This ear thermometer can store and recall up to the latest 40 reading data, which will help you monitor your body temperature easily. The thermometer also comes with a storage case which is awesome. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The thermometer also comes with a storage case which is awesome. It has 3 ultra-sensitive sensors and an optimized algorithm to deliver reliable readings. They are also known as tympanic thermometers, which use infrared rays to get the temperature inside the ear canal. When it comes to taking body temperatures, there are different kinds of thermometers that you can use today, and one of those is digital ear thermometers. It has a super clear LCD display for you to see the measured data properly. This digital ear thermometer can read temperatures in just a second. American Academy of Pediatrics: A baby 3 months old or younger has a temperature of 100.4 degrees F, A child of any age has repeated fevers over 104 degrees F, A child under 2 has a fever of 100.4 that lasts for more than 24 hours, A child 2 or older has a fever of 100.4 lasting more than 72 hours, Your baby cries or fusses and can't be soothed, Over 103 degrees F that doesn't drop within two hours of taking a fever reducer, That's in the high range and accompanied by a rash, That's accompanied by a stiff neck and confusion or irritability, sensitivity to light (photophobia), dehydration, or seizure. If you measure a sleeping child’s temperature, you can set it to silent. 2016;6(3):e009509. Any fever over 105 degrees F is a life-threatening emergency. The Equate 30-Second Digital Thermometer helps you take care of your loved ones when they need it the most. If a fever is making you uncomfortable, you can take over-the-counter fever reducers such as aspirin (adults only), Motrin or Advil (ibuprofen), or Aleve (naproxen). It is equipped with a fever warning system, where green light means normal, orange light means a light fever, and a red light means a high fever. It has a fever guidance system that provides color-coded reading based on different levels of fever by age group selected. It is an easy-to-use thermometer that can give results in as fast as one second. Can You Use Rubbing Alcohol to Bring Down a Fever? [10] Thank you, {{}}, for signing up. It can store up to 35 temperature readings, which is handy if you are keeping a record. Call 911 or have someone take you to the emergency room right away. *Discard old rectal thermometer and buy a new one for oral use. You place the thermometer in the ear, press and hold the button with the thermometer image on it, and listen for a beep (2 seconds). If you are looking into buying a digital ear thermometer to add to your first aid kit, you’re in the right place. This ear thermometer will give you a fast and accurate reading, making it great for checking fevers in infants and children, but it can be used by all ages. Pull the ear back and insert the thermometer. Gently insert the thermometer until the ear canal is fully sealed off. If not, one vibration means low fevers, and two vibrations mean high fevers. A rectal reading is usually reserved for toddlers and newborns, although it is also very accurate for adults, albeit maybe somewhat uncomfortable. Sweep the probe across the forehead and release the button when done. The "normal" body temperature is usually stated as 98.6 degrees F. However, there's actually a range of body temperatures that's influenced by all kinds of factors, including age, height, weight, sex, ethnicity, and even time of day and activity level. Learn about COVID-19, including symptoms and how it's diagnosed. However, if your mercury thermometer only one temperature scale, you can convent a reading in Celsius to Fahrenheit by the formula below: Fahrenheit=32+Celsiusx1.8 Celsius=(Fahrenheit-32)÷1.8 Method 2 to Changeto Wait approximately five minutes (manual thermometer) or for the beep (digital thermometer). It can also be switched from Fahrenheit to Celsius, depending on what you prefer to use. It is designed for all ages, regardless of gender. Place the thermometer in the mouth by laying the tip on a middle point at the back of the tongue before closing the lips around it to hold the length of it. Updated June 26, 2018. Br J Nurs. This clinically accurate digital thermometer has a rigid tip, and it is for oral, rectal or underarm use… Place the tip of the thermometer (covered with probe cover) in the ear-canal opening.

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