sturdy adjective. “Not Easily Broken,” is a story based on a novel written by the well-known Pastor T.D. Jakes. Showing search results for "Not Easily Broken" sorted by relevance. 3175 matching entries found. Stars: Morris Chestnut, Taraji P. Henson, Maeve Quinlan, Kevin Hart. 2. a robust object is strong and unlikely to break. irresistible adjective. Genre: Drama, Romance. Show more. Related Topics. 1. strong and not easily hurt, damaged, or affected by what happens. ile (frăj′əl, -īl′) adj. The film is written by Brian Bird based on T. D. Jakes' 2006 novel of the same name. heavy-duty adjective. strong or powerful and impossible to control or defeat. Broken Heart Heartbreak Love Advice Being Forgotten Breakup Heartbroken Broken Love Love Advice Worth Broken Promises Hurt Feelings Being Broken Words Deception Silence Love Metaphors Gold Broken Promises. strong and not easily damaged. Not Easily Broken fails as a drama because Clarice seems to be responsible for all the problems in the marriage. Easily broken, damaged, or destroyed. not easily broken, damaged, or destroyed. solid adjective. 3. Synonym Discussion of brittle. Funny, schmaltzy, and, it must be said, preachy, NOT EASILY BROKEN isn't as easy to appreciate as you wish it could be. It tells the story of Clarice and Dave who are struggling through a marriage that has lost its foundation of love and its connection to God. Broken Love … Production: Screen Gems/SONY PICTURES. Lacking physical or emotional strength; delicate: a fragile personality. [French, from Old French, from Latin fragilis, from frangere, frag-, to break; see bhreg- … Lacking substance; tenuous or flimsy: a fragile claim to fame. How to use brittle in a sentence. 1 win & 2 nominations. Not Easily Broken Quotes & Sayings . (It's a hilarious buddy movie one minute, a tragic drama the next.) robust adjective. Brittle definition is - easily broken, cracked, or snapped. Not Easily Broken is a 2009 romantic comedy-drama film directed by Bill Duke. Though it sets out to be a heartwarming, life-affirming drama, its meandering script, leaden storytelling, and shifting tone undercut its potential.

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