Shawn Hammond. 39,816. Sold Out. But this is no digital emulation. But if you're using something different, then you may not be getting the most out of a pedal. Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod Edition is overflowing with the most beloved and sought-after overdriven amp tones from the '50s, '60s, and '70s, voiced for ruthless high-gain distortion. 2013. I have discussed this in depth in the other thread for the Hot Rod, with several post before and after the post linked to here, Post #106 in the thread: NEW Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod Edition These mods pushed the sonic boundaries of these classic amps and ushered in an era of heavy rock bands and super-saturated guitar tones. January 18, 2020. Origin Effects. I will also agree and say it is true that the Hot Rod very quickly presents more noise than the regular RevivalDrive, clearly because of it's much higher gain levels. Grand Rapids, MI, United States . When designing the RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod, Origin Effects took into account that when pedal designers are voicing their pedals, they're typically doing so to match one or a few of their favorite amps. A A Premier Guitar editorial director Shawn Hammond oversees planning, management, and … Pedals; Players; Home » Origin Effects RevivalTREM & RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod Edition Demos | NAMM 2020. more... Gear • Gear-Show Demo • NAMM 2020 • Tremolo • Videos • Origin Effects Origin Effects RevivalTREM & RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod Edition Demos | NAMM 2020. The RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod is packed with ingenious features designed to aid the player and increase flexibility. Preferred Seller. We have unearthed and analysed some of the most influential mods created by notable amp techs of the early ‘70s then applied them to the RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod’s valve amp-style signal path. Dual Channel Overdrive Amplifier Drive Unrivalled Features, Amazing Flexibility. GearTree. Effects and Pedals; Overdrive and Boost; Origin Effects; Origin Effects RD-HR RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod Edition Effects Pedal. Shipped From. Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod Edition. Free 2-Day Shipping. Watch. RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod Edition uses real circuit topology to replicate the breakup characteristics, sag, and ghosting of classic American and British amps. The Hot Rod is definitely a pedal that take some time to get to master. Brand New. 65000+ Joined Reverb. Origin Effects go high-gain with limited-edition RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod Hot-rodded amp-in-a-box pedal delivers searing sustain and distortion. Just as the original RevivalDrive was. If you watch the listing, we'll notify you if it becomes available again. Hot rodded JCM JCM800 Marshall Amp In A Box Mesa Boogie Tones Pedal. $560. Buckinghamshire, UK (16 January 2020) – Origin Effects have released a supercharged version of their celebrated RevivalDRIVE pedal. Sales.

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