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This should be tested as it could have significant management implications with respect to freshwater releases associated with CERP. 0000011382 00000 n Part of Springer Nature. Wenyi Fan. Figure 1. Two-dimensional MDS ordination of reflectance spectra similarity matrices among three salinity treatments (20 = red, 35 = green, and 50 = blue) and two light treatments (▲ = Sun, and ▼ = Shade) for four replicate (R1-R4) T. testudinum seedlings leaves after 14 days exposure (n = 4). A. Photoadaptation and growth of Zostera marina L. (eelgrass) transplants along a depth gradient. Non-enzymatic antioxidants produced during the de-epoxidation processes of the xanthophyll cycle act against ROS. Wilson, K. B., Baldocchi, D. D., & Hanson, P. J. Spectral reflectance [R(λ)] is the fraction (%) of downwelling plane irradiance that reflects upward as a function of wavelength (λ) [R(λ) = Eu(λ)/Ed(λ)]. 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