In this article, Naukri prepares you with possible questions you might have to answer in your very first encounter with the recruiter. Answer: These tools are used for many different works like MS-Excel which is used to make the Spread sheet’s and also as the real-time monitoring system. Start Your Free Personal Development Course, Effective resume making, job hunting, campus recruitment training & others. Q3. Answer: “Practice makes a man perfect” is an apt metaphor for the interview preparation. Answer: During the interview, the hiring manager is likely to ask this question what … Which of course does not mean giving in to whatever is offered to you. Best Answers: Where do you see yourself in five years? Yes, I find my self special because I have many qualities in me like, I am confident, I have a good personality and also I am hardworking and do not leave any task in between until I complete it. Well, I am a very optimistic type of person and I have set some short term goals in my life to attain my aim. What encouraged you to choose this field of work? Try understanding their experience and get some knowledge of working in the field. What all do you know about our company? Will you be willing to change your work profile if a role demands so in the future? Now comes the trickiest question. Given below are a large number of questions. Whether or not your strengths are relatable to the prospective job role. Answer: Q2. Ideally, your resume should highlight your strengths, however, if the interviewer still puts up this question, do not just list out your strengths. You simply have to introspect and pick an actual weakness. Look at learnings during academics and your internships that awakened interest and motivated you to take-up a particular field as a career. Be prepared with examples of your work 7. A lot depends on your performance in a crucial interaction – the interview, after you have been able to make your way through the screening process of your resume. Q11. To get the suggested answer with tips, you may either click on the question or scroll down to the Section Two: Job Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers Because without analyzing we will not able to work in a proper manner and it leads to a waste of time and resources. Common Interview questions & their answers: Part 1. What are your strengths? Recruit a friend to practice answering questions 6. My aim in life is to become a rich businessman. The best way to answer this question would be to say that you think the organization has a huge potential for growth and you will have a great learning journey by associating with the company. Q13. All rights reserved © 2020 Info Edge India Ltd. So these things separate me from other candidates. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. They are certainly not looking for answers like “how great it would be to work for the company”, all they are concerned about is knowing your keenness to take-up the job and grow with the organization. This job is the inception of my career and I have many dreams in my eye and after getting this job I want to fulfill some of my desires and this will only happen if I get a decent salary in my hand. Just think about the available options before going ahead with the change of work profile. Apart from that being an engineer, I have good analytical and problem-solving skills which are required by every company and I feel that I can use these skills in this company and contribute some extra in the daily work. Let’s find the common interview questions for freshers. 20 Ways To Defeat It! So I am going to illustrate some questions for the fresher’s in the interview. In addition, it would show that you are actually interested in being associated with the company. They have further been divided into certain categories which are self explanatory. I came to know about this company from my friend he is also working here. While it may initially sound like you have been asked about your salary expectation, however, it should be linked with you vision, learning curve and growth as a professional. Every company has different roles and positions and to find the best suitable candidate for the position, the company usually conducted recruitment drives. Let us move to the next Interview Questions For Freshers. As far as I know about this company, this company deals basically with customer support, there are many processes going on and by and large, my role is to support the customers with their enquires. There are many incidences happened in my life but if I talk about a particular incident that changed my way of  aim setting, Till my last year of College, I was completely blank about what I need to do in my life, I feel very stressed those days but one day a guest lecturer came to our class and he started telling us about how to set your aim in life, so when I implemented those tricks on my own it gives me my aim. MS-Word is used to make the written and graphical files for official purpose. Often, job seekers tend to make a mistake by choosing a hypothetical weakness and displaying it as a strength, which is absolutely a wrong approach. You can also connect with your friends or acquaintances working in the same domain to take guidance. For candidates, fresh out of college, who are going to attend interviews for the very first time in the course of their job search, we try to give the insights of general interview questions and the best answers! Information being quite easily available on the Internet, recruiters expect the candidates to do some research before appearing for the interview.

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