That said, it was probably a good move on John Byrne's part to axe Superboy from DC's new canon, but it might have angered some Silver Age loyalists. Superman vs. Superman's battle with Homelander would be a fight for the ages. However, the writers came up with a pretty good workaround in the comic book event Superman vs The Amazing Spider-Man in 1976. Iron has at most pulled a fleet of battleships so his punches would certainly hurt Superman, but Superman has moved PLANETS! Out of all the actors that wore the light blue costume, Reeve looked the best in it. After all, everyone can wear a suit but not everyone can look good in a suit. Superman has all the advantages minus versatility. The Amazing Spider-Man (1976) On paper, Superman vs Spider-Man is not a very good fight. ... 8 Cavill: He Is More Of A Fighter. Gameplay was enhanced as well, with Superman using most of his powers and switching between flight and fight easily, though the controls were sensitive and came with a steep learning curve. 7. Superman is much more powerful and has a wider range of actual powers than Spider-Man. Reeve could also use the 'S' on his chest as a weapon by throwing it around. The idea of Superboy, Superman's identity as a prepubescent crime-fighter, is admittedly ridiculous, not helped by how ridiculous a lot of Superboy's adventures got during his heyday. Regardless, Superman looked good and unique.

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