… My logic was simple; between 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., I only needed a workforce staffed and equipped to keep the plant running. Get Your Logo. This simple idea makes it very easy to determine who is at work and who isn’t. Traditionally, a maintenance organization takes on a centralized or decentralized structure. Other simple ideas and techniques include quick disconnects for hydraulic units, standard work for tool maintenance, visuals for total productive maintenance (TPM) plan and a kaizen schedule for targeted areas of improvement. I was able to find a logo design that suited me. It is impossible to reach target condition without a fully engaged workforce. Visit the Custom Ink Design Lab to start your own group order. I have since heard this concept referred to as "Do It Now", or DIN squads. But don’t stop there, because this is only the first step in the 5S process. We have by default, structured ourselves to be wholly reactive. If operators classify every work request 'urgent', ''safety', or 'priority 1'; your structure is not working. Feeling inspired? Now that expectations are clear, all future group meetings will be conducted with a sense of urgency and in a celebratory manner for each accomplishment achieved, even the small ones that look like baby steps. Just stick to the key areas that will receive a laser focus so the journey and dedication to achieving the target condition is crystal clear. Also, cool option where you can see a preview of your logo! Don't believe me? Thus, the priorities are handled as in Figure 5. Browse our selection of professionally designed logo templates to get started. I was about to rock their world in terms of structure and give them a working definition of proactive maintenance. Consultant with Marshall Institute Inc., an international maintenance and reliability consulting and training company based in Raleigh, NC (www.marshallinstitute.com). 100% free tool Our logo maker is free, anyone can create stunning professional logos in seconds. Each document should be no more than one page in length. If you work in a union environment, the skill assessment still can be accomplished by working closely with the union leadership, sharing the vision and getting their buy-in to the plan. Spending the Right Amount on Maintenance? A 90% compliant planning and scheduling effort is most noteworthy and would be a great benchmarking achievement. For example, identify and pre-approve a contract manufacturer for temporary outsourcing. Will there be tough discussions? It is not unusual to jump right to an overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) metric and wonder why performance is not better. This is not glamorous work. Depending on where the department is on the maturity curve, the age and deterioration of equipment, and the overall health of the business, it can be a three- to five-year journey. During this process, keep the finance department or controller informed so assets can be properly accounted for. They researched what technical manuals we did have, interviewed more seasoned maintenance technicians, and performed a lot of trial and error. At least in a decentralized structure (Figure 2) there is an attempt to divide up the elephant and give each section of the plant a focused effort. This type of planning and detail will help with budgeting and eliminating surprises. A CMMS enables the maintenance team to optimize the usage of replacement parts, properly assign resources, plan for performing PMs and evaluate the effectiveness of the work being performed. They were quite literally the poster-children for reactive maintenance.

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