I've also skipped the marinade and rolled the cheese balls in minced fresh herbs. 1. Through the power of Your pardon and peace. This helps to dry the cheese out a touch.In a sterilised jar place the chilli, thyme, garlic and peppercorns, then place the labneh balls on top. Place the cheesecloth bundle into a mesh strainer over a bowl. Roll them into balls using the palm of your hands, do this gently as the mixture can be quite delicate. Mix a pinch of salt into the yoghurt. Lay  the balls on a plate and place uncovered in the fridge for a couple of hours. Lay the balls on a plate and place uncovered in the fridge for a couple of hours. Seal the jar and store in the fridge. Then twist the cloth and make a knot so it forms a ball (yoghurt ball). I know you mentioned in your post that you can use it for sauteeing and dipping, but does it go bad for you because of the leftover cheese bits? we make this in middle east but with more salt and they leave it for more time another thing they make it out of goat milk. Roll remaining cheese balls in fresh dill and chives, place in third jar. I'm guessing you could go a bit longer if need be... the oil acts as a preservative somewhat if you have bits of cheese in it. Before I know it, I've used all of it. Then take a muslin cloth (if you don't have one you can use a cloth napkin, pillowcase or a bandana), sieve, large bowl and line the sieve with the muslin cloth and pour the yoghurt on top. For this recipe I've drained the yogurt for a longer period of time in order to have a firmer cheese that will hold together in a ball. Leave on the counter, at room temperature for 1 hour, drain the liquid that forms in the bowl and then refrigerate for 24 - 48 hours. The recipe is quite easy to tweak...just use your favorite spices and herbs. Hi Emma, You are most welcome! Keep for up to 1 week or so. The longer you leave it, the thicker the consistency. I love making my own labneh. It did take some patience on my part. Marinate for at least 8 hours or up to 1 week in the refrigerator. If the oil solidifies in the fridge, just place the jars on the bench for 20 minutes to let the oil melt. Pour olive oil over the mixture and cover. The great thing is that you could even use the whey to make muffins, cakes and much more, yeeah! Pour away the whey that has drained out, I do this a few times over the 1-3 days as it fills up quite quickly. I didn't. Mix. Absolutely delicious - I love the tip for handing the yogurt to drain! Would love to hear of your creations:)...btw, they are also good rolled in roasted nuts, in case you would like to try a different version. We then spice it with fresh garlic, parsley and salt. 2. This marinated cheese can be a great homemade hostess gift. It's another alternative if you don't want to use oil. Would definitely make a great host/hostess gift. I can't wait to use them on the mamaliga bites! 4. I guess I feel the results are worth it. I used the smoky paprika, chilly flakes salt and oregano to marinade. :) www.prettygoodfood.com Thanks and Happy Cooking! Can't wait to try my little labneh balls once they've infused the flavour! Brilliant recipe. Once you have finished, then roll them into the chilli flakes or zaa'tar spices. Add the. Yes, you can re-use the oil if making another batch. Glad the photos and tips were helpful. Cover the bowl with a tea towel and leave it to rise in a warm area for an hour. Yes, since the oil is refrigerated, it will keep for quite a while so you can use it for another batch. Heat the oven to the highest temperature. Lift your eyes toward heaven and believe the One who holds eternity. And the truth that would guide us aright; We have lived in the shade of the dark we have made, Kind and merciful God, we have broken Your laws. Brunch Pro Theme by Shay Bocks. It is very good though, so I don't care what it's called. Leave yoghurt to drain in the fridge for a minimum of 1 day or if possible up to 3 days. I hope you can give this a try. Pour olive oil over cheese and cover. I can see how adding more salt will make the cheese last longer. If the oil solidifies in the fridge, just place the jars on the bench for 20 minutes to let the oil melt. Thanks again,Emma (Australia). Thanks for making my day...yet, again:).I am so very happy that you are enjoying the blog. You can remove cheese from fridge and allow it to come to room temperature, before serving. Do you place the cheese in the fridge once it is marinated in oil? It looks like you used dried herbs for the marinade; have you ever used fresh instead? I love the step by step pictures too. 5. What a great little blog you have here. Place dough onto a baking tray and put into the oven for 7-10 minutes. Can the oil be reused for another batch of cheese balls? Hi Ellie! I love the idea of homemade cheese! How long does it keep? $10.00. Leave them in the fridge before serving. Would it be possible to make this with store bought labneh? They have such a wonderful taste and they are fantastic on plain saltine crackers! PSALM 69:6, There are moments on our journey following the Lord. ~Ellie, Imi place ideea asta, arata superb! Once the labneh is ready, remove it from the cloth and scoop out the labneh onto a plate. Anon, Thank you for stopping by... That's good to know. Happy you tried the recipe. :). The oil will become liquid once again. I had no idea it is considered cheese. So I place the jar in front somewhere in my fridge so I see it... and use it. Thanks so much for sharing - currently curing in fridge and looking forward to adding it to meatless Monday dinner tomorrow! I also love to use is when making pasta, a great way to use it up! In a second jar, place sundried tomatoes, basil, and oregano; fill with balls of cheese. Love me some soft cheese. You could make the cheese balls and just drizzle a bit of oil over them before serving... or roll them in herbs and nuts, if you like. Marinate the labneh with whichever herbs you like best. Sper sa iti placa si tie si sant foarte impresionata de blogul tau:) ~Ellie. 4. Fresh bread, olives, pita bread – or chuck it on what ever you please! Sa sti ca mi-a placut foarte mult branza asta....este usor de facut si mai ales ca poti sa le schimbi adaugand diferite erburi. Anon, Yes you place it in the fridge... and olive oils will solidify in the fridge at cold temperature. First of all, I love labneh. I love your photos too; they're beautiful. I tried making these a few years ago. Quenelle labneh or roll into walnut sized balls. Place the cheese balls in a jar and fill with olive oil, an additional teaspoon of za'atar and the chives. Drop labneh balls into glass jars, top with sliced garlic, sprigs of thyme, peppercorns and olive oil. I didn't realize how soft the cheese was going to be (like cream cheese). Lightly flour your work surface and roll out the dough into a round slab making sure its thin. Combine the yogurt, salt and za'atar. I've just made labneh for the first time and your tips for marinating were very handy. Spread 3 tsp of the za'atar mixture onto the dough spreading quite thickly (no need to be shy with the spreading haha). Roll them into balls using the palm of your hands, do this gently as the mixture can be quite delicate. I'm thrilled that you made the labneh for the first time. Once you have some labneh ready to go, these are a cynch, and keep for months !XXX, Labneh balls marinated in olive oil, chilli and zaatar with a side of zaatar manoush. Add labneh balls to a cheese platter, serve with fresh Challah or alongside olives and crudites. For me it was the waste of oil. I haven't kept the oil past, let's say, a week and a half? It's delicious and I hope you enjoy it as well. You can't beat homemade goodness:). This stops the yogurt taking on any odors from the fridge. Your photographs are beautiful as well!I've recently launched my own blog, I'd love for you to check it out and let me know what you think! Use a bit of it in salad dressings. Serve spread on crackers or crusty bread … I love them!

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