This small, freshwater lake is flanked by dunes on the south side and forest on the north. The Siuslaw North Jetty has free parking available. Day Use Parks are currently closed to group gatherings and day use reservations. A picnic shelter is available for group reservation, and a meeting hall with lake views can accommodates up to 50 people. North Fork Pound Reservoir; Wythe. Civilian Conservation Corps forces under National Park Service direction, designed and constructed improvements superbly adapted to their surroundings between 1935 to 1940. She was a tireless supporter and guide to Samuel Boardman, the first Oregon State Parks Superintendent. NID Lake Combie … Two dams on Combie Reservoir trap winter precipitation and Sierra snowmelt for use in irrigation, drinking water, hydropower and recreational use. Spring brings out the pink rhododendrons. American River Recreation - Day Tours: 172 rentals; Scotts Flat Lake: 155 rentals; But there are many other points of interest around Lake Combie listed on Vrbo where you can find your place to stay. This versatile coastal park is tucked in the dunes three miles south of the city of Florence and two miles from the ocean. Day Use Parks are currently closed to group gatherings and day use reservations. This trail follows portions of the Cleawox and Lily Lake shorelines and features rhododendrons in the spring. NOTICE: We are lifting our fire restrictions throughout SLO County Parks. . Due to the COVID-19 this is subject to change. It is open 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. between Memorial weekend and Labor Day weekend. A $5 day-use parking fee is required for day-use visitors and can be purchased at the kiosks located in the day-use parking lots. Purchased from private owners between 1930 and 1936, the area was named to honor Jessie M. Honeyman of Portland (1852-1948), a leading advocate of roadside beautification, Oregon parks and scenic preservation. The lake offers a wide variety of outdoor activities including camping, picnicking, horseback riding, hiking, sail and power boating, water-skiing, fishing, swimming, boat-in camping, floating campsites and horse camping. Annual and 24-month parking passes for all 25 parks that charge a parking fee can be purchased at the park office by appointment (call 541-997-3851), or online at You are responsible for your own safety; please bring and wear a personal flotation device and swim with a buddy. Canobie Lake … Camping fees are not included. Supervising Park Rangers will be implementing restrictions as conditions warrant. . Other day-use facilities and landscaped roadways with stone curbings were constructed by CCC, and the sloped cuts on the Coast Highway were planted with shrubs. <>>> Overnight camping facilities were added on the south side of Cleawox Lake beginning in 1952. Trashmore Lake; Washington. Day Use Parks are currently closed to group gatherings and day use reservations. Due to the COVID-19 this is subject to change. At a later unpublished date, Combie Dam was constructed north of Van Giesen Dam on the Bear River in Nevada … Among the features included in a special district listed in the National Register of Historic Places are the stone and log Cleawox Lake bathhouse (1938); the park caretaker's house and garage (1936-37), now the park office; and several rustic kitchen shelters (1937). stream Lake Combie is located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills between Auburn and Grass Valley. Videos. There are no marked trails and the dunes are open to ATV operation. A highway overpass provides safe crossing for pedestrians and bicyclists. Hidden Valley Lake; South Holston Reservoir; Westmoreland. Many of my clients wanted this experience for their children and found it here at Lake Combie! Known simply as "Honeyman," the park includes the second largest Oregon state park campground and two sparkling freshwater lakes. 23 June 2018 Thank-you to Gary and Cindy Lorensen for hosting. %���� In the late 1950s, Honeyman Park was listed in Life Magazine as one of the outstanding state parks in the United States. It's the only public boat launch facility on the lake, and features a swimming area, grass beach, picnic facilities and restrooms. If you are camping at a state park, you don't need a day-use parking permit. NOTICE: There is a temporary fire restriction at Lopez Lake, Santa Margarita Lake and El Chorro campground. 3 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 21 0 R 22 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Souvenirs of your stay are available for purchase. Can I walk to the beach while camped at Honeyman? <> The historical Honeyman Lodge by the Cleawox swim area is open Memorial Day through Labor Day. The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area visitor center, located 18 miles south in Reedsport, has more information. Just write your wanted destination in our search bar and have a look at our selection. The closest beach access for vehicles is 2 miles north on Hwy 101 at the Siuslaw South Jetty. The sand dunes gate will not be opened during "quiet hours" or during Prime Season. From a large, accessible fishing pier, cast your line for native cutthroat trout, largemouth bass and rainbow trout. Standard Amenity fees (Day use fees). The fall huckleberries and blackberries are ripe for the picking. A $5 day-use parking fee is required for day-use visitors and can be purchased at the kiosks located in the day-use parking lots. May I unload and ride my ATV within the campground? Annual and 24-month parking passes for all 25 parks that charge a parking fee can be purchased at the park office by appointment (call 541-997-3851), or online at . endobj The park is located within a 47-mile stretch of dunes from Florence to Coos Bay. Current View of Lake Combie : Annual Picnic. A flat, sandy beach beckons sunbathing, sandcastles and splashing in the shallow swim area (no lifeguard). 4 0 obj Mongold Day Use area is 1.5 miles west of Detroit Lake State Park. ATVs can also access the dunes from South Jetty Road in Florence. A reservable shelter is next to ball field, and an historic cooking shelter and picnic shelter are first-come, first-served. The lakes and rivers found within Oregon State Parks are open to unsupervised swimming. Book up to 30 days in advance at To provide recommendations for ensuring maintenance of high safety standards on the lake to the appropriate government agencies. No campfires or open … Showers available in A, C, F, and H loops. Other trails link the campground and the Cleawox day-use area with the park’s group camp and Woahink Lake. x��\Yo�8~����]�t������6���>�̃�Vb�屜n����"E]�|��ǒHV���c)׷���1�mɏ?^�n��l��ɧ�b���÷u~}�=-W�vY���_?o��?�l�onn�����ۇˋ�a�F�<�?F�&�TT'����|����""O�*��~���4!�?��/�`��./~����ӄ�4�\AE6������ï���C�}��=�:,q�M������P�4�w>����O��镚�����ù��� �*��`@f�i�S>�M2w�E��h{Q�[�?�s�eI���e9+p*�8�-��^œ�,��U2)�vw3��%[��"'��{J�WLMn��d�_����ɻb�m�%�1��q��m�X�����y�)�Y�n|�x�� od��,�g"�90�2��,����o�}�C�!�ƍ��d�]̇�ގpI�hqמ�gE�cEbذu"i\���TM��d[�iOqjLL68I��x�X. I have had many clients tell me the Lake Combie reminds them of a lake they used to go to when they were kids in either the midwest or in up state New York. There are several fingers and coves along the shoreline. Dairy Creek Group Day Use Area at El Chorro Regional Park, Santa Margarita Lake Recreation & Natural Area, Mustang Water Park at Lopez Lake Recreation Area, Windsurfing at Lopez Lake Recreation Area, NOTICE: We are lifting our restrictions throughout SLO County Parks. , During extreme hot and dry weather periods open fires may be restricted at San Luis Obispo County Parks.

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