cut fruit: Need help with your knife skills? 1. Save up to 85% on gifts from small businesses. So here’s the easiest and quickest way to cut your fresh pineapple with a knife. Finish by cutting the wedges into slices or bite-sized pieces for a fruit salad. Then what? If you want different shapes, as opposed to chunks, then you definitely need to check it out. Your email address will not be published. Let us know if you have a favorite way to peel a pineapple! But fear not, fruit lovers, peeling and cutting a pineapple shouldn't scare you away from saving some money at the grocery store. The next step is to remove the core. In a trend going viral on social media, people are sharing videos of themselves eating pineapple in an unconventional way. published on 11 April, 2019 at 11:39. 3. It’s all so good! 2020 MyHomeNeedsThis.com. Okay, now there are different techniques you can use to peel a pineapple with a knife without wasting it! But it’s just not the same. For the trick to work, the pineapple has to be ripe. Even though it’s often tied to Hawaii, that connection is because it’s one of the first locations that canned it. But what if you don’t have one of those fancy gadgets to use? Best Cell Phone Cleaner to Get Rid of Germs & Stay Safe, Amazon Platinum MasterCard: Benefits & Tips. In the tweet, a woman is seen pulling chunks of the pineapple away in sections by grabbing the spiny exterior and tearing the fruit away from the core. Place the fruit on its flat bottom and cut off the sides, lengthwise from top to bottom, by staying in one spot and rotating the pineapple. You'll be left with a rectangular center that's too tough to eat, but you'll have four nicely-cut wedges of fruit. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I peel a pineapple I’d be patiently using the knife to dig out the remaining eyes on it. You’ll have to use the old knife. 4. Okay, so the easiest and fastest way to peel a pineapple would be to use a pineapple peeler like the ones below. Anyway, I got a pineapple recently so I had to peel it without any fancy gadget to help. Winter Outlook 2020: How cold, snowy will Chicago be this year? https://www.today.com/food/how-cut-peel-pineapple-watch-video-steps-t128011 These little gadgets will definitely core and slice your fresh pineapple fast. Copyright © 2020 WLS-TV. Then run the knife between the skin and the pineapple to separate the chunks from the skin of the pineapple.

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