I unlocked it completing the optional quest “Ruler of the Azure Skies”, I guess the fight is unlocked completing one of the optional with azure rathalos? special arena quests youre not able to see i think sadly. The eighth Arena quest has you fighting both the Uragaan and Radobaan; this quest awards Ace Hunter Coins and Brute Coins. I’m sure a lot of other players have the same question. Completing optional quests with type of monster your looking for will unlock gathering hub arena quests. But capturing a monster does NOT give you the exclusive gathering hub arena quest. But for some reason i still haven't unlocked this quest, i already killed/captured both of them in high rank and out of ideas what else i can do to unlock the quest, i'm hr 14 at the moment and right before fighting the 3 elderdragons. It gets you the quest to farm rathalos coins. If you managed to not only unlock this quest but pull it off you get an astounding 38,880 zenny and two Research Commission Tickets. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the MonsterHunterWorld community, Continue browsing in r/MonsterHunterWorld. Number 1 is when you fight the Pukei-Pukei with a predetermined armor/weapon set. Quest Tips. Area quest 5(barroth) is tied to the 6 star quest “A Crown of Mud and Anger”. (Monsters and Items will be updated as soon as the DS Version is out) ... Unlock Rank S Round One: Frou-frou, Cyclops, Troll Preydator 80,608 views. on the map. Number 5: barroth Number 6; dodogama, They don’t seem to follow any particular order lol. And when I try to join it online, it says I'm not enough far in the story. Is there anything i missed? Thank you for this. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the MonsterHunter community. Be sure to prep yourself for its "fire active mode" before you depart. The azure rathalos arena quest is unlocked by completing the optional quest "The Red and Blue Crew". v1.3.1 (Mar 13 2020): - Fixed "The Red Dragon" being on the wrong map. Main Quest: 8 Answers: How does one get the Azure Star Longsword Master Rank Upgrade? You can even capture them from Assigned quests, I think capture quests are the only ones that you want to avoid to unlock the arena quests. Completing all sidequests rewards the "Wild Hunt" Guild Card title. I'm also missing 7. Unlock arena quest 8 In arena quest 8 you have to fight rabobaan & uragaan at the same time. So far it does not appear all monsters will appear in the arena, If for example you are looking for dodogama coins completing optional quests with dodogama will unlock the ability to fight him in the special arena. I.e. Note: For each player, only one of the two Alatreon event quests, "The Evening Star" or "Dawn of the Death Star", will appear in your quest list each day, and alternates the next day. If you complete quest 1-7 with a B Rank or higher, you receive the Pulverizing Feather headgear. If you capture monsters, it gives you "regular" arena quests i.e. Pandora's Arena is a very angry, very blue Lunastra. Does anyone know how to unlock those two in the arena? Thanks to the folks who have been continually adding information. you can ignore em and still unlock it. Number 1 is when you fight the Pukei-Pukei with a predetermined armor/weapon set. You can compete with hunters from around the world for the fastest times in slaying different monsters. Posting High-Difficulty Quests Using Lucky Vouchers Capturing Large Monsters Making Preparations at Camp Challenging the Arena Types of Quests Event Quests Master Rank Setting Your Return Point Pawswaps Player Character Tips. Master Rank Arena Quests This is not to be confused with the special arena quests that I have seen a lot of people get mixed up about and try to suggest capturing. Build: 1 Answer: Does flinch shotting monsters while they are in the air still do part damage? Even works if you capture from a request, since some monsters only show up in the Optional Quests list from them. To check if you have completed the MR Arena Quests use your Hunters Journal to check if you have captured the monster at least once before. Still investigating for this info.

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