We have a beautiful 50+ year-old black walnut tree in our back yard. The leaves will be slightly longer on butternut trees. ... We have a walnut tree on our property. The neighbor wants to send us his bill to trim the tree. But then if he does have tree allergy I am not sure if the nuts in the yard would be a risk. English walnut trees have fewer leaves than both butternut and black walnut trees (which have the most). of course the walnuts fall on our neighbors yard. One of the considerations for siting a new vegetable garden is its proximity to black walnut trees (Juglans nigra).As a gardener with numerous black walnut trees in my yard, I have learned over the years there are quite a few plants that don’t coexist happily with black walnut. The arborist immediately looked at the black walnut tree and said "I'm here for the walnut tree, right?" My allergist actually used this exact example to us - if you have a walnut tree in your back yard and you crack the nuts yourself it would be fine. The largest leaflets can be found near the center of the twig. The vegetable gardening season will soon be starting. (we have been neighbors for a many years. However, the leaves of English walnut trees are not toothed. We have a redwood tree in our front yard that has limbs over our neighbors yard. We recently called a certified arborist out to look at an olive tree that isn't doing well.

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