Thus, if Ik-joon isn’t the end game, it doesn’t make their relationship pointless because their friendship is already beautiful. I wonder how chaotic everything will be this week. In her case, it's not. He and his family went to the remoter parts of China to teach the doctors there and help out the villagers for years. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 Woojoo's little dance with Ik-joon was so cute, and the never-ending gif of his hilarious round-the-car sprint in the rain to close the passenger door for Song-hwa has been replaying on my phone and I just can't help but chuckle lol. I am discovering a weakness for YYS acting cute and my replay button isn't liking it. Seok-hyung visits his mom after work, entering the room with a spin and a dazzle, and Jung-won greets him back in kind. Seok-hyung’s mom asks if Jong-soo will seek therapy, but much to Rosa’s annoyance, he refused. But now I really like him as Lee Ik Jun and I will be remembering him for a looong time. Omg. Did you see the Darth Vader helmet glue incident that was really funny. It's been in a few scenes, it's been offered to people and now I'm curious. Shin Hyun-bin. The scariest thing about seasons is changing actors and i dont think i will watch if these 5 friends change. ha ha.,, i just realized! With no word from his son, Jong-soo calls first and learns that his grandson is feeling well now. I also think it's his first time experiencing these feelings so he's like in an internal battle. And I really like the progress with Gyeo Wool this episode. Similar scenarios occurred to both couples (a male texted the girlfriend), but the responses were totally different. He learns from Chi-yong that Ik-sun has bought the provide to do her post-graduate research in England. The emergency patient is a thirteen-year-old girl, and Song-hwa orders Chi-hong to get an operating room ready. A question - what is that container of candy/snacks thathey keep showing? Very well could be. Though Jong-soo acts like he’s bored, he taps along in secret, and Ik-joon catches on to his shy enthusiasm. Well acted, written and definitely tugs at your heartstrings in so many ways. I think he doesn't allow the possibility because he is unwilling or scared to jeopardize his dream of going into the Priesthood. In a sense, it matters less whether or not Jung-won is attracted to Gyu-wool since it depends more on what Jung-won wants to do with his life. thanks for recaps.. Ik-joon explains that he stopped by because it was “on the way” and apologizes for not visiting her sooner. Food fighter Song Hwa Lee Dal as Kim Jae-hwan, surgical ward nurse. Proving Gyu-wool correct, though, Ik-joon predicts the exact time of arrival for their biopsy results. *Missed Min ah this hour.Can we have footage of IJ,Min ah and GW's ttebokki date,show? Genres. I also like how the Show explores the different angles of learning. While Gyu-wool and the intern’s mistakes were a result of their lack of knowledge, the show reveals how experience can act as a double-edged sword if you’re not careful. The five friends re-starts their band. Laced with her feelings for him, he is someone she always look at, and now becomes someone look up to, especially when it comes to doctoring. As for Ik-joon, he’s known Song-hwa for so long which is both his advantage and disadvantage. The father thanks him, and Ik-joon’s voice cracks as he thanks the father for coming back. Hahaha. Everyone loves Song-hwa (for good reason), and in this case, I wouldn’t mind her ending up with either of these two men or by herself (being single is great, too). I double-checked what I was watching too.

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