The routable and fine-tunable EQ section merit particular mention. Controls for the "amp" side are like a Master Volume version of a Deluxe with Volume, Tone, and Drive. This is a Bias Tremolo, so it works different and the pedal is modeled after a specific well known Fender amp, so like all Origin stuff, there is a very clear goal in what they are designing and it's far from just a basic pedal. Switchable waveshapes, a tap tempo option, tone-shaping EQ, and a speed indicating LED round out an incredibly responsive and flexible pedal. The RevivalTREM is the first ever pedal to faithfully recreate power tube bias tremolo, the sought-after effect found in a handful of classic amps from the late ‘50s and early ‘60s.. is India's largest online store dedicated to Guitar, Bass & Vocal effect pedals. Origin Effects is not your typical pedal company. Faithfully recreating the sought-after sound of true power tube bias tremolo from classic amplifiers, the Origin Effects RevivalTREM puts your tone on the map. Origin Effects’ Reactive Drive Technology adds another level of realism, replicating the frequency-dependent effects of a loudspeaker on the non-linear performance of a valve power amp. We’ve applied this to our push-pull high-voltage output stage, built with meticulously hand-selected discrete JFETS, to achieve sound quality unmatched by conventional pedal designs. Origin Effects RevivalTREM Bias Tremolo Using the same groundbreaking circuitry found in the Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE, the RevivalTREM recreates the uniquely rich and dynamically responsive bias tremolo effect at circuit level, while also offering a range of stunning clean and overdriven amp tones voiced after the Brownface Deluxe. It's the future. Origin Effects at NAMM 2020 presented the RevivalTrem, a true bias tremolo + Deluxe-style overdrive, that is a Brownface-in-a-box and a whole lot more.. Origin Effects RevivalTREM Bias Tremolo Pedal, Fender Brown Deluxe Amp Voiced after our treasured 1962 Brown Deluxe, the RevivalTREM serves up a range of rich and complex valve amp tones with stunning authenticity. Origin has done it again! But now? One-stop shop for all your effects needs whether you are a gigging musician or a beginner on the quest of tone. To ensure the highest quality product possible, every Origin Effects pedal is hand-assembled, individually inspected, and manufactured using only premium components. The famed tones of the Brownface Fender Deluxe are available now in Origin's true Revival unabridged amp-tone form. Origin Effects RevivalTREM Bias Tremolo - History was in the past. Origin Effects was created to answer that need. I have other Origin Effects pedals and know there stuff just does it for me big time, so it was a no brainer that I was gonna grab this bad boy!

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