Dare I say I’m writing a little poetry also. For the first time he has genuine freedom, the freedom to ally himself, not with The Lost, but with all that endures. There is a tendency to romanticize the idea of a great artist’s valediction. “Sun. Corridors, elevators. He carried in it the music of the earth, against the abyss It seems his doubts were born out, and his crisis of faith resolved, –negatively. He submitted to the music, yielded To turn your head, even once, to assure yourself that she is If not, don’t let too much time pass…. Of the poets you mentioned, Auden is my Zeus. He sang the brightness of mornings and green rivers, It is long. Does anything in particular strike you? We soon learn that Hades, far from being a romantic Dantesque waste, is a corporate edifice with glass doors, corridors, elevators, like an inverted skyscraper, all the more sinister for its banality. Height over height, the purple pine-woods clung to the rich Arcadian. It happened as he expected. The last poem in W. H. Auden’s Collected Poems (2007) is “On Architecture”, a wonderful poem by any standard, but not “The Shield of Achilles” or “In … I have a friend who got to meet Adam Zagajewski. What a wonderful new life in my great age. Lyric poets To call her name, to wake her from that sleep. And sky. Day was breaking. ……… The last poem in W. H. Auden’s Collected Poems (2007) is “On Architecture”, a wonderful poem by any standard, but not “The Shield of Achilles” or “In Memory of William Butler Yeats”. Sorry for taking so long to respond. Like a silent-era master, he directs Eurydice, upon her entrance, to lower her heavy-lashed eyelids and step rigidly at the beck of Hermes. And yet, this is not the resolution we had hoped for, or that Orpheus presumably had wanted. haunted fountains. We’ve used them as recently as this morning, in front of the post office or the grocery store. And in the sky white clouds. But also of Warsaw, Auschwitz, and the gulags; of a now nearly forgotten generation of great Polish poets; of national identity and of human dignity; of the “human hope for the resurrection of the dead.” The twentieth century cannot be brought back for a second chance. Like all great poems, it is more, by far, than what it claims to be. Orpheus wanted so much A fine, deep mind and spirit. The second poem of Graham's I have read. In pleading his case to Persephone, Orpheus proudly sings what amounts to the poetic ethos of Czeslaw Milosz: Of his having composed his words always against death Orpheus And Eurydice poem by Jorie Graham. It sounds as if Orpheus has reached the nadir of despair. He turned his head too soon. Thanks again for both! Under thousands of frozen centuries, I assume you are acquainted with Milosz’s great compatriots Wislawa Szymborska and Zbigniew Herbert, two of my favorite poets (Herbert, without question, belongs on the list of Nobel laureates; his omission is a shame). He could not fail her now, when she was dead. Our right to distance from the ensuing drama has been revoked. But there was a fragrant scent of herbs, the low humming of bees, What a gift! Her face no longer hers, utterly gray, Need, and obligation. The second is the ending. This poem has not been translated into any other language yet. He did not quite believe it. He remembered her words: “You are a good man.” "Eurydice shall follow you, to the gates, But there is a condition, by it you must abide, Should you look behind, to see Eurydice, Before upon you, the rays of light fall, You shall lose her forever" Patience, they say, is a rare possession, and Orpheus was no exception, Walking ahead, on their final tread, Orpheus tried to hear, Eurydice's steps, “It is sweet to think that I was a companion in an expedition that never ceases, though centures pass away.” Milosz “Report”, Ernest, welcome! Consider Rembrandt at his easel, year after year sitting before his mirror, descending deep into his life, the success, the ridicule, the patrons and creditors, the women, the death of his beloved Saskia and of his children, pleading his case with whatever gods he found there, then reemerging with a tint of shadow, a thickness of paint, a hue of gold with which to fleck the image of his eyes. But then The headlights of cars “Orpheus and Eurydice” is for her. Copyrighted poems are the property of the copyright holders. Thank you, Ernest, so much for your comment. Someone, perhaps Robert Hass, described him as one of the great poets of old age. By giving the front door of Hades a sidewalk, he puts us out on the curb, so to speak, from where we glance sheepishly back at our expectations. Orpheus hunched in a gust of wind

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