Reviews everywhere are incredibly excited at the price point they find the Mountain Equipment Lightline Jacket at. Take a step back and think about what you … It's certainly safe to say it's at least as warm. One difference in these jackets is that the Rab hood advertises itself as helmet compatible. So, a column of water 150 centimeters tall can sit on the Mountain Equipment Lightline Jacket without getting you wet. In terms of warmth, my impression (and it's just an impression) is that the Rampart is a little warmer than the Compressor. The Mountain Equipment Rampart Hooded Jacket is Scramble's top pick in the lightweight (sub 400g) insulated jacket category. Price: £180. Mountain Equipment's Rampart Jacket is neither constrictive nor overly roomy. As it stands, the purchase of an insulated jacket, particularly a synthetic one is largely a matter of faith, akin to voting on a US Healthcare Bill ("we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it"). Mountain Equipment's Rampart Hooded Jacket provides a very good level of warmth for it's weight, there's only a few features on the jacket in order to keep the weight down. Well done Mountain Equipment for not following the herd over the "under-the-helmet" cliff. Making use of 3M's Polarloft Featherless fill, the Superflux is Mountain Equipment's first foray into this style of insulation, and I think it's something of a success. ill-conceived or poorly designed hoods (e.g. Test subject: Chest 42", Waist 33", Height: 5ft 8" Do you need ultimate warmth in exchange for a sleeker design? e.g. * The value score is derived from two factors: With the introduction of the super-light  Quechua (just 216g, i.e. Before we take a look at the Rampart's general features, we'll first consider its weight and pack-size (compressibility). In such conditions I would apply some minor tightening just to keep the hood in place. Instead we're left with guesses from reviewers like me and unbacked claims from marketing departments untethered by scientific tests and data. This means that the labor conditions and sustainability have been evaluated in almost all of their factories and supply chains. Simply substitute the Compressor for the Rampart. Remember to think through what you want most out of a jacket. Adventurers find this jacket well loved with its attached hood, zippered pockets, 700 fill power down, and a waterproof outer shell. We made a big deal about hoods in our review of the 2014 Compressor, so we'll spend some time focusing on this traditional bugbear. As for insulation, Mountain Equipment have abandoned the tried, tested and trusted Primaloft Gold in favour of their own (likely less effective) Polarloft Micro insulation. In addition, this jacket easily made out top five list of men’s winter jackets. Often, jackets with a solid, protective outer layer are not breathable, creating a clammy atmosphere inside. This perfectly warm down would have otherwise been thrown out. When I first got my hands on it, it seemed a little heavy; less airy than the Compressor. It’s almost a given that you’ll want zippers and pockets that can sustain long hikes and years of use. So, with a lower price point and equally as good features, Eddie Bauer’s Downlight Stormdown jacket is a great alternative to Mountain Equipment. The answer: a very simple, pleasingly minimalist, well designed, lightweight insulation piece. When in "blizzard / hunker down mode", the hood can be left uncinched (pictured below #1) and will provide sufficient protection from cross-winds. For those operating with the constraints of harnesses, gear and ropes, who might welcome dual-opening zippers etc ... this might be too streamlined. A lightweight quilted synthetic jacket for both everyday and mountain use. It is also certified to be Responsible Down Standard by the Control Union. In addition, this down has been dry treated so it will retain loft (read: warmth) even when wet. ), For late Spring, Summer and early Autumn having a light insulated hood means "just-in-case" thermal head gear can be left behind, A light + midweight jacket combination is very versatile, covering a large range of temperatures down to -20℃ (possibly lower), and eliminates the need for an extreme option (which may see less use than its price warrants). Nylon). Or, do you absolutely need a waterproof or water resistant layer for the trips you will be taking? No issues here, they are robust and function well. When the back volume adjuster is fully employed, the hood syncs perfectly with your head but more of your face gets exposed (pictured below #2). At a lower price point then Mountain Equipment, Columbia’s alternative has many of the same features as the Lightline. not particularly breathable), To have a protective hood that shelters the sides of the face, To pack down small enough to shame a fleece, The velcro hood roll-away attachment (I never used), The zippered chest pocket (I found the small internal pocket just as effective, though you could argue less secure as it has no zip). In addition, they’ve chosen to include 2-way YKK® moulded front zippers. The Rampart is a bare-bones, minimalist insulated jacket shorn of all non-essential features. However, after 20 minutes or so, you'll either need to get into shelter (tent / bothy bag etc ...), add additional insulation or get moving. The Rampart is warm enough to take the edge of short stops in severely cold (tested at -25℃ windchill) conditions. Even if we stick to the £160 price of 2015, Mountain Equipment, by ditching Primaloft and a number of non-essential features (listed below), have bucked the trend and passed some of the savings onto the customer (the Rampart retails at £120). It's not quite as compressible as other jackets in this class (that use Primaloft Gold or Down).

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