Japanese Name: Sakazuki was also one of the only people who (before Sengoku made it public) was aware that Luffy is Dragon's son and that Dragon is the son of Garp. This reputation alone was enough for Luffy to be marked as a dangerous potential to the future, and for Demalo Black to take advantage of via impersonation. [11] When he was under the impression that Portgas D. Ace was Dragon's son, Emporio Ivankov expected that Dragon would go to Marineford to save Ace. Thalassa Lucas showed his picture. [8] He cares greatly for the plights of people who are oppressed by the World Government and their member islands, and seeks them out to invite them to join his fight for freedom. in the supplement issue The Grand Line Times. If you believe we have used your copyrighted content without permission, send us an email at [email protected] and we will remove it immediately. His tattoo isn’t a random piece of art, it’s actually a Shandia tattoo. [14], After Doflamingo's defeat, Dragon received reports that rebel armies were succeeding all across the world. [45], Twelve years ago, the Revolutionaries rescued the people of the Gray Terminal from the conflagration the Nobles of the Goa Kingdom created to destroy the trash for the upcoming visit of World Noble Jalmack. Lucas then went on to say that while Dragon was currently no real threat, he could easily become one in the next five to six years or so, if not dealt with. Dan Green [10], Dragon is typically seen with a serious, business-minded disposition and takes care to stay highly informed about the happenings of the world and educate his subordinates about relevant objects and events in current affairs. There have been some hints that Dragon may be one of the most powerful characters in the entire series, since the World Government has dubbed him as the "World's Most Wanted Man". [51], As the word of the Battle of Marineford emerged to the Revolutionary camps, Sabo immediately gained a jolt to his lost memory discovering the death of his brother Ace and Luffy's involvement in the battle, making him remember everything for the first time in 10 years. Two of them are known: Inazuma for G Army commander Emporio Ivankov, and Ahiru for East Army Commander Belo Betty. Dragon is the son of the famous Vice-Admiral Monkey D. Garp. This is a unique power, and it could be more destructive when we’ll actually see it in the series. Jozu | After the Reverie, the revolutionaries read some distressing news concerning Sabo. [27], With the discovery that Monkey D. Luffy is Dragon's son and, under the assumption that Luffy's brother Portgas D. Ace was also Dragon's son, and with the latter's impending execution, the two imprisoned Revolutionaries decided that the time to escape had arrived. While Garp perceives it as a rather peaceful place, Dragon expresses his disgust with Garp's view of "peace" since it was nothing more than a form of oppression authorized by the law in places, such as Tequila Wolf and the Goa Kingdom, evidently forcing common people to inhabit horrible living conditions. [11], Most of the Revolutionary Army's efforts are focused on liberating individual islands from local governments that are under the World Government. Dragon informs Ivankov that as Whitebeard has died, they will soon have to gather the Revolutionary leaders spread around the world as the world's balance is beginning to shift. Eight years before the main storyline, the Council of Kings gathered at Mariejois to discuss Dragon's revolutionary movement and his ideals, both of which were threatening the World Government. [75] The Revolutionaries' base was attacked by the Blackbeard Pirates, who destroyed the base before the Marines and Cipher Pol arrived. Brook | Ông ta là người lãnh đạo quân phản loạn chống lại chính quyền thế giới .. Ngoại hình nhân vật. World's Worst CriminalDragon the RevolutionaryDevil/Demon (by Boa Hancock) Tons of awesome Monkey D. Dragon wallpapers to download for free. According to Ivankov, he always questions the "will to live" of the nations he saved as a revolutionary. Ivankov told Dragon about a newspaper article about Luffy and commented on how much he is like him. [OP QUIZ] Can you name the Pirate Crew by their Jolly Roger? Funi English VA: Seeing Luffy's new bounty, one of his men was about to tell him that Luffy was Vice Admiral Garp's grandson. [13][14], The Revolutionaries build up their forces by training young children into adulthood. [24] Despite eventually initiating conspicuous and perpetual military hostilities against the Celestial Dragons, several prominent revolutionaries maintain the belief to only assist people so that they can be able to help themselves. [69], While Luffy and Law were battling Doflamingo at the palace, Sabo freed the prisoners at the colosseum. Unknown[4] [34] The Donquixote Family's defeat also enabled the revolutionaries to triumph in their battles across the world. Odex English VA: Smoker would question Dragon's action, to which the Revolutionary replied about letting Luffy follow his path. However, Burgess had stowed away on their ship and discovered their base, reporting it to his crew. Dragon is usually seen dressed in a long green cloak, underneath which he wears the garb of a revolutionary, colored white. Also, he appears to have no eyebrows, however, he does have a bit of stubble on his chin in the form of a goatee. There are strong chances that Dragon learned what did happen during the Void Century and he also probably learned the origin of the D. Clan at some point. If we want to talk about Monkey D Dragon power we must know about his past and how he started, one of the secrets of One Piece. Portgas D. Rouge† | Dragon is already a powerful threat in his own right, as well as having powerful subordinates such as Emporio Ivankov, Bartholomew Kuma, and Inazuma who are in comparison, lower in rank. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Crucial evidence come's from the fact that, in the anime and manga, it was revealed that he had clashed with Blackbeard when the Blackbeard pirate's attacked Baltigo and, despite the fact that Baltigo was destroyed, he manged to survive the battle and came out perfectly unharmed, as shown during his talk with Sabo in the Reverie Arc. [1][12], Dragon checked on a 10-year-old Sabo 12 years ago after seeing him being thrown to the ground while in the Goa Kingdom. Gloriosa (One Piece) | He is most often seen sporting a sinister grin on his face, further aiding his already intimidating visage. [OP QUIZ] Which One Piece character he is? [28][67] Fujitora eventually decided to end their battle, and Koala berated Sabo for putting them in danger. His hatred extends to World Nobles as after saving Sabo from the wreckage caused by Saint Jalmack, Dragon was furious at the latter's actions. One day, I will change this world...you mark my words. While the manga has yet to display Dragon's combat abilities, glimpses of Dragon's combat skills was shown in Episode 737 during a flashback when a young Sabo attempted to attack Dragon in a training session. Denjiro | [26], Anyone who becomes a Revolutionary is declared a threat and becomes wanted by the World Government, because as the world is stabilized through the Three Great Powers, the Revolutionaries are a threat to that critical balance. Garp.[2]. The first time we witnessed Monkey D. Dragon’s powers was back at Logue town. Sabo, Revolutionaries, Nico Robin, Koala, Hack, Emporio Ivankov, Inazuma, [3] While his individual combat abilities are mostly unknown, he is able to command extremely powerful army officials like his chief-of-staff Sabo and the five commanders, who have all been shown battling and defeating notable pirates and Marines in the Grand Line. The one thing they have in common is their disdain for World Nobles. This shows that the Revolutionaries are loyal to Dragon since no one deserted him due to learning of his heritage. Alive When Buggy was about to execute Luffy on the platform, there was no hope for Luffy to survive as Zoro and Sanji were intercepted by the pirates. To that end, he saved Luffy from being captured by Smoker on Loguetown, and anticipates reuniting with his son in the future. Status: After the fall of Doflamingo and the Birdcage, Koala, Hack, and some other revolutionaries took care of some business at the underground trade port and found a certain list.

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