We have had NO PROBLEMS with ConsignPro!!! My accountant and my husband (not the same person lol) both nagged at me to try another program before I bought something that expensive. I did have to call support to help get the Zebra printer set up, but she was wonderful and helped me upgrade and change a few settings!! I just wanted to thank you for such a great and user-friendly program and EXCELLENT service! We ran a dual system for about 90 days before 95+% of existing inventory was gone and all new inventory was entered. Several months have gone by now and I am thrilled with the program and the service I get from Brian and ConsignPro. Thanks Brian for creating such user-friendly software that meets consignment store needs! How easy it was to use ConsignPro; after narrowing my search to three programs, I took my oldest staff member and my newest staff member and had each of them perform a number of transactions. I use an ink-jet printer, but you can use almost any printer with this program. WWW.MYRESALEWEB.COM DIRECTIONS TO SIGN INTO YOUR ACCOUNT TO WATCH YOUR MONEY GROW AND ITEMS SELL - Click on the link above, My Resale Web. 1. Consignments are accepted 6 Days a week, Mon - Sat. They had been using another database program and this was so much easier. Go to MyResaleWeb.Com. Allowing them access to their information does this. You are doing better than I am! I definitely made the right choice with this software! One of the main reasons though, is the flexibility of printing tags. We have received the BEST SUPPORT and BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE from ConsignPro. Balancing my cash drawer nightly, all the different reports I can print to help with what is selling, not selling, my consignor items that sell and don't sell. Thank you so much Brian! Log into My Resale Web at anytime to watch as we sell your items! Brian Wilson, CEO Some shop owners offset these costs by charging their consignors to use this service (ex. It's good to see that there are still software companies out there that have such good customer service! I have been using ConsignPro since October 16, 2009. I have talked to other thrift shops on other military posts and tell them about your program. Cutie Patutie's could not be the successful, growing store it is today without the help of your software. I wouldn't consider using any other program. The comments I have gotten about having a computerized inventory system compared to the other shops in town---is really going to make us a step above the rest. We have been able to switch over to ConsignPro (5000+ consignors) and will soon shut down the Old system. They also got me in contact with the people you refer to for Tags. For us the answer was ConsignPro and we have never regretted it. EVERYTHING was handwritten! Thanks Brian. It does everything you need it to do and more to run a consignment store. The TOOL CONSIGNMENT® Store It's Not How Much You Spend, It's How Much You Save! I would recommend this program to everyone! Their knowledge and support make any problems you have go away fast. ©1996-2020 Visual Horizons Software, LLC |, It reduces the number of daily phone calls you receive from consignors looking for information on their account. Step 1. If not its long over due...You're the greatest! You should decide what features each software offers and which you feel you need for your store. We sincerely hope this new service will benefit store owners and look forward to bringing you the very best in consignment shop software! She has patience of Job with me and is very professional in the way she handles the tech support. And, again, all your help is greatly appreciated. Neither of my non-computer helpers was even intimidated by it. Specifically, I sampled and tested various software packages. We re-booted and 'voila' I'm back in business. I processed my first lot of consigned items last night and even though I didn't watch the videos or read the book, it was so easy to figure out. Victor Bray. You're the best! Customer support is outstanding. I’ve been open for 4-months now, couldn’t imagine doing this business by hand. I was very new with computers and he was VERY patient and helpful. Located in The Shoppes at Branson Meadows outlet mall, near VF Outlet and Branson Meadows Cinemas. I called several current ConsignPro users and receiving nothing but positive feedback. ... again for the price, it is had to beat ConsignPro....In summary, I would not hesitate to recommend ConsignPro to you as it sounds like it would do very well for your application. I purchased the program for my store 10 years ago. I wish increasing success to Brian Wilson and his staff. Thanks for the quality customer service, keep up the great work. oh yeah, the consignors love it too!! I like features of both; however, when it gets down to the nitty gritty, it is service and response that really matters. It saves me time which saves me money and increases my bottom line. Phone (417) 335-4370 My phone calls are returned quickly and I've never had a question they couldn't answer or a problem they couldn't fix on the spot. Great, great program! We use ConsignPro - I agree with Bob. Thanks Brian! This message goes directly to Visual Horizons Software, not the store owner. ConsignPro was the best investment I made. We have experienced the best customer service and support from your business and we love the new additions to the software. ConsignPro was the very first consignment store-specific software program that I demoed. Brian you should be so proud that you have wonderful people working for you and that you designed such a remarkable program. Service above the rest! Visit myresaleweb.com. I just wanted to let you know that you are very appreciated. We are simply happy customers who feel that we have received a quality product for our hard earned money...a rarity in this day and age! When should I pickup items that didn't sell? Sign-up for MyResaleWeb under "Web Services". A high speed Internet connection at your store. Brian is always wonderful about updating the program when you want a new feature. We did our research on line and liked what we read about consignPro. Call us today at (508) 235-1006 Visit us on I'm glad to see you will be giving us an alternative to [that other resale website]. I love the program and recommend it highly. MY RESALE WEB. Fingers working out of sink with the brain sometimes! In the last couple of weeks we've just about mastered ConsignPro, and Brian has been available for the few times we've had questions. Fern, It's about time that I tell everyone how outrageously wonderful you and your software are. We are now (less than one year) moving our store to a better location! The program is easy to use and tech support is excellent. Consigners receive 50% of total sales. I decided to buy ConsignPro even though I was concerned a smaller company may not "be there" 100% of the time for any questions or problems that might arise. The TOOL CONSIGNMENT® Store It's Not How Much You Spend, It's How Much You Save! I can't wait until the renovation of our building is complete so that I can get everything all set up in the store. Charges can be setup right in ConsignPro. Consignor Login allows your consignors to view their most recent transactions and current payable balance (commissions) online. MY RESALE WEB Track Your Sales. Consigners receive 50% of total sales. It's that simple! WE were previous SIMS users for many years and they went out of business, so we had NO support. ConsignPro is a fast, easy, user-friendly point of sale, tracking and reporting system. Thanks for creating such an easy and intuitive program. And I mean everything from the tickets to posting the sales to writing the checks. Well, I could go on like a commercial but.... Go Brian! We had some computer (hardware and other software) issues at the start (before open) but your team and product has been great. Prior to opening my consignment shop I researched several companies for easy, affordable software. It is simple and easy to use, yet does everything I need it to do. Consign Pro is very user friendly and the staff is quick and patient when answering your questions. The price is right as compared to all others. We rec'd a msg from them to call them on Monday, and I couldn't believe today we received a phone call down at the shop from Brian Wilson. Thanks Brian. Good luck to everybody who chooses to go online .... So I called all the other people AGAIN! Just wanted to say that we have been open for 1 week and really love ConsignPro (all that we have figured out so far!). You can bet that I will keep up my back ups religiously now! It used a manual system. When I contacted you at first, I was uncertain about what software program I really wanted. I couldn't believe anyone who had used the ConsignPro program would not be 100% pleased with dealing with this company. I was a novice to computers and especially to consignment.

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