But using vinegar would get quite expensive and would leave foods with an unwelcome vinegary flavor, making it less than ideal for a daily vegetable wash. The most important reason to wash produce is to reduce the risk of food-borne illness. You can concoct your own vinegar/water mixture at home to save money. Once you have the vinegar solution, fill a bowl with it. Research also suggests that one part vinegar to three parts water seems to be the most effective. She said bi-carb soda can also be used to kill pesticides. For smooth-skinned fruits and vegetables: Pour white distilled vinegar into a spray bottle with 3 cups water. You’ll probably spend less than 20 cents to make a homemade vinegar and water rinse, compared to around $4 for a premade produce wash. Spray the fruit/vegetable enough so the entire food is covered (about 6 sprays). An Australian mother-of-two said she rinses her fruit and vegetables with vinegar in order to keep the produce fresh for weeks at a time. Secure lid and shake well to thoroughly combine the ingredients. Solutions containing one part vinegar and one part water work. The short answer is: you don’t need to use vinegar for an effective rinse, but it is effective in removing bacteria and can be helpful with certain types of produce, like leafy vegetables or berries. Ironically, the food poisoning viruses may be found in the pesticides themselves. What may be the best way to clean fruits and veggies comes from a new study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Experts found that a white vinegar and water wash kills 98% of bacteria and removes pesticides. You’re probably wondering how to wash fruits and vegetables with vinegar, and whether this is the most effective way to remove chemicals and harmful bacteria. The best way to use vinegar to clean your fruits and veggies is to mix it with water. Read about why I think washing produce with vinegar is the best way to wash produce and get step by step instructions! Fresh fruits and vegetables are simple and delicious options for healthy, gluten-free snacking and are essential to Prep Dish meal plans. For all our videos on the latest research on vegetables, visit our Vegetables topic page. The Best Way to Wash Fruits and Vegetables. Check out my video Norovirus Food Poisoning from Pesticides.

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