It seems likely that he was the first to introduce the ukulele to Frank Henry, who was always willing to take on new projects at Martin. In 1997, just three years after removing ukuleles from production, Martin began building “Backpacker” model ukuleles at its factory in Navahoa, Mexico. A rich history defines the proliferation of the ukulele, as well as Martin’s legacy in its manufacturing. All; Auction; Buy It Now; Sort: Best Match. In 1922, Martin made almost 5,000 ukuleles, making it obvious that the ukulele fad was far from over. In 2011, the new line of Style 2 ukuleles debuted. Free postage. Still, the ukulele craze had allowed the company to both expand and build up a financial surplus that helped get them through these hard times. Styles 3 and 5 were primarily for professional, with much more binding, fancy inlay in the neck and headstock, and a fret board that came all the way down to the soundhole. Fewer than 100 ukuleles were made every year from 1973 to 1994, when Martin officially pulled the plug on ukulele production in Nazareth. As sales soared in 1922, it must have been difficult for Martin to meet the needs of its older established network of dealers while also producing so many slightly different new customer models. Martin's original pamphlet, colorized image of Cliff Edwards and Bessie Love, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, LP, early catalog image of Martin Style 1, Ohta-san. 1930 Style 5K. Styles 1 and 2 had four small celluloid dots, one at the fifth fret, two at the seventh, and one at the ninth. Ukulele sizes also parallel different ranges of the human voice. In 2006, Martin re-entered the high-end ukulele market by re-issuing the Style 5K ukulele, a model that had not been made in regular production since 1938. ne hundred years ago, in 1917, C. F. Martin & Co. published its first ukulele pamphlet, announcing the company’s newest instrument to the general public and its entire network of music stores, teachers, and players. Although, due to its price, the 5K never sold in large numbers, the model helped establish Martin in the minds of many as the maker of the finest ukuleles in the world. After Ditson ordered a large number of ukuleles with markers on the 10th fret instead of the 9th, Martin made that the standard on all of its ukuleles. These customer models allowed Martin to move into new territories and greatly expand sales. However, the Martin legacy lies with ukulele players around the world who agree that, throughout its history, the company has produced some of the finest ukuleles in existence. More on Martin ukuleles here. Go to next slide - Best selling. Besides the soprano, these included a concert and tenor ukulele—Martin’s first larger-bodied ukuleles to be re-issued. Martin III had built for his wife in the 1930s. This pearl-encrusted model was made from Hawaiian koa wood, and retailed for the then-remarkable price of $50. The Style 5K was dropped in 1941 and replaced with the short-lived Style 5 model made from curly mahogany. Koa is a native wood of Hawaii and was the regular wood for Hawaiian ukulele manufacturers. There are several sources for this page, including the Martin Guitar web site; Mike Longworth, author of "Martin Guitars: A History"; a magazine article by Bob Brozman, Jim Beloff's most wonderful book, The Ukulele: A Visual History , and the 1934 Martin Guitar retail catalogue. They were manufactured in quantity through the mid 60s, but demand fell off sharply in the late 60s, Tiny Tim notwithstanding. Martin’s 100 years of ukulele production has been a roller-coaster ride featuring peaks where the company was overwhelmed with demand and valleys where production completely ceased. Martin Style 1 1920 1930 S Vintage Soprano Ukulele Great Sound. The Style 3 had fancier pearl inlays, two squares each on the 5th and 9th frets, and two diamonds on the 7th. If you find a reasonably priced vintage Martin baritone ukulele or another uncommon size, it's a good idea to snatch it up.

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