In our webinar, we share the strengths and disadvantages of each tier. Facebook, always ready to capitalize on a competing social media app’s predicament (e.g. This year, influencer marketing is forecasted to grow to somewhere in the region of $9-10billion globally. Influencer Marketing on the Upswing in the U.S. and Canada. Influencer marketing has proven effective for both direct response and branding initiatives however, done right, it can offer more than just KPIs and metrics. Instagram Reels gives advertisers an in-demand influencer marketing channel within an established social media platform. In total, these BLM and related hashtags received more views than TikTok’s usual entertainment hashtags including the most viewed hashtag challenge, #RainDropChallenge (1 billion views). Benefit from our monthly exclusive magazine content in multi-format. HOW TO BOOST YOUR INSTAGRAM ENGAGEMENT EASILY! Their future is big and bright, and I’m happy to be involved in that. From my perspective, I think Reels will add another avenue of sharing short-form video to the Instagram platform, but it won’t replace the native video content creation tools that TikTok offers users. … But I imagine I will be creating mostly on TikTok for the foreseeable future (and post more curated interior photos on Instagram). Explore the latest, and greatest, creative work from around the globe. People enjoy the short 15-second videos and I enjoy making them, they are quick and straight to the point and I think my Instagram audience would enjoy seeing more hands-on styling videos rather than just outfit pictures and daily updates. It’s less refined, less presentational, more relaxed and collaborative. Reels are so new that they will take time to grow. I love both platforms, and will continue to share travel tips and inspiration on each. TikTok Category: Fashion. Marketing during Coronavirus presents a challenge to many brands because they are unable to film and produce content as before (using studios and full-fledged production crews). TikTok Category: Pets/Travel. Celebrity participants included stars like Julia Roberts (8.9 million followers), Elizabeth (2.4 million followers) Warren, and Kourtney Kardashian (95 million followers). I think the future of TikTok is bright. To solve this challenge, many brands are partnering with influencers to address their content and production needs. Influencers are everyday social media users who have built up a meaningful following or fan base (influencers can range widely in follower count from “nano-influencers” to much larger tiers). For brands and advertisers seeking to capitalize on influencer marketing, now may be the best time to strategize, test, build and scale a cost-effective, long-term influencer program. Moreso, influencers have a knack for telling engaging stories and delivering creative content day after day. Our webinar will share the unique advantages influencers offer especially throughout COVID-19 and the recession. Never miss a beat, sign up to your newsletter. Looking to launch an effective influencer marketing campaign that drives ROI? Influencer marketing has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry and obstacles including COVID-19, TikTok’s rise to fame and possible ban present marketers with novel opportunities within a constantly evolving advertising landscape. Influencer marketing (promoting a brand’s product or service via social media influencers — individuals well regarded by their fans and followers) is uniquely positioned to navigate these new challenges and help advertisers effectively market during Coronavirus. For the 56% majority who did plan on using Reels, many planned on using Reels in a capacity different from how they were presently using TikTok. Of course, there’s still an “explosive” element to TikTok that isn’t quite there yet on Instagram, but that is generally going to the top 1% content deemed worthy by a Gen Z audience. Influencer pricing can vary significantly due to a number of factors including social media platform, followers, historical campaign performance, whether they’re with a manager or agency and more. While we’re in the midst of uncertain times, your marketing strategy doesn’t need to be. For instance, on Instagram we’re trying to move more towards tutorials and finished projects in one video or post whereas on TikTok we make multiple part videos and update daily along the way! It’s not wearing a three-piece suit like Instagram but truly great things happen on TikTok. Marketing with influencers across Facebook and Instagram may provide these brands a comparable and arguably better form of advertising in place of Facebook and Instagram ads. Due to its effectiveness, influencer marketing has transcended being a novelty into a major and indispensable advertising channel for brands of all kinds. TikTok Category: Entertainment/Special Effects. Advertisers are dissatisfied with Facebook’s negligence or lack of action when it comes to monitoring and taking action against hate on Facebook and Instagram. TikTok, the video-sharing social app has been banned in India (again) and is facing a possible ban in the U.S. but a Microsoft acquisition (making TikTok a U.S.-owned company) would evade such a ban. While I think Reels could get some traction, if TikTok is banned there will be a big opportunity for a new app to grab all that attention. I am looking forward to connecting with and building a larger audience within Instagram and Instagram Reels. I have my doubts that Reels will be able to capture the full essence of what TikTok is because it’s more than just an algorithm and 15-second videos. Some stuck to their established brand messaging, like Nike’s “For Once, Don’t Do It” video that got over 15 million views, while others like John Deere announced donations to the NAACP. On June 13th, the online video-sharing platform hosted a live streaming event as part of this enterprise called “Bear Witness, Take Action” that also raised funds for the Equal Justice Initiative.

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