If you have any idea who this paramedic is please contact us. He was booked into the El Paso County Detention Facility on a single charge of invasive recording with a $3,000 bond. They should be charged and those charges should at least include manslaughter. That is the opinion of the courts and not us. Two days later Crow offered her resignation. He walks into a convenience store, buys something, and leaves while customers laugh because they thought he might be a robber. If so blast it out with the, In the latest case of illegal government surveillance gone wrong El Paso Police Officer Irvin Mendez was arrested last night for secretly recording an consensual intimate encounter between himself and a woman without her consent. “They murdered him. He posted bond and was released. Aurora Officers Nathan Woodyard, Jason Rosenblatt and Randy Roedema have been moved to non-enforcement duties. The vehicle was obviously going to great lengths to eva […], Austin Police Officer Thomas Tuminelli has been suspended for an off duty incident in which he drove recklessly and pulled on gun on another driver who rear-ended him. At 4:50 officers are overheard saying that when the ambulance gets there they are going to have them give McClain ketamine. Nathan Woodyard, one of the other officers involved in McClain's death, also received the images — but he deleted them, did not respond, and was "devastated" and "disgusted," Wilson said. Since Jones resigned, Marrero and Dittrich were fired for appearing in the photos. Author: Allison Sylte Published: 3:06 PM MDT June 26, 2020 The other shows Jones reenacting a carotid hold on Dittrich, with the officers still smiling. On Friday a special prosecutor was appointed to investigate Mcclain’s death, in response to widespread protests against police killings and for police accountability. ', 'Gil is a great cop and person. Any officer that asks a paramedic to force medicate a patient should be fired and held accountable for side effects. Every possible cause suggested by the coroner would not have happened had the officers not stopped and used force on an innocent person that did nothing more than act suspicious. Will you get a stimulus check by December 31? When taking a subject to the ground they often yell “stop resisting” whether or not the subject is really resisting or not. Family Wants Nathan Woodyard, Jason Rosenblatt & Randy Roedema Charged. RE: Coral Springs Police Officer Gilbert Monzon Suspended for Racist Vids. Police officers Nathan Woodyard, Jason Rosenblatt, and Randy Roedema of the Aurora Police Department in Colorado have been put to work in a “non-enforcement capacity” since interest has renewed in the case surrounding the death of 23-year-old Elijah McClain last year. I am still absolutely blown away by the fact that people can “lawfully” be FUCKING INJECTED WITH KETAMINE. The name of the paramedic that administered the ketamine has yet to be released as far as we can tell. After receiving the results, she held pre-disciplinary hearings with the officers on Tuesday — which she said was required by due process. ', 'This is Dr Amanda Luu at Source Springs Health. Had he survived they would have probably charged him with resisting arrest, assaulting an officer, and attempting to steal the officer’s gun. The shooting was caught on his dash camera where you can clearly see that the vehicle he shot at was turning right in an effort to drive past him (see video below). Eventually one of the officers puts McClain in a choke hold similar to the choke hold that killed Eric Gardner. The law needs to be changed so that people that beat their underlying charge do not end up with a criminal record anyway just for defending themselves from a wrongful arrest or just flipping out because they are being wrongfully arrested. Those records are as follows: Monthly Wage: $6,238#nathanwoodyard #jasonrosenblatt #randyroedema #elijahmcclain Source: Family Wants Nathan Woodyard, Jason Rosenblatt & Randy Roedema Charged, Report police misconduct with CopBlaster.com where you are the voice. McClain's family decried the photos in a statement. He was also injected with ketamine by paramedics who arrived on the scene. "So, I thought it would be funny if we took a photo there, and uh the three of us took a photo at the scene. He also said that the amount of ketamine in McClain’s system was therapeutic. Public records reveal a lot about the killers including several places that might be of interest to protesters demanding justice. Plus he is a Hispanic to boot. / CBS News. ', 'Dan Ryan is on KGW right now complaining about this. A competent paramedic would not inject a patient with drugs without checking for potential side effects including conflicts with current medications and allergies before administering the shot unless the life of the patient depended on immediate treatment. Killed by Rockhurst University Safety and Security Department, Yolanda Thomas Killed by Miami-Dade Police Department, RE: Flint Police Officer Justin McLeod Arrested for Raping Young Girl. The arrest was the result of a September 21st sale to an undercover agent. McClain was killed in August of last year after he was confronted by officers on the street. Updated on: July 3, 2020 / 5:23 PM Elijah McClain was killed last year after being forcefully medicated with ketamine during a struggle with Woodyard, Rosenblatt, and Roedema. When interviewed by investigators, Dittrich said the photo was intended to "cheer everybody up," according to the report. Elijah McClain was killed last year after being forcefully medicated with ketamine during a struggle with Woodyard, Rosenblatt, and Roedema. McClain was found without a pulse, resuscitated, and pronounced brain dead three days later. The officer who mimicked the chokehold, Jaron Jones, resigned earlier this week. They then shared their mimicry of Elijah's murder with their fellow APD officers as a department-wide joke," the family said. They do that to make the use of force sound justified. RE: Watch out for her collecting information... RE: Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty Snitched on a Lyft Driver, RE: Dominic Black Snitched on His Alleged Friend Kyle Rittenhouse, RE: Portland City Commissioner Dan Ryan Gets a Visit from the People, RE: Ex-Nassau County deputy charged in towing kickback scheme. Apparently unarmed Thomas tried to flee, which police interpreted as threatening, and both were shot to death. "l thought it would be, it would cheer everybody up, if we took a selfie, um, we had uh Officer Jaron Jones who just came back to team 30 after he was on a suspension, um, and I just wanted to show Officer Woodyard that we were together, um, in solidarity thinking of him," Dittrich said, according to the report. Often all that is left is audio of officers yelling stuff like “stop resisting” or “I need backup.” In this case it appears that a developmentally disabled person did not respond well to aggressive physical contact initiated by the officers for no justifiable reason. If you can't have some fun even with your own kind then the PC police is out of hand! Although the officers involved in McClain's death have not been charged, Colorado Governor Jared Polis appointed a special prosecutor to review the case. Mendez is 29 […], Ottumwa Police Officer Jordan Woodward has been arrested on domestic assault charges for allegedly choking a woman. ', 'We have added a separate article profiling the Lyft driver https://copblaster.com/blast/26047/lyft-driver-richmond-frost-snitched-on-jo-ann-hardesty', 'The YouTube account that did the excellent analysis of the Kenosha shooting as well as the video of Dominick or Dominic with Kyle Rittenhouse when Kyle punched a girls has been terminated. Elijah appears to obviously suffer from some kind of developmental disability when he tenses up and says “I am an introvert please respect the boundaries that I am speaking, I am going home.” The officers start to use force and one of them says to the other that McClain reached for his gun, but the body cam footage does not show if that is true one way or the other.

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