Miller says if you’re in a house with other people it can be “exceedingly annoying”, but find a space, even if it’s the kitchen table, and clear it for a period of time, even if that means studying alongside kids. Being a mature age student is a double edged sword; in one sense you are older and wiser and may come with industry experience but in another you may be lacking confidence and the academic skills that come from regular study. There are 11 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the … If you have multiple assignments due at the same time, set yourself private deadlines to prioritise work instead of multitask. We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. Tips For Adult Students Getting Your Ged By. Tony Wagner has a lot to say about why asking questions is more important than knowing the right answers. The number of first year undergraduate students aged 21 and over looks set to be rising. It is a good idea to explain your individual circumstances to your lecturers and tutors at the beginning of semester so they will be aware of your needs. Returning to study as a mature age student Returning to study as a mature age student Going to uni for the first time is tough for all students, but if you’ve been in the workforce for a few years or have kids (or both), it can be downright scary. Mature age students are often juggling course commitments with the demands of family or working life, allowing less opportunity for the ‘fun’ side of uni. Ten study skills for the adult returning to school. Returning to study as a mature age student. Set expectations, but make them achievable by considering possible distractions. If you’re a mature college student, chances are you won’t be there to drink —  but you may be surrounded by students who are. You may be dealing with unfamiliar concepts (academic referencing, for example) or trying to study while experiencing problems with family or work. If you have any questions or thoughts about adult learners or mature students, please comment below…, Your email address will not be published. It’s been nearly three months since lockdown started in the UK and many people are wondering what to do next. “Sometimes I wonder why I’m doing this,” says Eddie Thompson*, 57, who is doing a creative writing MA at the University of Derby. At the International Career Institute, we provide a learning schedule that suits you. Set a weekly timetable of your current commitments to determine how much time you have. But what if, despite your efforts, you receive a poor mark? With the face-to-face meetings and informal chats gone for the time being, you may find yourself in a situation where you think you’re on your own, but you will have tutors, support networks and fellow students, and they are all going through the same thing. Thompson says this works for him. The more you do before day one, the less you’ll have to do when it comes to study time. The eligibility criteria for student loans have not been communicated effectively by the higher education sector, and much of the task of explaining the new system has been left to individual institutions. Professor David Latchman is master of Birkbeck College, University of London – follow it on Twitter @BirkbeckNews. The late president of Birkbeck, the great historian professor Eric Hobsbawm, continued writing in his nineties, the UK's oldest prime minister was William Gladstone, aged 84, and Dame Judi Dench, aged 78, garners acclaim for her every film and theatre appearance. “Even if you just wanted to have a taste of online learning and then go to a campus uni afterwards, short courses are a good way to see what works for you.”, One of the key struggles for mature students can be establishing and maintaining the sense of themselves as a student when they typically have many different hats to wear. But our experiences have also taught us that prospective students, including older students, are often confused by the student loan and tuition fee regime introduced by the Coalition government. Make sure you understand the academic assignments. For more tips, read How to be a Successful College Student. Respondents over 60 who enrolled on undergraduate courses at Birkbeck in 2012 said the most important motivation for studying was personal development (75%), followed by career/professional development (25%). A Veterinarian’s Help, How to Help When Your Boyfriend is Depressed, 10 Ways to Ease Foot Pain Caused by Bunions, Funny Quotes From Kids About Love and Marriage, When You Miss Your Cat More Than You Can Say, How to Deal With Guilt After the Loss of Your Dog. The graduation ceremony was one of the proudest moments of his life. Check out online courses, weekend or season-intensive programs, or units that may offer evening classes. One such example is Gerald Nathanson, who recently blogged for Guardian Students. Some mature age students will suffer from a lack of confidence and feel out of their depth in the world of study, while others will take comfort in the fact that they are ‘older and wiser’ (or that they already have industry experience) and expect high marks. Look out for study help seminars and bridging programs, as some of these may specifically cater to students who are returning to study. Teaching what you've learned can be one of the very best ways of making sure you understand the material. for more information. These tips on how to study when you can’t focus will help you learn what you need to know. I have congratulated many older students on their academic achievements at graduation ceremonies over the years. 6. The optimal size for a study group is around 3-5 people, but even one person makes a huge difference. Did you know you have a choice? This may include online subjects, weekend or summer intensive programs, or units that offer evening classes. Before you even think about starting uni, get organised. The extra time investment will pay off. Do you? Fitting it all round the children is hard, she says, so work out the best time of day to study and stick to a routine. Find out by taking our Listening Test. Read The Mature Student’s Study Guide by Catherine Dawson. If you get a poor grade, ask your professor or teacher if you can re-do the assignment. Meditation is one of the great secrets in life. Without that, he says it is difficult to switch off and “it feels like you’re forever working”. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Lecturers and tutors will typically understand that you have other obligations (such as an unexpected work commitment or a sick child) and in most cases will be flexible if you cannot meet a deadline or need to skip a class. Your personal tutor can offer you expert advice and is there to answer your questions, so don’t hold back! Most of us never think about it. Students can apply for a loan to cover their tuition fees if they want to study for an undergraduate degree or certificate of higher education, have never studied at this level before and are classified as a home/EU student. Join the student associations, clubs, or study groups that most interest you; chances are you’ll connect with other adult learners who are interested in the same things. Jacob Polden, 27, is studying computing and IT while working for a software company. Teach your cat if he's the only one around. It’s a problem most college students face: you have to study for the exam or prepare for the test, but you’re stressed and distracted. If you’re going back to school after a few years — or a few decades — in the workforce or at home raising kids, you may feel a little nervous about going back to college as a mature student…but sometimes all it takes is a few weeks to adjust. This is likely to be exacerbated by the current crisis, but being organised will help. This content is brought to you by Guardian Professional. If you’re thinking of going back to university, then you are not alone: the number of first year undergraduate students aged 21 and over looks set to be rising. Most importantly, talk to your personal tutor who is not just there to assess your work. Studying for the over 60s is beneficial for many reasons, not only for improving skills needed in the modern workplace. Before the tips, a quip: “College is like a fountain of knowledge – and the students are there to drink.” – Anonymous. If Your Boyfriend Isn't Motivated, Will He Drag You Down? Online learning programs almost always provide resources that allow you to connect with other students, which will not only be useful for your academic success but will help you feel less alone in your academic journey. Consider your own comfort and choose the right course for you. It is important to find a middle ground and set realistic goals when you begin your studies.

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