Contact ClarkDietrich Technical Services to help determine maximum spacing of the lateral bracing. Check with your projects Architectural Specifications and/or drawings for the lateral deflection required for a given wall facing material. PrimeJoist® is a revolutionary addition to the light gauge steel stud industry, producing significant economies in both design and installation when compared with conventional “C” Shaped studs. from the lead edge). Versatile design may be incorporated into steel, concrete and wood construction. Convert to service level load (ASD) = 16psf x 0.6 = 10psf Installing Drywall Project Guide. StiffWall® Columns come with Boots preattached. We do not recommend using L/120 for walls taller than 10 feet. Thickness: 33 mils (20ga), 43 mils (18ga), 54 mils (16ga), 68 mils (14ga) and 97 mils (12ga). The load/span tables that are in this lookup tool are based on service level (ASD) wind loads. The axial load of metal studs refers to the amount of weight, or pressure, that the studs are able to withstand from both the top and the sides. StiffWall® Column/Boot Assembly (Load Bearing Member & Anchor). CEMCO distributes our products throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Pacific Rim. Interior walls typically require a minimum lateral deflection of L/240. Components in a Load Bearing Steel Stud Wall A load bearing stud wall (Figs. ClarkDietrich S250 (CSE) members have a 2-1/2" wide flange and a 5/8" return and are used in floor joist assemblies and heavy loading conditions. The load/span tables that are in this lookup tool are based on service level (ASD) wind loads. Need higher performance than conventional “C” shaped studs? The strength increase due to cold work of forming was incorporated for flexural strength as applicable per section A7.2 of AISI S100-2007 with 2010 supplement. All studs are color coded for easy identification. This framing member is also used in axial load-bearing wall assemblies. Allowable axial loads determined in accordance with section C5 of AISI S1007, with section D4 used for treatment of punchouts, and assuming that all axial loads pass through centroid of effective section. If the wind load being used meets this criterion, it does not need to be modified prior to using the tables. AISI North American Specification [NASPEC] 2001 w/ 2004 Supplement, Structural framing is produced to meet or exceed ASTM C955, Galvanized sheet steel meets or exceeds requirements of ASTM A1003, ClarkDietrich's structural framing comply with the, For installation & storage information refer to ASTM C1007. ClarkDietrich S137 (CWN) member have a 1-3/8" flange and 3/8" return and are used to support the exterior skin or cladding material (metal, stone, tile, glass, etc.) 1a & 1b) generally consists of the C studs and track framed openings, including header and jambs. Please consider using ClarkDietrich iTools. Framing techniques for metal studs are similar to those of wood construction. Easily create a submittal by selecting the components which apply to your specific project materials list. The actual bridging that is ultimately provided is to be determined by the licensed specialty engineer responsible for the cold-formed steel design for the given project. Adding additional horizontal bridging will not reduce the actual deflection in the wall. The weight of the cladding material (metal, stone, tile, etc.). SigmaTrak® is the ideal runner track for load bearing and curtain wall metal stud wall assemblies. x 10 ft. 25-Gauge EQ Galvanized Steel Wall Framing Stud (5) Model# 362PDS125-15 $ 5 98. With the exception of 5psf interior walls, wind pressures have been multiplied by 0.70 for deflection determination, in accordance with footnote “f” of IBC table 1604.3. The following tables identify the axial (vertical) load that can be supported by each member under given lateral load conditions. To reduce the deflection of a wall stud, either a heavier member is required or an intermediate structural support must be provided. Founded in 1974, CEMCO is recognized as one of the largest manufacturers of steel framing and metal lath systems in the United States. TSN's Product Catalogs are an essential resource for the design of cold formed steel. StiffWall® Column is a component of TSN's StiffWall System, designed to carry loads concentrically from the point of applied loads to the foundation or other termination point and is designed to fit inside of TSN's StiffWall Boot Kit. Limiting heights are based on continuous lateral support (rigid sheathing) on each flange over the full height of the stud. Standard knockout sizing is 1-1/2" x 4" in members 3-1/2" and wider. 325 Submittal sheets for the exact product you're looking for can be created by using ClarkDietrich's SubmittalPro® Product Submittal System. PrimeJoist’s unique configuration delivers increased strength and stiffness, minimizing or eliminating the use of built-up joist sections in floor assemblies. Knockouts are punched 12" o.c. TSN’s optimized StiffWall® Shear Wall System used together with SigmaStud®’s increased load capacity will allow you to build taller, lighter, faster and stronger. Check your projects Architectural Specifications and/or drawings for the minimum design load required. unless otherwise noted. Use 10psf as the Pressure Value used in this table to determine the member span. Some finishes such as tile or thin stone may require a higher deflection limit like L/360 or even L/600. Allowable loads based on weak axis and torsional horizontal mechanical bracing at 48" o.c. ClarkDietrich ProSTUD 25 3-5/8 in. Based on stud length, the distance the knockout falls from the tail end of the stud may not be the same from the lead end. Example: maximum for axial load calculations, and continuous support for each flange for flexural calculations. Sheathing and Finish materials require a minimum stiffness to prevent cracking. TightStrap® is a unique device used to tension (tighten) flat strap in the field. Designed and manufactured to meet the performance requirements of the project. Each Column is delivered fully assembled and ready for installation to the wall panels per project requirements, and is specified using simple nomenclature indicating only essential design requirements for each shear wall element. Structural Studs, may be used in a variety of applications and designs. 3.625-in W x 120-in L x 1.25-in D ProSTUD 3-5/8 25 GA Galvanized Steel Metal Stud. Limited heights in the above lookup tool and tables are for single span systems only. SigmaStud's unique configuration provides installation and design advantages which create efficiencies no other light steel framing (LSF) load bearing wall stud can provide, delivering the most efficient LSF load-bearing stud member available. Hanging drywall is not difficult if you have patience, the right tools and a … SigmaStud and StiffWall have been tested together for multi-story applications and are an economic option capable of carrying loads present in buildings up to 16 story’s.

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