congratulations, your drama will air here in the Philippines tomorrow, im so excited to see it for the nth time, and i would love to hear it using our language..beautiful story, great actors and actresses especially Gianna Jun and Kim Soo-Hyun... Dianne Apr 20 2014 2:43 am I really hope one day i can see Suzy x Lee Jong Suk or Park Shin Hye x Kim Soo Hyun in a drama!! keep this reallity ..time chage and people Kim soo hyun. I re-watched Running Man episode 147 where Kim soo hyun was a guest star. christina Aug 04 2015 2:37 am you are my fav. Array(); Wind Jan 19 2020 3:29 pm You can acting,singing ,and dancing,... essa putry azman Jul 19 2011 7:26 am Apart from KSH being one of my most handsome actors and that I have a crush on him… u.jay Jan 13 2014 11:08 pm Lost my whole sh** and screamed my head off, replayed it and screamed my head off again. i cant help but to cry for the ist time watching this series, especially evrytime that u showyo ur affection to the crown princes. He really is a top star.he only played a good drama with a good script from a good writer and director. I like ur acting in Dream High.More drama plz. Best actor of his generation. At that time he not as famous as he is now. narico May 24 2014 4:04 am Keep up the good work. Marwah May 27 2020 9:17 am <3 I really love your character as Song Sam Dong in (DREAMHIGH).. Hye Mi's lost she didn't choose you as her man. janna Jul 24 2011 6:50 am Hi my name is georgette daher am from lebanon i like the mouvies . ***, Trailer:- You really have ''the thing'' a actor should posses, the gift of making people really feel your emotions and feel for you, i personally think your one of the best korean actors there is (and still your kind of new), there is NO bullshit about you heheh!!!. ksh love Dec 23 2015 12:38 am aja aja fighting!!! . your role is too good in my love from another star ... keep it up. josemaria Sep 18 2014 7:26 pm josephine26 Sep 23 2012 8:44 pm Tale of the Nine Tailed (tvN) I love you your sound is great I love you oh Are you singer? Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Mystery, Psychological, Comedy Hooked! His acting is full of realistic emotions!! SARANGHAE YO~ OPPPPPA..... chacha Apr 08 2012 2:03 am wait to see how you perform as a gangster in your new movie,must be fantastic. oppa...i love your character on this,sweet,and cold person..i hope i could find a man like you..... BTW...oppa..i hope i can see you more on your drama... i will always be your fan. khayla May 25 2014 4:11 pm FIGHTING!!! The chaos will die off though not so soon because most of those complaining were not JS fans. Looking forward your future project. kavitha Apr 11 2016 9:09 pm lot of koreans didn't go to college due to their high rank education. ksh love May 28 2015 3:42 am I had only wish to see u on screen again . i will love to meet you,but am in ghana, Yasmin Feb 02 2014 4:14 pm richard stacie Jun 18 2014 3:39 pm potl Mar 30 2011 4:25 pm SARANGHAE!!!!!! he will go places u go kim soo hyun!! weird it seems, but in every crying scenes , you made me cry also. I wish to watch all of your future dramas and movies. Eighteen Again (jTBC) Nov 09 2015 9:59 pm You who came from stars should have at least 40 episodes. stay humble as you are! Thumbs up for Kim soo HYun!<3. am already misses him, Marthy Nov 30 2017 3:02 pm I really like you. It would be nice to see you again. Hupi Jul 25 2016 3:15 am The one and only you!! umi Jan 26 2017 6:42 pm But now that you are coming back, I hope all the best for you. Serving military? You are so awesome! you the best, i wish you all the luck in the world i love you more than anything in this life and you are great korean actor please keep it up! Same characters will be great! So natural so awesome. sirius81 Oct 31 2014 5:48 am I love how versatile you are. .. ilove your acting in drama it's okay to not be okay ? so young yet so promising . Hi kim so hyun...your such a perfect guy, your so cute and handsome..very talented person...keep it'll shine more and more with the skills and talents you have I swear that you will become famous....keep it up and just be humble..stay as you are..we love you and saranghae one of your thousands and millions fans out there...and I will guarantee tha I will always be your avid fan thats a promise.....mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh love you

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