I wont do that for the next two weeks, but I wanted to write them an email to give them a heads up that I will be submitting my … What do you suggest to add/remove to the below email, and what subject should I choose for the email? He wouldn't have agreed if he didn't feel you deserved it. I repeatedly asked this one professor (politely!) If he said that he'd write you a recommendation letter than you shouldn't be afraid to remind him unless something about your attendance or your performance in class has changed. A week before the deadline is a good point of time to send a reminder. to submit his letters but I only received one of two, with the former being submitted one week late and the latter perhaps not being submitted at all. My letter writers always asked for reminder e-mails, I don't think it's rude. I am planning on applying to grad school and asked three of my professors to write recommendation letters for me to which they agreed about a month and a half ago. Si vous demandez au professeur d'écrire votre. It’s always awkward to ask for letters of recommendation, especially if you don’t know them well! There is no need to state that this is a second (or nth) reminder. I was wondering what would be the proper way to remind the professor without sounding rude. I just wanted to quickly remind you that the deadlines are one week away. They would need to submit my recommendation letters online after I submit my applications. A short email, roughly of the form 'thanks again for agreeing to write a recommendation letter for me. lettre de recommandation pour l'école de médecine . "Professor So & so, I just wanted to ask if you've had time to write the letter of recommendation we'd talked about in April? As a professor, I get requests to write recommendation letters all the time. I wrote to the school and asked what the grace period is and they answered that they … Still, I am missing one recommendation letter for one program that closed the appl. They haven't submitted them yet, so you should remind them to, simple as that. That’s the easiest way to avoid these issues. How to remind professor about a letter of recommendation I asked one of my professors for a letter of recommendation via email a month ago, to which she agreed. In any case, I wouldn’t send a reminder until perhaps 24–48 h (at most!) When your prof agrees to write a letter, ask them if they’d like a reminder and when. But, your job or graduate school may insist on receiving this letter. Email subject: "kind reminder" Dear Prof. XXXX, I would like to check if you have had time to read my proposal that I sent to you on 3rd July. Just ask! before the deadline. Asking a professor for a letter of recommendation can be nerve-wracking. I would like to write a reminder to a professor to see if he has had time to read my proposal and what he thinks about it. I would literally just say "Just a reminder that application X is due on Y" process on Dec 8th. vous devriez lui demander s'il a besoin de rappels et à quelle fréquence vous devriez le faire.

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