"lang": "en" If you should have access and can't see this content please, [Odense Working Papers in Language and Communication 14. 2001. That lets me overhear teacher conversations, attend sessions that cover the issues teachers care about, and visit the exhibit hall to learn more about and connect with potential clients. and Katznelson, Helen View all Google Scholar citations “The selection Read More ... Posted onMay 22, 2017May 27, 2017AuthorJennifer RolandLeave a comment, I love books and movies because they can transport me to a place and time that I’ve never experienced. Perspective also adds dimension to literary works. }. CategorieswritingTagsinspiration, NaNoWriMo, screw the muse, Pacific NW Writers: Perspectives on Writing, Why attending conferences is awesome for writers, Struggling with NaNoWriMo? Published online by Cambridge University Press:  You climb your ladder and spend the next week pouring wet plaster into the cofferdam… Now open the walls of the dam, split the plaster, saw down the tree, remove it, discard, and your intricate sculpture is ready: this is the shape of part of the air.”. ” — M.C. We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites. Categoriesed tech, writingTagsconferences, freelance writing, learning, networking, Posted onMarch 12, 2017May 27, 2017AuthorJennifer RolandLeave a comment. "relatedCommentaries": true, I like the song, and it’s always nice to hear different takes on good songs. Riazi, Abdolmehdi The statement makes sure you stay on course. 2000. Stuck in a writing rut? You’ve got a story or an article you need to write, and you’re just not moving fast enough. CategorieswritingTagsbusiness, estate planning, intellectual property, platform, Posted onNovember 22, 2016May 27, 2017AuthorJennifer RolandLeave a comment. Manchón, Rosa M. and Choosing an effective perspective helps them create the right voice for their narratives. Original Articles. ], When writing fails: How academic context and past learning experiences shape revision, The etiology of poor second language writing: The influence of perceived teacher preferences on second language revision strategies, Out of the woods: Emerging traditions in the teaching of writing, Repetition in normative speaker writing: More than quantity, Observing ESL writing instruction: A case study of four teachers, Error gravity: A critical review of research design, Explanatory variables for EFL students' expository writing, Conjunction in spoken English and ESL writing, Teachers' conceptions of second language writing instruction: Five case studies, Toward an understanding of the distinct nature of L2 writing: The ESL research and its implications, Broadening the perspective of mainstream composition studies: Some thoughts from the disciplinary margins, Personal growth in social context: A high school senior's search for meaning in and through writing, Thinking in a foreign language: An investigation into essay writing and translation by L2 learners. Cumming, Alister THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES ON WRITING 63 collaborative or community-based learning, to capitalize on new technologies, to implement curricular changes, and to utilize writing as a cultural tool or as a site for political actions. First person perspective means writing from the perspective of the author or main character. Order a copy from your favorite local bookstore Read More ... “A book of very original interviews, ’10 TAKES: Pacific Northwest Writers – Perspectives on Writing’ is a must have for any writer. Hedging in science research articles, Genre in three traditions: Implications for ESL, The use of metadiscourse in good and poor ESL essays, Factors affecting composition evaluation in an EFL context: Cultural rhetorical pattern and readers' background, Writing portfolios in the classroom: Policy and practice, promise and peril, Vocabulary size and use: Lexical richness in L2 written production, Coping strategies of ESL students in writing tasks across the curriculum, “Completely different worlds”: EAP and the writing experiences of ESL students in university courses, Teachers' voices: Exploring course design in a changing curriculum, National Centre for English Language Teaching and Research, Analyzing talk in ESL peer response groups: Stances, functions, and content, Listen to the silences: Mexican American interaction in the composition classroom and community, Question forms, conditionals, and second-person pronouns used by adolescent native speakers across two levels of formality in written and spoken French, Triangulation in classroom research: A study of peer revision, The bilingual interface project report: The relationship between first language development and second language acquisition as students begin learning English in the context of schooling, Department of Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs, Commonwealth of Australia, How engineers write: An empirical study of engineering report writing, Importing composition: Teaching and researching academic writing beyond North America, Genre, text type, and the language learning classroom, Shifting boundaries in home and school responsibilities: The construction of home-based literacy portfolios by immigrant parents and their children, Task, talk, and text: The influence of instructional conversation on transitional bilingual writers, Writing conferences and the weaving of multi-voiced texts in college composition, Explaining Hong Kong students' response to process writing: An exploration of causes and outcomes, Borrowing others' words: Text, ownership, memory, and plagiarism, Measures of linguistic accuracy in second language writing research, [Odense Working Papers in Language and Communication, 14.

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