My car is Registered with my complex. Although, i have a pretty hot temper. I brought this to the HOA attention, froze my monthly payments pending resolve of the matter, and claimed reimbursement of the cost to recover my car and they have refused to pay. Here, the state has a set of basic towing rules, and then each county has their own rules. The release office at Oakland PD is only open from 8-12 so another $100. I experience this also. I just don’t think it’s fair that my car was the only one towed and their was several other cars parked in visitor parking. Given it was a decent neighborhood and I was not in a resident parking space, I slowly realized the car was most likely towed rather than stolen. we had disagreement i called police driver took off. you do nothing, one time I tried to sue them. I’m not even sure where your thoughts end and begin. You may not realize it, but 99 times out of 100, the towing company did not just drive around looking for cars to impound — they were very likely dispatched there by somebody. Were you able to get your towing charge back? They are charging me $279.85 if I pick it up before 5:30p tomorrow. WE NEED laws to protect ALL PEOPLE NOT JUST THE RICH. So we had to catch 3 buses to get to thiis place to get our van and my husband told to me catch a cab to get to the place to get the car. Partial Weekly Unemployment Benefit Rules By State via @saving2invest, Claiming Your Missing or Incorrect Stimulus Check Payment in 2020-2021 Tax Returns as a Recovery Rebate via @saving2invest, The content of this site is for informational purposes only. Within the 3 hours that I had been home and went to sleep to get ready for work the next day, I come to find my vehicle gone without a trace or notice. Someone has to call them. All they need to to do is spend some time searching for them. How should I approach community office to get my money back?? The police is of no help. and i had to pay out $430 dollars more to get it back the next day. MF try to take my car hes gonna climb out from under my vehicle and find a gun pointed at his forehead. I had definitely parked in a spot that was not reserved with no signs indicating visitor parking was not allowed; and my friends were pretty sure that when they signed the lease there were no parking restriction in non-reserved visitor spaces. My car was illegaly towed from my property my HOA, claiming that I parked on my lawn which was not true. She talked to the landlord so they would have told her if she was wrong. Left town due to Covid outbreak. This just happened January 22 2016. Apparently there was a valid reason for the apartment management to request it’s removal. It’s disgusting that people like them exist in this world! When renting the apt., I was NOT told I had to rent a parking space for $10.00 per month. (In California) Hello, my car recently got towed from my condo. I know they had signs about no overnight parking, will be towed, etc. The cop said he thought it was a wreck, but someone pointed out then that the right thing to do is get the VIN number and contact the owner to see if everything was ok. As the office was closed for the night by the time I got back, I parked it in a Visitor’s space and hung a visitor hang tag on the mirror (I was given two). This just happened to me. However they still took it and when I called them they said I had to pay 400$ after they literally checked and saw for them selves I had the permit. Next, do your research. Sure enough I call the towing company and my car is their. Jesus I’m in the same boat.. sorry to hear that. My friend even showed him the guest pass. It seems to me that if they don’t pick up vehicle on that day they indicate it will be towed on the sticker they should have to issue a new sticker if six months later they discover my vehicle in the lot. I have prove of videos that it is because they don’t tow every car that is illegally parked or 72 hour violation parking rules !!!!! We are dealing with a similar situation in NY. Hi, can I ask you more about how you got your refund of the tow expense? VC s 22658 forbids tow truck drivers from having absolute discretion to tow, except in an emergency, handicap parking or fire lane. He said he couldn’t provide me with any forms. They stated as long as the parking space is not saying reserved and it is not under the shed anyone can park there. There was 1 way into the parking lot and I had to pay in order the get the parking ticket that I placed in the window. I made a fuss with the community and was told I would be reimbursed. Some complexes may even explicitly disallow non-residents from parking on the property at all or the complex can require visitors to put their license plates on file with the office in advance of parking, which explains why your resident friends could park in open spaces without being towed (i.e., their license plates are on file with the office). So please tell me if tow truckers can just take a car legally parked at apt managers request without any prior warning . Once you determine that your car was towed illegally, it’s time to take action. Not a crime, just a violation. No drugs were found, no charges were filed. we need help. Being towed during Covid 19! so i caught the cab to go get the the van had my drivers license and car insurance and registration and the money to get it out. Is this one of the ways to show how childish a person is because I chose not to allow my dog to interact with the person? I call BS providing that my car alarm was sounding when my nighbors and every9ne tried to stop him but yhe tow yard refused to provide me prove of not stelling my car battery. exactly, because they know that if there is proof of illegal towing it is a easy win. I had to pay $250. I called the cops and the cops said if I didn’t see him do it They could only take a report and if others do the same they might be able to do something. See our. My car was illegally towed this morning. I spoke to them as well and they told me they had nothing to do with it. Is that even a sentence that you have posted? The person who rents the space I was parked in, did not park back in their space after my car was towed, but rather in an un-covered space. i could of sworn the girl i saw getting out of her tow truck waved me in. It took them 13 months to reimburse me. Last week my car was towed away for parking in a private parking lot. Hi I wanted to share my experience I need some help, i purchased a car on 2-21-2016 at 8:30 pm parked the car at my complex guest parking directly next to my home because my other car that I still owned was in my private reserved spot. In several states, as it is here in Ohio, the *revised code* explicitly states that if a vehicle has been hooked or loaded onto a rollback flatbed, and then the owner arrives, the tow operator is *obligated*, not permitted, to charge not more than one-half the cost that it would have cost the towing company to actually tow the vehicle back to the storage facility. thatvsame thing just happened to me.

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