Pie Maker Manual – Step-by-Step To get the best use out of your mini pie maker, make sure you have everything prepared and ready to go before starting to bake your mini pies. It is a great romantic pie to share with your love. 3. These pies are 6 inches or smaller in size, and can serve one or two people. See more ideas about pies maker, mini pie maker, recipes. Mar 15, 2020 - Explore Sandi Price's board "Mini Pie Maker Recipes" on Pinterest. The Power (Red) light will turn on. We’ve had our Kmart Pie Maker for over a year now and it really is one of my favourite appliances (you can also find more Kmart Products I love here) as I can come up with an easy family dinner (or lunch, or snack!) Allow your Mini Pie Maker to pre- heat until the Bake Ready (Green) light comes on. Page 4: Recipes 2 cups flour ½ teaspoon salt Do not immerse the Mini Pie Maker in water or other liquids. in no time at all. Insert the plug of the Sunbeam™ Mini Pie Maker into a 120 volt power outlet. The Dash Mini Pie Maker will be the cutest little addition to your kitchen. 1. 2. However, make one slightly larger. Mini Pies – The New Trend. Prepare the dough and divided in half. Mini pies are starting a new trend that is riding on the heels of cupcakes.

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