VIBE & WAVE -Dance Studio Nepal 16,516,312 views. "[52] Shabana Ansari of Daily News and Analysis gave the film 3 (out of 5) stars: "If you must, watch Jab Tak Hai Jaan for Shah Rukh, who can still convey love and passion in a fleeting look or a dimpled smile; and for Yash Chopra who gave us some of the most enduring romances of all times. Rahman threw into this one. I am sure you also will be feeling the difference now in your life …as I dont see you commenting more …these online activities/comments if done in excess take control of one’s brain isnt it? I never liked Pyar Ye Jaane Kaisa Hai.”. I always thought it could have been choreographed better. They wanted to do my kind of songs at the same time they wanted the old charm and soul of music that Indian audience would love and which I wanted to do for a long time. Had your intentions been right,you wouldnt have would have asked. Pyaar ye jaane kaisa hai – was a typical lame song by rahman. On the first listen itslelf I liked Rangeela Re, Tanha Tanha and Kya Kare Na Kare. EID MUBARAK. I know i dont have a choice, as the other forum had abandoned me, I didnt had any choice…, I was trying not to get addicted to this forum like I was to NG …but I think Sputnik knows me better than myself as he didnt give me posting rights . But then TQ has been a site close to heart.So come here. “I want to give my husband an unforgettable farewell. Actually we both are on same page–i am talking about vernacular Urdu– Gulzaar takes a lot from it… and yes liberty li hai thodi par meaning waisa hi rehta hai. I dont think so. I said there is no shame now to get your name attached to Akki after RR and OMG. In case strippers do dance so lame then I am glad I havent seen any such performance live. JTHJ is the perfect adieu to a hallmark career. I am not talking about aerobics or gymnastics, but even for usual and simple stuff, he had never been perfect, or say, never intended to do that. "[31] The soundtrack features nine songs, with eight lyrics by Gulzar and the title track written by Aditya Chopra. Where have I gone personal? Akshay had a sizable role but if that role was done by say Anupam Kher it would have been dubbed as character role. Excellent song everything is perfect in this song. were busy blasting salman !??? Srk looks exhausted…as if needs CPR –he should listen to..#cpr song Teri saans se saans nikli toh mujhe saans aayi, “And what hell does ishq shava means? [70] The film continued to do well at the box office after its first week, netting ₹822.4 million (US$12 million) in ten days. ", "Without Yashji, Adding To 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan' Would Be Tampering", "Yash Chopra's SRK project: Rahman finalizes first song! They are not calling it shaava (like shaava oye hoye from DDLJ -mehndi saja ke rakhne)..Does it mean Shaving up your Ishq? [5][6] Jab Tak Hai Jaan emerged as the third-highest-grossing Bollywood film overseas at that time, after 3 Idiots (2009) and My Name Is Khan (2010).[7]. But we can’t say that ‘Ishq shava’ means ‘celebration of ishq’ but ‘shava’ here is used as an independent word and used in that context. srk has been an average dancer always.i ddint find him better than salman in the 90s.aamir is worst dancer among the khans. The dominant person in her life is her father, for whose company she works. I dont even know if Suprabh liked OMG! [67][68] The film earned ₹736.8 million (US$10 million) over its long six-day weekend. I know I have no choice, but I also wont comment more henceforth…(Sorry Sputnik but cant help), ……..Cant help when u trust other “nuisance makers” more as good “contributors” to a site. Still searching for full blu ray video of this ,philhaal making se kaam chalao: Blu-ray would show something different? In fact I saw you mentioned otherwise on the other forum. This is his final film before his death in October 2012. Opinions may differ and we cant force each other to change our POV. Samar and Meera begin to fall in love after a night of wild street dancing. I hardly listen such innovative yet addictive composition by any composer (in bollywood), that’s the Rahman magic. Check out Pinjra Tod Ke Song from Simran ft Kangana Ranaut and directed by Hansal Mehta. [14] She worked hard to make her character believable (with help from Khan, who had previous experience with the director). “……..Cant help when u trust other “nuisance makers” more as good “contributors” to a site. In urdu cure/ilaaj means Shifa/ Shafa (some people wrongly pronounce shifa as shafa) not Shava even the urdu translation of Hospital is DAR-UL-SHIFA I my opinion Gulzar sahab used this word as poetic liberty to get the better rhyming, “I my opinion Gulzar sahab used this word as poetic liberty to get the better rhyming”. You associated yourself with this forum just coz you were thrown out of NG. Are you versed with Urdu vernacular? They are not calling it shaava (like shaava oye hoye from DDLJ -mehndi saja ke rakhne)..Does it mean Shaving up your Ishq?”. To see who is speaking about interaction within the site! but this guy is beyond all this talk and he will keep throwing statements like “okay point taken..etc etc”..when in reality he wont ever get the point…I would prefer to be off this forum as long as he is here. Dnt know being called an akki fan is so shameful even after RR and OMG! It pays back. [9] The producers considered a number of titles but were not satisfied with any of them. She has wasted many songs picturized on her – she just doesnt have moves…what is she doing in Ishq Shava for example at 0:10 to 0:16 . i think you have’nt read my last line that he might use this word as a poetic liberty other wise even bhola doodhwala or lallan miyan bhi shava as a single word use nahin kerte because shava has no meanings as per my knowledge people just use it like OK SHOKAY, warna aap tu doctor ho kal se patients to Dawa ki jagah Shava dena start ker dain . I am talking about the comments appeared below the post. [33][34] Jab Tak Hai Jaan was selected for the Doha Tribeca Film Festival and the Marrakech International Film Festival. Four hours of extra footage were included on the discs, including the making of the film and songs, an interview with Chopra and Khan, deleted scenes, videos of Khan learning to play the guitar and ride a bicycle, and a preview from the film's premiere held in a specially constructed vintage theatre at Yash Raj Studios.[110]. It was released by YRF Music on 10 October 2012. I was associated with you since long ago.I am still with you. The film was praised for its direction, cinematography, and the chemistry between its lead actors. That's Nothing Next to Love", "Jab Tak Hai Jaan Extraordinary Opening at Multiplexes", "Jab Tak Hai Jaan Three Day Territorial Breakdown", "Jab Tak Hai Jaan Extended Weekend Territorial Breakdown", "Top All Time Opening Weeks: JAB TAK HAI JAAN 6th SON OF SARDAAR 13th", "Jab Tak Hai Jaan Week Two Territorial Breakdown", "Fastest to the Century: Jab Tak Hai Jaan in 20 Days", "#JTHJ [3rd Weekend] 1.80 cr. "[51] Raja Sen of gave it 3 (out of 5) stars, saying: "As a swan-song for the master director, Jab Tak Hai Jaan might only be a middling effort.

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