List of Songs With 100+ iTunes #1's of All Time#1 BTS – Black Swan (104)#2 Adele – Hello (102)#3 V – Sweet Night (101)*******Nothing Follows*******Kim Taehyung (@BTS_twt's V) joins the list as the 1st male soloist & Asian soloist #ChartBusterV#SweetNight101개국1위 Jan 2, 2019 - 42.1k Likes, 567 Comments - jun toe lady (@godjinie) on Instagram: “adora, hiss noise, pdogg and slow rabbit are the only producers! In 2016 she According to V's fans, however, the success of "Sweet Night" prompted Melanie Fontana to take more credit for her role in writing the song. taehyung broke records w sweet night bc HE IS TAEHYUNG... he would’ve done it regardless of if ur white a** was involved or not," a second critic wrote. Your number one Asian entertainment forum, serving the community since 2013. RISE social media queen! Produser "This goes way back to the bwl credits thingy too and now credits for sweet night.....", BTS Apparently Previewed Part of Their New Album on TikTok Before Its Release, Is BTS Taking a Break? Musik "get rid of this coloniser mindset. Fakta dan profil Adora, produser wanita dibalik lagu hits BTS dan TXT. Banyak ARMY yang penasaran dengan orang di balik kesuksesan lagu-lagu BTS. V, ADORA, & HISSNOISE ARE ABOVE YOU IN THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS.WAKE UP. Adora BTS While Adele sits in the second spot, having charted #1 in 102 countries with "Hello," V's band BTS holds the top spot, after "Black Swan" charted #1 in 104 countries. BTS producer Adora posts for the first time on Instagram!! The situation was made worse when her husband, fellow songwriter Michel "Lindgren" Schulz, commented, after Melanie had already gotten some pushback, that "she and I wrote, in fact, every single word in 'Sweet Night.' ", When V's fans caught wind of the Instagram highlight and Melanie saying thank you, critics flocked to Twitter saying she's taking all the credit without doing all the work. 5 months ago, by 3 months ago. Kalau belum, yuk kita kenalan lebih dekat dengan produser musik boygroup ternama BTS ini. ", "TYSM for all the support," Melanie wrote in response to the Instagram spotlight, according to a screenshot. 33.8m Followers, 2 Following, 738 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from BTS official (@bts.bighitofficial) There are coaches, writers, stylists, and it's important that the credit for a job well done goes to where it's deserved. ADORA, different from the rest of the men, has no actual profile available in public but she's working in BigHit Entertainment as one of the main producers for BTS. Atta Fakta Why Hasn't Hasan Minhaj Been Held Accountable for the Way He Allegedly Treated 'Patriot Act' Staffers? Follow @genius The K-Pop Boy Band Has Stepped out of the Limelight, Don't Try These at Home — These Are TikTok's 7 Most Dangerous Challenges to Date, Eazy's Fate on 'The Bachelor' Is Unclear Amidst "Serious Allegations". Please try again later. Park Soo-hyun atau yang lebih dikenal dengan nama ADORA merupakan seorang penulis lagu dan produser rekaman yang berasal dari Korea Selatan. Big Hit Entertainment translation: 짱입니당 - this is coooool~! ", "Idk who u think u are but u need a f*cking reality check. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Randy Quaid and President Donald Trump Have a Strange and Unlikely Friendship, It Was Just Announced That 30-Year-Old DJ i_o (Garrett Lockhart) Has Passed Away. Ganti Ke Terang Untuk Tampilan Lebih Cerah. Powered by Invision Community. She is incredibly talented. Ganti Ke Mode Malam Untuk Tampilan Lebih Santai. Ini Jawaban yang Selama Ini ARMY ingin Ketahui, Lagu BTS Terlengkap, Dari Awal Debut sampai Sekarang, Agama Member NCT yang Wajib Diketahui oleh NCTZen, Anggota BTS Operasi Plastik atau Tidak, Ini Jawaban yang Kalian Cari, Agama Member BLACKPINK yang Wajib Diketahui oleh BLINK, Daftar Nama dan Profil Peserta I-LAND yang Masih Bertahan hingga Sekarang, Fandom KPOP Paling Menyebalkan dan Toxic, Pasti Jawabannya ARMY Fans BTS, Arti Emoji Bulan Gosong atau Bulgos bagi ARMY BTS, ASCII Art Copy Paste BTS, Seni Karakter dengan Bentuk Unik, ADORA sempat menjadi trainee di Music K Entertainment, ADORA pernah menjadi calon anggota girlgroup The Ark namun tidak jadi debut karena alasan yang tidak diketahui, Projek pertama dari ADORA bersama dengan BTS adalah album WINGS, Album WINGS diketahui mendapatkan kesuksesan besar kala itu, ADORA menjadi produser musik yang bisa bekerja dengan genre 'fast-beat' dan 'slow-beat', Tak hanya menjadi seorang produser saja, ADORA juga turut menyanyikan lagu BTS sebagai hidden vocal, ADORA bergabung dengan Big Hit Entertainment sejak tahun 2016 silam, ADORA direkruit oleh Big Hit setelah mengikuti audisi 'Next New Creator' pada tahun 2016.

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