You can further amplify this sound by sticking your tongue out ever so slightly. You can also try squeezing in some lemon into it, or mint and other such citrus-y fruits and herbs into it to be more efficient. An easy way to work on breath control is to sing through a familiar song, such as “Amazing Grace,” while focusing on controlling your breath. As you sing from the mmm to the ee, try to keep the vibrations happening in the same place. Then, repeat a half step higher. This humming exercise helps to produce vibrations through the facial bones, teeth, and lips, reducing tension and gently relaxing them. Start at the lowest note possible in your range, then go up, touching on every note in your range, till you get to the top. Christina Aguilera mentions in her online masterclass course that she sucks on honey during her performances too, which is definitely something to try! This can be repeated during other vocal exercises to ensure you maintain a relaxed posture. When I try to sustain these notes, I either end up producing raspy(not the kind of rasp a rock singer has) sound more like a vocal fry. I suggest singing it on a descending chordal pattern 5-3-1. Humming is an old Tibetan technique which sometimes goes on for 10-15 minutes. The more often you sing the more important vocal warm up exercises are! This is your chance to find out if you really do! Now sing a five-note scale from top to bottom, 5-4-3-2-1 or sol-fa-mi-re-do with the same open feeling. Maintain the sound as you exhale and try to change up the pitches if you are comfortable doing so. Some are easier than others but if you take the time to complete each of these prior to singing you will certainly notice it in your performances and as your voice recovers. Sing new with a slightly more open vowel, as in ‘book.’ This word combines the brighter resonance of ‘nj’ with ‘ʊ,’ which opens the back of the throat for a warmer quality. Let it drop to the back, then repeat the same process again. I have sung on several movie sound tracks, contracted choirs for films, and has been teaching voice and piano in the Atlanta area for over 10 years. It’s all about starting in a low pitch and going slowly up the scale. Exhale through the lips while trilling, which should make the raspberry sound. Or you can switch it up by singing a different vowel on each scale degree: zi, zɑ, za, zo, zu, zo, za, zɑ, zi. Breath control can easily make or break a singer’s success while singing, and the easiest way to ensure healthy singing for long periods of time is to first set up the breath using either of the following two exercises: “Straw Breathing” – The singer inhales and exhales for a predetermined number of beats (or seconds) as though he or she is inhaling and exhaling through a straw. Creaky doors are some of the greatest singing exercises ever since they help to build and maintain the proper type of cord closure. Try singing the second measure, which moves from mmm to ah. • Avoid smokingSmoking, apart from generally being unhealthy, can greatly affect your singing voice. The consonant ‘z’ has several unique qualities that encourage a balance of laryngopharynx and nasopharynx resonance. Now, slowly inhale as you maintain your posture. Try to make a bit of an edgy sound, you know, like a creaky door opening or a rusty old gate. Having someone with a well-trained ear listen to you explore your voice as you sing these exercises will help you make needed changes. Every singer needs a copy of this book in their library! So how do you warm up? He practices. As you sing from the mmm to the ah, try to keep the vibrations in the same place (around your lips). Believe or not, adding the use of a straw to your vocal warm up routine could be one of the best things you could do for your singing voice. • Head rollsFor head rolls, drop your head to the left side then rotate it slowly to the right. Of course, apart from these singing exercises and regular practice, there are still a couple of things you should do to ensure that you wow all those people you are performing for-or even just sound good in the shower. Knowing how to change the resonance of your singing voice allows you to make a variety of sounds as you sing.

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