All the domains of development and learning – physical, social and emotional, and cognitive – are important, and they are closely interrelated. ��Y���5I���U;|�5؈�]�n��6+zg�s3�Q �¡ƪ�*Ԁ:������Y��*��ģ�a��[r���+�T�>8�����4���s;�@��I$��~B����5�f��ɠ��凙H�:�|����R gon�1�B�ʅ���­p���v;S 2. YAsh5�cz����w>����S�� C� 1. It is a whole process which includes growth of the body as well as growth of various aspects of child's personality, e.g., the physical, emotional, social 4 0 obj �Ċ�Z�1Rp�x�*�%N��(�:���'�����♐D�=˨@α�8��e�BduY��'ʤ�.6Yy?����cv뜏�%r�a�N���yъ�����w����,�HJ������v8��Q��%͠� Child development covers the full scope of skills that a child masters over their life span including development in: Cognition – the ability to learn and problem solve Social interaction and emotional regulation – interacting with others and mastering self-control When a child is struggling with a new The knowledgeable caregiver can support a child in learning new skills. 3 0 obj 2 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Principles of growth and development 1. �� 1 p" �� ��? There are four areas, or domains, of child development: Physical – the development and growth of the child’s body, muscles, and senses. ",#(7),01444'9=82. endobj 2. 3 0 obj <> <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 720 540] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> � ���� JFIF H H �� Adobe d� �� � �Y2���{r[�=GR��OK����PݔE/]cX�w���>ˆ����?��Я��m 0 8BIMJPEG Quality �� C 8BIM�Color Halftone Settings H /ff lff /ff ��� 2 Z 5 - 8BIM�Color Transfer Settings p ����������������������� ����������������������� ����������������������� ����������������������� 8BIM Layer State 8BIMLayer Groups 8BIMGuides @ @ 8BIM URL overrides 8BIMSlices m � , c h i l d 1 , � 8BIMICC Untagged Flag 8BIMLayer ID Generator Base 8BIMNew Windows Thumbnail p 1 P @P 1. Child Growth and Development 16 Implications for Learning p.10 Why should child care professionals learn about principles of child development? 2. Resolution +�� +�� 8BIM FX Global Lighting Angle x8BIMFX Global Altitude 8BIM�Print Flags 8BIM ��+���O�h�k�u��PWM��cF��Xf}�q{l���s޵n{n˱�81�!���}!��w�,��t^��_[���%�ZC~������fK1�����_����.1���]���|j�c��_-.K��\��^հ�=8�UMil�;��rا!�f�����ƿ�O��zj��F�]����FMx���ǁ/� �{�m���m�3��>��@�d>�qɭ�>���-uO���?f�k� �Y_X2���w���s[�Kx67u�� �~�YE�}���#`���;�F0~s�� ~�^2'/ͥ�r��Z��wW5����y��vE��T�=Ϥm���>�����C}�c�m��k�%��s���������N�TL{�5���X��^�_�9h�"e����ޓ�g��/βF)x}� � �ǵ�}�� �_0��ٕ��[h��\]�V���u�ֿg��l� �z^�_�]� Mf�]El�}v�]�v�{� z�:�@�������v��Ȭ�keގN������Б��H7��09$�>�C��U���n���k��8�c�}BȌ��{Y��9�{Y_�l. Zt � Reduce Sources of Stress. <>>> endobj Emotional – the child’s awareness of self, how the child feels about himself, expression of feelings and how he helps care for … Development occurs in a relatively orderly sequence, with later abilities, skills, and knowledge Care and the environment can support or hinder development. It is simply a quantitative change in the child… endobj �U��y<2�5�Ώy����b�K��Lꭩ����w�~��[R�D�x*30���NwUgQu�� �ݰ�Y�c�7ܭ`t��E���i�ʤ{���ٱ��]n�۔#����7���̜�n�@��v�,ucq,�+���n��zlw�*\Tƶ���ᮐ~R�s��f>e�i��ra��$�����c�{~���z�~��������26����ݱFH���>Fj1� ����E���l�~���5ܵ���w��o��~��r:�[z7Jp���e�_ϱ�G�����_�����~OK��k���=��{�?ԟSf����*��Ӄ���������HD�zO������G�/����y�.�����M�c+��s��R����Q�{����`gda_��g�q�̳XeM���I��� �=���n�Ҩ�}����~��w�;��{�������D���W���t�Kvϥ��A!��+;�d� �D���|���ne&�����K��%�9�o�1�[8_Yr�̢���NC��\�Zڞk{��g�e�������}���g�s� ��rz~VE9o�����_�Z�ߤ�"! 3. Principle 1: Support Responsive Relationships. 1 0 obj <> x��RMK1��޹��L>6 �ܕR����YJ]������D{��˼Ǽy�Ǡ��r�l�M^�p�wxъ���b����z��f�'����cx�J0|6s+l��V�Z�b�_���N40�`�{bϑC�CZj��[G.� Principles of growth and development Prepared by : Vijaykumar m b Lecturer, MTIN, Charusat University, Gujarat 2. '�����!�n�&1;wr��O����%�/k7���tw���[�jVd�\Dl�%���eƃ/�?��u��yۿo�l�� ������D�����z�O� �%�fև٩t��ݻ���S�ĥ��s�p/���-��ѽo��ź���#�\�OTcsp�5n]�c�0Z[����n� 5 0 obj endstream Domains of children’s development--physical, social, emotional, and cognitive--are closely related. include factors influencing child development, how development takes place, domains of child development, and ways in which caregivers and teachers can work with families and set appropriate developmental and learning goals for children, including children with special needs. endobj 2 0 obj <>>> stream %���� 3 !1AQa"q�2���B#$R�b34r��C%�S���cs5���&D�TdE£t6�U�e���u��F'���������������Vfv��������7GWgw�������� 5 !1AQaq"2����B#�R��3$b�r��CScs4�%���&5��D�T�dEU6te����u��F���������������Vfv��������'7GWgw������� ? endobj %PDF-1.5 ���� JFIF ,, �� JExif MM * 2 :( +�� +�� ���Photoshop 3.0 8BIM� <> Many aspects of children’s learning and development follow well-documented sequences, with later abilities, skills, and knowledge building on … NAEYC principles of child development and learning that inform developmentally appropriate practice: 1. endobj 6 0 obj Child Development Principles. <> endobj x��[[oܸ~���Ǚ"#�WI��@b'��E�5P,�}PƲ��f�̌�������BJ�f��:���E��r��\H���욫j�K^�y_]7�j�t�_n?��Ǻ��7���������g'oE"t������3�d�/��Hr��F&+����%��T��wϟ}��4׳���Cr6/g���2��w�b�}���OI��L��e}�u�ݬ��\d�������ϟ����d"LZ�hHڪ�,�1}�%A���_��B'Y*���*O60��@q���H4�J����4��\f�G-�7?�%��{ܩ���v�dn൲��9Y�Q�0�ܦJk���$k/W'e$� sM�Ha�����bM(��*�X9L�dbK�j�$�87�j �z��_��d�03�OI��&���d埞����Jl!S�k��Y�I�)�.Q����c������(c�O�~�ը�V�,�4Ο_�R���l�f��M�^6���c[��lZgg�|!gW ���7-V��6��E�SS Uö+lT�wOUֽ �Ҥ�����7 ��?��Xj����Ut����6ց���b���+�T2~Ɏ|[���k`�D�V����C��H���4�w�Еǭ7��Ϩ����� "��D�,�F7`����!Cem�xRL��|���K•\]b-WJ���a��+��k����� Children’s development and learning in one domain influence and are influenced by what takes place in other domains. The principles listed below govern all aspects of development—physical, sensory-motor, cognitive, mental, behavioural development as well as social- emotional development etc. endobj (�$���G������W�k��̨ㇾ�[S\��icq��鵏g�ǽlu���l9��}c��7��G�[����~��޷�����2Q��s��E���w�Y���2폮���{6��~�����L�����qi�����g���|2�&��;�.pkG�2v3�O�UK�c�l{u���в��ֆf69e��~U�}����1��5��{\��^�mn���S�:�3_�޷��e:�� <> Principle 2: Strengthen … %���� Growth and development are similar words but different from each other though it is not possible to separate them totally. $.' ������q�-�[�^��{����Z�{��ӣ3&���d��!Ď?7K7�]��k�kick�^l{Z�Q�{_�j��W�*ʼ�� � ƭ�Y �=��#��6���gf���t�����9.8��]��*9Y�au;�ȫ���e_ge^�t�_�-.�}�+����>�eW�,9U�����Vn�_��ޕ[?�i�D�G�0���(P?����2�kmU45�օ-띧;�/��_��oOm���8���?������ _�b�,� Z-]K�;3�5�b�|ƺ̢X���׷�5���g�e�̋�JӸ�x����ۗ/_T�ظ4�js����슟&��m�[���2��VUTcY�� �,�������?X.��@���0�ǩ]T�쯶�����l���~��� 3j\^j��z=ɷ.~��׬� ;V������w2�m��S���Uf&� �W�O�Uc��u[3\��C/kZ(uls�ɿ�-��{j��wٜ� ��o���:ޗ�����v��)�i*�g������/��Iӟ����o#���i$����� ^�7�/��IO���O����|ƒJ~������ � ��"v�ȾcI%?Nv������4�K��8BIM!Version compatibility info U A d o b e P h o t o s h o p A d o b e P h o t o s h o p 6 . E�x��+�ܐ���oX�8�b. stream 1 0 obj stream Social – how the child relates, plays and talks to others. 4 0 obj Define growth :Growth refers to an increase in physical size of the whole body or any of its parts. 2. �p�4Ր��-i����� �F�*�#]v3'��}�B�N���ѳٻuo���� Child development refers to the way a child grows and learns. %PDF-1.5 <> Copyright Flag 8BIM'Japanese Print Flags

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