Moist and sweet and gone ! You’ll love the light and refreshing lemon taste this bread has! Wow! My recipes are some combination of grain free, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, healthy carbs and low carb. At this time of the year, I always have much zucchini I needed to use up asap. Have a wonderful day. I am on a candida diet and this is a bread I can actually eat….yippeeeeeee!!!!! I did not test the recipe with ground flax, so I really can not comment on how much would be needed to sub for the coconut flour. It is perfect for low-carb lunches and portion controlled sweet treats. 3/4 C. Swerve confectioners sugar substitute. Most of the coconut flour recipes I’ve tried come out pasty and wet no matter how long they cook. This is very good. I omitted the sweetener (honey/maple syrup) entirely and instead did 1/3 cup of full fat canned coconut milk + 1/4 tsp of SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia extract. -Kim. I used 3 tbsp in this recipe which is enough for it to be missed. I will try this recipe adding 1 more Tbsp. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Yes, 1/3 cup is correct and this recipe has been tested. ,,,unable to read properly. Also I accidentally used the vanilla Isopure, but didn’t hurt it at all– didn’t taste vanilla-ey. Sure Anne, you can try it without. -Kim. Just found your site and loving it - great to get all the facts in one place! Did you use unflavored whey powder or vanilla? For coconut milk I make my own using Trader Joe’s unsweetened coconut flakes. Protein? I’m waiting for answer to make it. Fold in the dry ingredients with the wet. I have been experimenting with baking with coconut flour and find that there is a kind of mushiness to the finished cakes. Hi! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. The protein powder does enhance the texture of low carb baked goods. make sure your baking powder is fresh. Also, should I use Pam spray on them? I used muffin tins and it pretty much turned into a flat lump. I would love that one as well. Hi, I don’t live in the States and I am really new to baking low carb. Stir to combine all of the dry ingredients well. A food processor will further break up the zucchini so you won’t see any zucchini in the baked bread. I used Pam cooking spray and popped half of the ( I am guessing they are a cup) custard cups with the batter and voila! I can’t wait to try this in the microwave. Add the vanilla and salt and stir to blend well. Made this tonight..first time was a different recipe which wasn’t bad but not the best. Turned out great and I don’t miss the carbs at all! Calories: 150 | Total Fat: 14 g 21 % | Saturated Fat: 7 g 34 % | Cholesterol: 80 mg 27 % | Total Carbohydrate: 4 g 1 % | Protein: 4 g 7 %. I was a little thrown off by the salt measurement though, it says 1/2 tsp above and then in the directions it says 1/4 tsp. I have found it takes longer for things to get up to temperature in silicone. Good luck. I followed the recipe exactly with no substitutes except I only had large eggs so I used 4 instead of 5 medium. You are correct, Lisa. Lately, I’ve been seeing Summer garden pictures from friends and followers on Facebook and Instagram feeds. I would use her recipe if you can have almond flour. Keto zucchini nut bread is always a favorite among keto dieters. Posted Nov 24, 2020, It’s quite possible that it will work without eggs because cashews do firm up when baking, but I haven’t tried… How to Make a Healthy Low-Carb Lunch Box + VIDEO, Low-Carb Kids 7 - High Carb vs Low-Carb Lunches for Kids, Keto Peanut Butter Fudge No-Bake Recipe+ Video. . A toothpick inserted in the middle will come out clean when cooked. NOTE: If using the Sukrin Gold, the loaf will brown faster and be more brown than if regular erythritol is used. I absolutely love banana bread but have yet to find a Keto version that has the taste and texture your breads usually have. I create recipes using simple, nutrient-dense ingredients, staying as close to the earth as possible. I can’t wait to see pictures of your garden – you are sharing with us on your blog, right? View all posts by Kim Hardesty | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest, Filed Under: Breakfast, Keto Bread, Zucchini Tagged With: Coconut Flour. -Kim. I think vanilla is beautiful in baked sweets and love it especially in pie crusts – it gives it almost a Nilla Wafer flavor. -Kim, My husband just became diabetic and he thinks he needs baked goods so trying to find recipes for the both of us, Hi Pat. In a food processor or mixer, blend the zucchini, eggs, oil, maple syrup, and vanilla. -Kim. Required fields are marked *. And being keto makes it all the better. They have been enjoying it all week with breakfast! I found this recipe when searching for a banana bread recipe on your site. Blend the flour, cocoa, baking soda, and salt into the wet batter and let the batter sit for a few minutes. How is your zucchini inventory at these days? It sounds like what happened to you. I didn’t think 20 minutes was going to be right. Again, probably due to difference in amounts of ingredients. Just wanted to ask? -Kim. You can hand grate it as well.

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