No exercise can cause your body to burn fat in just one area of your body, unfortunately. Then, apply an extra coat to only your ankles and calves. Standing Calf Raise and Pulse Exercise to Slim Your Calves: To do this exercise, you can also make … 8. Avoid booties & flats  – You may love them, but they don’t love you. The 9 Best Exercises To Lose Inner Thigh Fat At Home, Living With PCOS: How to Enjoy the Pleasures of Lovemaking, Drink Ginger Water Daily If You Suffer from Migraines, Arthritis or Heartburn. 4. Booties & flats emphasize big calves and ankles. Do You Work Out? No one will notice that they are a bit darker than the rest of your body, but you will notice the difference when your calves and ankles look slimmer! Your best bet is solid colored pants in a dark color but make sure they’re not too skinny. Moderation of salt and water to stop swelling. This plan can quickly backfire and cause your calves and ankles to become even larger! Even if you don’t purposely add salt to your foods, you may be eating packaged foods that are filled with sodium. Also, make sure the hemline of your skirt ends at an area of your legs that you like the look of most! How will you reduce your sodium intake slim your calves and ankles? Avoid flats, shoes with ankle straps, white shoes, kitten heels, clogs, and any shoes with a chunky heel. Wear Calf Compression Sleeves at Night, RELATED ARTICLE: The 9 Best Exercises To Lose Inner Thigh Fat At Home. Wear Shoes that Make Your Calves and Ankles Look Slimmer Make sure your dress hits at or above the knee. It is particularly focused on getting leaner legs, so it will help you slim down calves. Flat shoes emphasize big calves and … Does your self-confidence suffer due to feeling like your calves and ankles are thicker than you would like them to be? A tight pant will emphasize your problem. Restrict prints to your upper body, and use fun accessories like scarves or statement necklace to draw the eye up and away. 3. This is a great tip for anyone looking to draw the eye and attention up. Pants are perfect for hiding “cankles” ( thick calves fused at thick ankles). During the spring and summer when it is just too hot to wear stockings, you can create the same visual trick that wearing dark stockings creates by applying self-tanning lotion strategically. Bootcut or wide legs jeans help hide the problem. Also it will help to refine the area. 6. Avoid Flat Shoes. Another easy way to reduce water retention in your ankles and calves that makes them look thicker is to wear calf compression sleeves at night. Instead,  choose a mid-height heel to fool the eye and make your legs look long and lean. The best exercises to burn fat without causing your calves and ankles to bulk-up include walking, yoga, pilates, and other low-impact aerobic exercises. This is also a great tip for anyone who wants a longer, leaner look! Enter your email address and name below to be the first to know. Stretch your calves to relax contracted calf muscles. While you may know that the right pair of shoes can make or break the look of an entire outfit, you may not realize that the right pair of shoes can also make your calves and ankles look skinnier. Avoid the stair-climber and elliptical machines, because while they both burn calories, they also work your calves and ankles hard, which can increase the amount of muscle you have in the areas. 2. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Don’t use the salt shaker much? Anything below the knee will draw attention to the widest part of your calves, creating a matronly look. Although wearing diet slippers around the house might help, standing on you tips down your heels off the floor is one way to train your calf muscles. 9. When you eat too much sodium, your body retains more water. They draw the eye to the widest part of your calves and ankles and make your legs look stubby. When you must wear flats, just make sure they are also dark in color and don’t have ankle straps. 4. If you want to shed fat from your calves and ankles, the only way to do it is to perform exercises that burn fat from your entire body. Wear dark colors below your waist and highlight your top half by wearing lighter colors near your face. So while you may not be able to change the legs you have, you can make them less noticeable. Wear Dark Stockings Under Skirts and Dresses Have you given up wearing dresses, capri pants and shorts because you don’t want anyone to see your calves and ankles? The big, round muscle in the back of your calf, the gastrocnemius, can start to look bulky if it’s tight and contracted all the time. Things to do right before going to bed. You may not be able to change what mother nature gave you, but you can make them a lot less noticeable. As your body releases stored water, you can also quickly notice your calves and ankles appearing slimmer right before your very eyes! Just as the right shoes can make your calves and ankles look slimmer, the right skirt can, as well. And no cropped pants and capris. There are three versions of the program, one for each of the 3 body types: ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph. Food to help slim legs. The slight pressure they put on your calves and ankles can help prevent fluid from accumulating in the areas while you sleep and lead to thinner calves and ankles during the daytime. Instead, you can wear mini-skirts that draw attention to those great thighs or full-length maxi skirts. Reduce Your Sodium Intake You may love flats, but they don’t love you. Don’t like the look of colored stockings? Just wear a pair that is about one skin-tone darker than yours, and your calves and ankles will look skinnier without anyone even noticing that you are wearing stockings! Choose The Right Skirt Styles Try This Sunless Tanner Trick Instead A fuller skirt will make legs look slimmer by comparison. Here are our tips on the do’s and don’ts. Want to be notified when our article is published? Named FTF “The Best of the Best” blogs for women over 50. Why choose dark colors? You likely already know that you should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day to stay in overall good health, but you may not realize that when you don’t drink enough water, it causes your body to hold onto more water as a self-preservation tactic. Avoid Calf-Bulking Exercises While you may have vowed to only wear pants that cover what you perceive as your “problem areas,” you may become eager to begin wearing those short skirts and even capri pants again after you follow these 9 steps for skinnier calves and ankles! The slight pressure they put on your calves and ankles can help prevent fluid from accumulating in the areas while you sleep and lead to thinner calves and ankles during the daytime. 5. Booties  & flats emphasize big calves and ankles. 1. Tips to Slim Your Calves and Ankles Choose the Right Shoe Another easy way to reduce water retention in your ankles and calves that makes them look thicker is to wear calf compression sleeves at night. Drink Plenty Of Water Why does this happen? Too Warm for Stockings? It will help you get slim and it will give you leaner legs without causing bulkiness – calves … Many people who have thick ankles and calves begin to perform exercises that target these areas of the body in an attempt to spot reduce. Once you begin performing exercises that target your calves and ankles, instead of shedding fat, you begin to build muscle in those areas. 7. Avoid ankle straps – Skip shoes that have lacing or straps that go around the ankle and opt for looks with no emphasis on the ankle area. Do you dislike the appearance of your thick calves and ankles? The added muscle in your calves and ankles can make them look even bulkier. 7 Stylish Fashion Blogs for Women Over 50. Choose a dress or skirt that flares out at the bottom. If you don’t want people looking at your legs distract them. Start keeping an eye on the nutrition labels of the foods you eat and reduce your intake of any that are high in sodium. 1. So let’s start with what we believe you should avoid. Other skirts or dresses for thick legs are maxi styles that fall to the floor, because they cover the problem area all together. Follow these 9 tips for skinnier calves and ankles and you can finally begin to feel confident when looking into that full-length mirror! Try These Exercises Instead Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Light clothing colors, such as white, can make areas of your body appear larger, while dark colors make them look smaller. When you begin to drink plenty of water, your body goes out of self-preservation mode and releases the extra water. This is also a great tip for anyone who wants a longer, leaner look! This can lead to many parts of your body appearing “plumper” than they really are. Exercise your calf muscles no matter where you are. The trick is to use it all over your body one night to create a very light tan all over. One way to help prevent this is to stretch your calves regularly, especially after exercises that work the calves … An easy way to make your legs, including your ankles and calves, look slimmer when you are wearing skirts, dresses, and even shorts, is to wear a pair of dark-colored stockings under them. These opinions are just our own, of course you should wear whatever makes you comfortable. The only skirt length you want to avoid is one that ends right at your calves or ankles.

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