Curry goat the best jamaican recipe cook like a jamaican curry goat recipe original flava the best jamaican curry goat recipe made easy you recipe curried goat. Add the chicken into the curried oil without the chopped vegetables and herbs. Thank you. Do not let it get burnt (too dark), smoking. Always consult a licensed nutritionist or doctor if you have a nutrition-related medical condition. Taste it at this point to see if it need any more salt. After approximately 2 ¾ hours, test a small piece of the goat stew to see if it has the desired texture. again. Cover and allow to marinate in the refrigerator, preferably overnight. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. In a small sauce pan, add all ingredients and simmer for 15-20 minutes stirring often on low to med fire. Curry powder is a blend of spices originated from India. In a small sauce pan, add all ingredients and simmer for 15-20 minutes stirring often on low to med fire. When it comes to choosing local versus imported goat meat for your curry goat, it all boils down to personal preference. Either way, you can’t go wrong with my flavourful curry goat recipe. For me, great-tasting curry goat is achieved through the right combination of herbs and spices. In fact, I know many Jamaicans who have such a strong preference for local goat that no other option exists when cooking curry goat. Join our new facebook groups, sharing lots of delicious vegan and gluten-free recipes, health tips, etc., from our members. Some prefer it served with Jamaican Rice and Peas. Top up the water to cover the meat each time it runs low until the meat gets tender. Stew chicken? Delicious Michelle, thanks for posting this recipe. Plus, you can even make your own curry powder if you chose to. As for the curry powder, here is a link ( ) to one of my favourite that you can get on amazon. All Rights Reserved. Enjoy this flavourful and authentic Jamaican Curry Goat recipe that goes perfectly well with rice or roti and hits the spot, every time! Came across this recipe last night, made it today for dinner. Awesome recipe, I am a pepper head so I add more habanero and I’m not a full vegan so sometimes I add a little browned cubed pork loin, but this dish is fantastic I have added it to my regular meal plans. The few common ingredients that are found in Curry Powder are coriander, turmeric, cumin and chili peppers. Add about 2 1/2 cups or less, of water to the chicken and cover it up. Chop onions, carrot, tomato, pepper, coriander, garlic, ginger and put in a pan. Jamaican Spicy Potato Curry (Vegan) is so easy to make. If you can’t find any then any regular seasoning of your choice will work. Delicious served with salad, brown rice, quinoa or gluten-free tortilla. Pour the water in the skillet, cover it with a lid and allow the chicken to cook as the sauce simmers and gets thick. Stir in peas, salt, pepper, and allspice. Reduce heat to medium, stir the pot, then cover it. Another important thing is to ensure the water doesn’t run low. I’m so happy that you enjoyed the recipe and gave it a 5-star rating woo-hoo!!! Jamaican Oxtails is one of the most popular Jamaican recipes. Thank you for the Recipe… taste like Mommy’s! Bring to the boil and simmer until ingredients are soft. Thank you for sharing such a delectable flavorful recipe!! Keep ’em coming :o). 24.2 g However, imported goat meat makes delicious curry goat too. Cover the pot and let cook on high heat for 2 ½ to 3 hours. No matter where you are in the world, farm fresh is always best. Do you recommend I order some online (what kind do you like), or try to make some myself (recipe please!). You are welcome Nzingha, I hope you enjoy! Allowing the curry to slightly burnt. Gone straight into the favourites folder! Blessings & Love, as you carry on, on your YouNique Journey! I really hope this helped and you enjoy your curry goat to the max. Add the seasoned goat stew, stir for 30 seconds, cover the pot and let cook on medium heat for 3 minutes. Man, oh man!!!! The fennel and pimento seeds are included only at the beginning with the dry seasonings. Immediately add 1 tablespoon of the curry powder and stir quickly and thoroughly for approximately 15 seconds. Lovely recipe! Missing home a lot but still grateful to be six feet above ground. (3 minutes). Bring to gentle boil then remove from heat and serve. Get rid of all the vinegar water and pat dry each piece. With just the right herbs and spices, it’s a finger licking meal that leaves you wanting more. I felt like I was back in Ocho Rios….. Can you post a recipe for jerk chicken? Add all the chopped herbs: onion, tomato, scallions, bell pepper, thyme and if you are using a scotch bonnet pepper or crushed red pepper. The nutritional information that is provided, is computer generated and therefore it is an estimate. In India, they add cardamom, star anise, mace. Thank you so much for trying the Jamaican Curry Chicken. Chop onions, carrot, tomato, pepper, coriander, garlic, ginger and put in a pan. To reduce cooking time, half cook the goat meat in a pressure cooker. Need some encouragement on your Healthier Steps journey? Pour the vegetable oil into a skillet and let it heat up on medium-low heat. I’m definitely going to be trying some of your other dishes as well. Hi, Thanks for your feedback. Simon. Add the vegetables including the carrots and potatoes to the chicken and stir. It’s okay if some stays on. and then forgot to add ginger but it turned out alright for my first time making this. Set aside the second portion of fresh seasoning to use later in the cooking process. It will spring water by itself so no need to add any just yet. This was fantastic! Keep in mind that as it cools the gravy will thicken up a bit.

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