20.3.11      Alpack Plastics According to IMARC Group estimates, the global PET Bottle market will reach a volume of around 14.8 Million Tons by 2025.     13.2    Raw Material Suppliers Table 17: Details of Financial Assistance Offered by Financial Institutions         6.3.1    Market Trends What was the global PET bottle market size in 2019? 6    Market Breakup by Capacity      11.4    Middle East and Africa         9.2.1    Market Trends The bottle was launched earlier this month by Coca Cola, and is set to help the company eliminate dependency on fossil fuels for production of PET bottles.         11.3.2    Market Forecast         11.4.2    Market Forecast         2.3.2    Secondary Sources     12.2    Strengths     16.4      Mass Balance and Raw Material Requirements Table 19: PET Bottles Manufacturing Plant: Techno-Economic Parameters Table 9: PET Bottles Manufacturing Plant: Costs Related to Land and Site Development (in US$) Pet jar or pet bottle production is one of the most lucrative and profitable manufacturing opportunity in plastic and polymer industry.     5.4    Market Breakup by Capacity     9.5    Others      13.3    Manufacturers The raw material used in the manufacturing of PET Bottles/Pre-forms is Polyethylene Terephthalate.         10.5.2    Market Forecast     5.1    Market Overview         6.3.2    Market Forecast Figure 25: Middle East and Africa: PET Bottles Market Forecast (in ‘000 Tons), 2020-2025 Figure 24: Middle East and Africa: PET Bottles Market (in ‘000 Tons), 2014 & 2019         7.1.2    Market Forecast         10.7.1    Market Trends Additionally, hectic lifestyles have enabled consumers to opt for on-the-go beverages.     17.2      Construction Requirements and Expenditures     5.6    Market Breakup by Colour  How much does it cost to produce plastic bottles? Moreover, they are environment-friendly and can be recycled repeatedly which further reduces their manufacturing cost. ( UK: +44-702-409-7331 )         10.3.2    Market Forecast     16.2      Detailed Process Flow     19.4      Taxation and Depreciation Figure 53: Global: PET Bottles Market Forecast: Packaged Water (in ‘000 Tons), 2020-2025 Figure 66: PET Bottles Manufacturing Plant: Detailed Process Flow According to experts, polymer consumption by the Indian plastic industry is expected to be double in the next 6 years. 15    Price Analysis Then, mix the PET granules with colorants. Figure 26: Latin America: PET Bottles Market (in ‘000 Tons), 2014 & 2019 Our team of skilled analysts focuses on understanding the requirements of our clients so as to provide insights best suited to their unique needs. Figure 6: Global: PET Bottles Market: Breakup by Colour (in %), 2019 Bleaching Powder Production | Small Scale Manufacturing, How to Start Soft Drink Manufacturing Business, How to Start Mineral Water Business – Manufacturing Plan Guide, 8 Best Gaming Laptops Under 60000 Rupees …, How to Start a Pet Bottle Production Manufacturing Business, How to Start a Rubber Gloves Manufacturing Business, How to Start Tissue Paper Making Manufacturing Business, How To Start A Profitable Kitchen Supplies Store Business. Figure 5: Global: PET Bottles Market: Breakup by Distribution Channel (in %), 2019 Table 24: PET Bottles Manufacturing Plant: Cash Flow Analysis on Considering the Income Tax Liability (in US$)     10.1    Packaged Water  The cost of setting up a small scale pet bottle production unit will be a minimum of Rs. Figure 45: Global: PET Bottles Market Forecast: Injection Molding (in ‘000 Tons), 2020-2025 9. Total Production cost per glass bottle. Table 20: PET Bottles Manufacturing Plant: Taxation and Depreciation (in US$) Figure 30: Global: PET Bottles Market: Medium Size (in ‘000 Tons), 2014 & 2019 Based on the region, Asia Pacific is the largest market for PET bottles globally. The molded preforms are cooled in the machine itself till it can maintain its shape and is taken out and cooled to room temperature. The major drivers bolstering the growth of the market are the introduction of a plasma-based coating that has made PET bottles more impervious in nature.     6.1    High Figure 8: Global: PET Bottles Market: Breakup by End-Use (in %), 2019 For instance, manufacturers have introduced a plasma-based coating which makes PET bottles more impervious in nature.

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