If you intentionally launch arrows into the ground over a knocked down opponent, such as after a crouching HK sweep, lock them down with a normal like Tailspin and then call Retrieve Arrows at the same time, they will be stuck blocking the arrows as the bird extracts them from the ground, leading to lots of creative mixup potential. Wingspan is great for mobility. You can expect your damage to be. The heavy version of Wingspan goes very far forward in much less time than Eagle's regular jump, which means you can close the gap after attacks that send your opponent away from you, like Eagle's throw, or you can very quickly cross your opponent up. Her Blade Demon ender will launch the opponent, which allows for similar follow-ups in the air to some of her neutral launcher starters (like a throw). Eagle can also hold his HP arrows to charge them up. Because Sonic Screech does not mess up any combos and makes moves safe and un-shadow counterable, performing Ankle Breaker and Sonic Screech directly after is a very common tenet of close-range Eagle play. It is the opposite of playing by feel or by instinct; your opponent's tendencies often don't influence the set play's effectiveness, you just do it because you know it works. Fang is her +HK command normal, which acts as a strong anti-air. But until then, pretending the bird is exclusively a Sonic Screech machine will get you started. Eagle has a flipout on the LK option from his Wingspan command jump. However, because Eagle does not really use juggles too often in his gameplan, it's difficult to plan mixups around flipping your opponent out. Eagle can simply walk over the arrows to pick them up, which is the most common and easiest way to refill, or he can use a bird command such as Retrieve Arrows or shadow Arrow Retrieval to pick up arrows at a distance. Killer Instinct is pretty cool, but learning a new fighting game can be overwhelming. In general, though, you should prioritize Ankle Breaker as your linker of choice. When used as a left-right mixup with her jumping HK, Sadira's aerial approaches can be even harder to predict. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The problem is, it's relatively short range and even the light version is unsafe on block at -5. Know that this move is technically unsafe on block, though. The main reason you'd want to use the special moves is because they fire at different speeds and have a larger spread. The last use of the bird is to Retrieve Arrows that are lying on the ground, done by pressing three kicks with no direction. The above mixup can be a very fast low-then-overhead, or simply hit overhead from the start. Shadow Recluse is fast but not fully invincible before the freeze, but if you manage to hit one in neutral, as an anti-air, or as a combo ender, you can perform follow-up juggle hits. Updated April 13, 2020 Donate to the site Ask me a question. Eagle is also supplied with 12 arrows in his quiver for him to shoot via Arrow Attacks, Scatter Shot, or Rain Shot. This is especially useful if you are trying to use the down-forward arrow which hits low, since you will never be out of range if this arrow hits. Eagle's crossup attack is jumping LK, not the more common jumping MK. Two important directions are down-back, which fires an overhead arrow a short distance in front of Eagle, and down-forward, which fires a fast, low-hitting arrow at your opponent's feet. It sends the opponent far away, but causes a hard knockdown and gives Eagle enough time to get close with Wingspan (here is an example shown by KI EVO finalist SeaDragon) and use a meaty. Like many characters, Sadira has two damage enders, one that uses a bar of shadow meter and one that doesn't, but in Sadira's case, they are split between two different moves. So he might go down a tier or two depending on how much this affects him. Bird Fling will then send Eagle a short distance in the direction held, almost like a very small air dash. Recluse is her most damaging linker, but unfortunately it starts up slow, which doesn't allow her many reps during lockouts, but it is more difficult to break as all hits from any Recluse linker come in fast succession during a single backflip. Even if you correctly block a web, Sadira will put another one down on top of your body, forcing you to stay in block stun until you finally get opened up. Rain Shot arrows come down from the top of the screen much slower than the down-back HP arrow, which can lend themselves better to certain setups, and give Eagle more time to move in neutral to threaten with mixups. Use it while you are close to your opponent the instant your bird is not in cooldown. If you are at mid-range -- roughly the range where an opponent's jumping attack would hit you -- Eagle's relatively poor anti-air and mostly stubby normals mean that he is caught between his two modes and can't do either of them particularly well. And if you get caught by your opponent and knocked down here, Eagle's atrocious wakeup game will mean you will take more damage on average than with any other character. I play many different fighters, and a lot of them have proposed tier lists. If your timing is correct, your air special move will come out very close to the ground. If you're new to fighting games I think this could probably help you. If she knocks you down, she'll place one over your rising body, forcing you to gamble on a reversal or block repeated mixups. Both crouching and standing HP are good at occupying space in front of Sadira and are useful when fighting against armored characters. This simple but effective mixup is available to Eagle any time Sonic Screech is blocked, which should showcase his a small aspect of his crazy offensive pressure. Really!? before emitting a spark, which indicates it's ready for the next command. While Scatter Shot knocks the opponent down, Rain Shot acts similarly to other projectiles in KI where you are free to manual after they land and pick up the combo. After the move completes, the bird goes through a If you're a training mode master, Eagle is a character for you, because exploring dirty mixups involving Bird Fling and Retrieve Arrows will unlock this character's true potential. Style: Assist-Based Rushdown, ... Eagle's instinct doesn't afford him the huge comeback potential of other characters, but considering his strength on the ground and at range, he can still turn the tables in fights with just one knockdown. Hold back to lob them at your opponent's head. This includes using Swoop Attack to fire horizontally while you shoot an arrow vertically, or using Sonic Screech for a little bit of close range protection. I refuse to rate cinder since he just came out. Heavy Widow's Bite throws a diagonally downward projectile which pulls Sadira close on hit or block; it can be punished on block (including via shadow counters), so mixing it up with LP and MP versions, which do not pull Sadira towards the opponent on contact but rather send her at different angles, is important to keep the opponent tentative. Rain Shot hits overhead after a long delay, making it excellent to use in knockdown situations. Once you pop instinct, try taking the fight to your opponent with a barrage of normal attacks and let the bird do some extra work. Spend some meter on shadow Arrow Retrieval if necessary. The main use for this tool is to try and squeeze a Divebomb between your opponent's pressure, so he gets hit if he continues to attack, or to use it as a preventative move if you're scared that your opponent is going to come close. Very noteworthy, if Eagle gets counter-hit on the first frame, Divebomb will not come out, which means you can't use this as a reversal against true meaties. If you don't have some mixup planned, though, it is not worth sacrificing the damage from Scatter Shot. I figured as much, with the recent patch and all. This move has a few key weaknesses, however. Wingspan does switch sides with your opponent, so on occasion you might want to use to escape the corner, if you want to play a high risk counter breaker game, or if you just want to give your opponent a slightly different look every so often. Holding for three seconds makes it reach level 3, which makes the arrow unblockable. Have gave me a time limit and to beat orchids story mode. Beginner character tier list I've tinkered with the characters in training mode and read up on the game, trying to find a few characters that are good to learn the game with.

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