It's so bad, in fact, that the American Heart Association lists cured meats and cold cuts on their Salty Six chart for both adults and children. Go heavier on the tangy brined foods like olives and pickles, add some dried and seasonal fruits and vegetables, opt for nuts, pate, and hummus, and as for the meats? The nitrates in beets, for example, have been linked to lower blood pressure. It's that pink color, isn't it? They use no growth hormones or antibiotics, and have only been in the biz since Eduardo Donato bought 10 rare, spotted Iberian pigs in 1995. Cured meats are simply one type of processed meats, as "processing" refers to anything that's done to a piece of meat that results in an extended shelf life or change in taste (via the BBC). But most do have something in common: they're mostly pork. We thought so. In case you're not up on your science, you might know potassium nitrate by another name: saltpetre. Take Parma ham. Other types are just as bad. For meats and fish, it fundamentally alters the structure of the muscle, making more tender, preserving moisture and bringing out tremendous flavor. There's some debate over those nitrites — and we'll talk more about those — as some don't consider it curing without them. And there's some good news: in spite of their warnings, the World Health Organization says (via The Telegraph) that you don't have to give it up completely... just, mostly. They also have fire pits, campfire, firewood storage and splitting supplies and more! Let's talk cured meats, so the next time you pick up some for your on-the-couch, in-front-of-Netflix charcuterie plate, you'll at least know what you're snacking on. Listen to all the hype, and it's easy to believe that nitrates are bad. The BBC says in order to be considered a legitimate example of Iberian jamon, the meat must come from a black Iberian pig raised on fresh pasture and acorns from the oak trees of Jabugo in Andalucia. According to Walden Labs, we've been curing meat since at least 40,000 BC. We've managed to make meatless meat, surely, we can make cured meat healthy... right? Curing Meat Topics. But while bologna is an emulsification of beef, pork, or a combination of the two, liverwurst is pork, bacon, and pork liver, while mortadella is pork and neck fat (via Food Republic). The product is called Naked Bacon, and it's flavored with a recipe of Mediterranean spice and fruit extracts instead of the usual nitrites. You can get good at curing meat too! So, you know that cured ham lasts for a long time, but just how long are we talking about? The WHO report in 2015 wasn't new information, and we've known for decades that the nitrates and nitrites present in cured meats are bad for us. The National Center for Home Food Preservation. That's a sign what you're eating has been treated with something containing nitrites — probably sodium nitrite and/or potassium nitrite — and that's what makes cured meats much more dangerous than non-processed meat. Finally, lacto fermentation, performed by types of bacteria which are prevalent throughout our environment, including in and on our bodies and on the surface of most fruits and vegetables. While curing meat of some types can be quite difficult and require special equipment, such as making dried sausages/salami or large dried meat products like proscuitto, some cured foods are much easier and do not require much specialized equipment, such as beef jerky, sauerkraut, gravlax and such. Among them all, there's only a very few that are completely made from beef, including bresaola. Are there good options out there? What does “cured” mean for these different products? Think of it more as an occasional treat than a regular meal, and there's nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence. According to the BBC, there's a bit of a debate going on about just what piece of cured ham is the oldest. Bummer. As a quick overview, here are a few general curing, fermenting and preserving basics. You've undoubtedly heard the rumors — the terrible, horrible, rumors — that cured meats are one of the worst things you can possibly eat, and how true is that? Some things are just universal truths, and one of those things is the deliciousness of cured meats. All about bacon: Bacon is one of the most popular and widely consumed forms of cured meat. Curing meat, fermenting foods and other natural ways of preserving foods are something that I’ve relatively recently gotten into. Today, they're raised in a Unesco-protected patch of land notable for the massive trees that produce enough acorns to feed the pigs,which are only slaughtered when they're about 3 years old. Then, the meat is buried in salt for several weeks, hung in an open storehouse for a year and a half, and then cured in a basement for another four or five years. When meat is cured it's coated with salt, and that kick-starts a process where all the moisture on the inside is drawn to the skin, where it evaporates. So here's some depressing news. According to The Guardian, some British ham producers have also dropped nitrites, even though yes, the final product does taste a little different without them. But over the last few years I’ve grown to love making cured meat and other naturally preserved foods such as fermented, dried and smoked foods. But still, you could say you did it, right? Cutting off a piece of either and gnawing away at it wouldn't kill you, but it would also be incredibly dry, vaguely rancid, and it absolutely wouldn't taste good. No one is quite sure when we stumbled across the idea of nitrites, but the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service says it was the ancient Romans who first noticed how cured meat changed color to take on a deeper red color once the process was complete. These different types of preserved foods vary in their technique as well as how difficult they are to accomplish. And in those cases, they're a good thing. There's also the flavor change, the extended shelf life (and less waste), and nitrites' ability to stop bacteria from growing. These food preparation methods may seem foreign or advanced to those who are inexperienced with them, but they can be done at home to great effect and many are not nearly as difficult as they may first seem. Besides, some of these things do use your grill for smoking as at least part of their process. Curing meat in this way, in particular the wonderful fatty pork belly, really makes a magical product that is mouthwateringly delicious either on its own or … But The Guardian put it this way: globally, 34,000 cancer-related deaths each and every year were linked to processed meats. According to The National Center for Home Food Preservation, curing meat means that a salt-based concoction (along with sugar and nitrites/nitrates) has been used to preserve not just the meat itself, but also the color and flavor of the piece. This is a section in progress so please check back for new recipes and tips that are to come soon! Once again, this cured meat hails from the country of Italy. In the mid-1990s, one even linked a regular diet of hot dogs to a higher risk of childhood brain cancer. In the 1950s, a pair of British researchers discovered that rats regularly fed these substances had a tendency to develop malignant tumors on their livers. The wet is sometimes called brining or pickle curing (when there's sugar involved), and it's done by submerging the meat into a wet brine or injecting the brine right into the meat. One of the best places I know to buy supplies for cooking with fire is You'll sometimes hear "curing" and "processing" talked about in the same way, so what's the difference? Unfortunately, there's a lot we don't know about our history with cured meats.

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