The only difference between labneh and Greek yoghurt is the addition of salt. I'm not sure about the labneh/yogurt cheese, but have you considered making your own cream cheese? Traditionally in Arabian countries, the whey is strained in paper bag or filter, made of muslin. In Russia and Poland, quark is sold as soft, pressed cakes of curds that are often broken up and mixed with other dairy products for blintzes, pierogi fillings or dips. Now enjoy your meals with different kinds of cheese … The curds are washed to get rid of any remaining acid, so the cheese tastes mild or even slightly sweet. Israel has both a creamy style and something drier and more akin to pressed, dry cottage cheese. There’s a variant, popular in France and Italy, called Petit Suisse. It is also known as strained yoghurt, yoghurt cheese or Greek yoghurt. Labneh vs. Yogurt vs. Kefir. Cottage cheese can be consumed on a regular basis, especially by vegetarians for all the healthy calcium and protein it provides. A smooth French soft cheese, this is even thicker than crème fraîche, which is technically cultured cream, with a bit more tang. Labneh and cream cheese are very similar in taste and the only difference that I can make is the cheesy texture of the cream cheese. Sometimes called Italian cream cheese, mascarpone is a specialty of Lombardy, Italy. Labneh cheese is a popular Middle Eastern soft cheese. A Guide to Soft Fresh Cheeses: Cottage Cheese, Mascarpone and More, Get regular updates from NYT Cooking, with recipe suggestions, cooking tips and shopping advice. Labneh goes very well with bread and roti / chapati. Alternately, I store the labneh in a separate container and add the olive oil at serving time. But the process is basically the same: Milk is fermented by lactic acid bacteria or curdled by heat or acid from a souring agent like lemon juice or vinegar. Labneh is a soft cheese, similar in texture to cream cheese, made from strained yogurt and very popular in Middle Eastern cuisine.You may see it spelled lebneh, lebnah, labaneh, labane, labne, or labni.At about half the fat and calories of standard cream cheese, it's a healthier alternative. Otherwise Labneh, being a homemade yogurt based assortment will always remain on top of my food list. Get regular updates from NYT Cooking, with recipe suggestions, cooking tips and shopping advice. Otherwise Labneh, being a homemade yogurt based assortment will always remain on top of my food list. A soft, creamy cheese, this starts with milk proteins that have been turned into curds and separated from the watery whey. I then shape the labneh into 2-inch balls and store in a jar with olive oil. Read the Labneh/yogurt cheese vs. cream cheese discussion from the Chowhound Cheese food community. All that’s required for this recipe is yoghurt and salt – which encourages the whey to drain off – plus a large square of cheesecloth or muslin and a little patience. The lighter, fluffier, finer cousin of cottage cheese. Simple to make, labneh is a strained yoghurt cheese with a spreadable texture and a sour, yoghurty flavour. Cottage cheese is made entirely out of skim milk until the end, when a dressing made from cream or milk is mixed with the curd. Different nations have different versions, like the slightly spongy Mexican queso fresco (which can be salted or not), or the Indian chenna, which is like more like dry cottage cheese, and paneer, which is chenna that is pressed and easily cut into cubes. I prefer making my own yogurt and then straining it through the cheesecloth. It is sometimes sold as “dry-curd cottage cheese.”. Variations come with the strains of bacteria a cheese maker selects, along with fat content, pasteurization, salt and time. Labneh (also pronounced as labaneh, lebnah or labne) is a cheese made from salted strained yoghurt by draining its whey. Kefir curd cheese is endlessly versatile and useful in all kinds of recipes - such as pates, dips and spreads to serve with vegetable crudites, dehydrated veggie crisps or on toast.

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