The above image represents the first school years of many generations of Primary School children in Greece, myself included. I particularly like the scholarly aspects blended with the affective aspects. The sequential/global scale: How do you prefer to organize information. Having thought about it a bit, I decided that learning for me is about going beyond memorising facts and bullet points. what is a librarian, what is in the library etc), The second important “bright moment” occurred when Marion Waite “threw on the table” the “. Merizow’s “Meaning Perspectives” generated many questions in mind about my students’ expectations. Really useful references. November Wellness Wednesdays for Educators Educators need space to focus on their own physical and mental health. Is Online Learning Right For Me? When George Roberts opened the pre–course activities of the “first steps in learning and Teaching in Higher Education” MOOC by asking us “what is learning for you?”, my mind travelled through time for a moment. As instructors in your own disciplines, would you need the librarian’s input to help you overcome threshold concepts with your class? Change ). If you’re like me, you find yourself guessing an … Not essential to me. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Observational occurs by looking, and getting everything from sight, it is taken as a model. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Learn More... ABOUT LWM. How Critical Reflection triggers Transformative Learning In:  Mezirow, J. A common problem we all face when working on deep learning projects is choosing a learning rate and optimizer (the hyper-parameters). Then again, if only a part of the subject occurs to be a threshold concept, will a student be able to recognise their need for information? There were and still are two major “aha moments” that struck me; Merizow’s chapter opened a new door to my understanding and generated so many ideas and “train of thoughts” that I needed to step back after the first two paragraphs. Infographic: CoPILOT and OER Research Hub, What is teaching..allow 30 days for search results,[]=64&path[]=41,,, #fslt12 Yikes! Learning is an active process in which reflection is the core. George mentioned in the podcast that learning can be a “product”. ( Log Out /  At the core, learning is a process that results in a change in knowledge or behavior as a result of experience. « Cathy Wint Blog | ESOL | Teacher training, First Steps into Learning & Teaching in Higher Education: 21 May – 22 June ’12 « Cathy Wint Blog | ESOL | Teacher training, Encourage better data management in research groups: a #Scidata16 approach, Designing Evidence-based education technology: What the Research Says, Make a start with Ethnography in Libraries, British Library Labs Text Mining forum, 27 November 2014, First Steps into Learning & Teaching in HE, Coursera – E-learning and Digital Cultures, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. These are not defined by the new “fees-era” but by their prior assumptions on how they should study for the University, how teaching might be, how they express themselves, etc. Before using Drupal, the administrators spent hours each day on a Wix-based site creating and updating resources manually. Learning is making connections in order for me to reach new knowledge or a new truth. Learning is leaving my “ego” aside, and acknowledging the limits of what I do and don’t know. ( Log Out /  The conditions for inputs to learning are clear, but the process is incomplete without making sense of what outputs constitute learning has taken place. The love of learning is my signature strength and my decisions are influenced by the opportunities of learning on offer. Finally, learning is an endless affair. There are eight in total and there is one or two that we prefer … Learning is about making sense, and reaching a new state of understanding. Resources for families Resources for students Resources for educators. Welcome to Community Learning for ME Explore our collection of educational resources from over 100 Maine organizations for Maine students, families and educators. Learning is essential to our existence. My students are adult learners and I feel I have a deep understanding on the main characteristics of mature learners. Pingback: #fslt12 Yikes! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The sensing/intuitive scale: How do you prefer to take in information? Mezirow, J. 1990. Essential and I can't learn unless I can interact in person with the instructor and other students. Learning with me Free Live Online Coding Camps for Kids by Kids (Ages 10 - 18) Sign up. Learning is leaving my “ego” aside, and acknowledging the limits of what I do and don’t know. LWM is a not-for-profit body dedicated to training and empowering youths (Ages 10 - 18) with real-world marketable skills that will help them navigate an increasingly technology-driven world. This book was the one we loved most, and even now after so many years it brings many memories to mind; from the characteristically blue school uniform to the long-gone polytonic Greek language (katharevousa, Greek: Καθαρεύουσα, [kaθaˈrevusa]).

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