View CHAPTER 12(C)Optical Properties of Materials.ppt from FKM bmcs at Technical University of Malaysia, Melaka. Single-crystal silicon exhibits a bandgap energy structure. CONTENTS Introduction Structure of Matter Adhesion and bonding Concept of stress and strain Rheology Structural relaxation Creep and flow Color and optical effects Thermal properties Electrochemical properties Conclusion References The optical properties of solids provide an important tool for studying energy band struc- ture, impurity levels, excitons, localized defects, lattice vibrations, and certain magnetic excitations. Optical Properties 1. Thermophysical Properties Thermophysical properties can be simply defined as material properties that vary with temperature without altering the material's chemical identity. Dielectric and Optical Properties • As with conductivity, we will start with macroscopic property and connect to the microscopic • All aspects of free electrons have been covered: only bound electrons left • Capacitance, Optical properties --> ε,n --> molecules and atoms Review of capacitance and connection to dielectric constant Bulk Properties: refractive index, optical dispersion 2. Bulk Optical Properties • History of optical science parallels the history of optical glass development The material science-based approach of nanotechnology is considered for nanomaterials. OPTICAL MATERIALS focuses on: • Optical Properties of Material Systems; • The Materials Aspects of Optical Phenomena; PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF DENTAL MATERIALS Dr. Kriti Trehan MDS 1ST Year 2. A nanomaterial can be a nano object or a nanostructured material. Phenomenological Properties of Functional Materials 2.1 Mechanical Properties 2.2 Thermal Properties 2.3 Electrical and Dielectrical Properties 2.4 Magnetic Properties 2.5 Optical Properties 2.6 Catalytic Properties 3. Non-traditional, 'induced' optical effects: photosensitivity, photochromism, Faraday rotation, etc. The thermal optical properties of semiconductor materials are very complex and therefore offer many challenges for radiation thermometry [29–31,42,43]. These materials are invisible to the naked eye. is necessary. When light strikes any material, it interacts with its atoms and causes various types of effects. BMFG 1213 ENGINEERING MATERIALS Sem/Session : I/2017-2018 Week 15 Chapter At this scale, these materials have unique optical, electronic, mechanical and quantum properties compared to their molecular-scale behavior. When the material is to be used for the optical work, the knowledge of its optical properties like colour, light transmission, refractive index, reflectivity, etc. between researchers who are interested in materials for potential device applications. The journal publishes original papers and review articles on the design, synthesis, characterisation and applications of optical materials. Physical properties of dental materials 1. Wavelength-dependent optical properties: color 3. 2. The light may be reflected, refracted, scattered or absorbed. Mechanical Properties in Design and Manufacturing •Mechanical properties determine a material’s behavior when subjected to mechanical stresses Properties include elastic modulus, ductility, hardness, and various measures of strength •Dilemma: mechanical properties desirable to the designer, such as high strength, usually make

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