The Smart Comfort Grid™ is extremely responsive, it springs back into place immediately when pressure is released. You lay down on most of them and you think to yourself “oh this is nice”. Nectar describes this foam as a “semi-open LUSH foam,” and it is designed to, The second-to-last layer is 3″ of Hi Core Adaptive foam, which gives extra support. Have you come to a decision? Just like in the predecessor, the hybrid version has a top layer comprised of the Smart Comfort Grid™. This cover is an enhanced version of the original. Nectar has slower-moving foam on top, giving it a more traditional foam feel. I’m assuming that’s correct? (Remember, there’s also a 4” model if you like your mattress to be a little softer and thicker.) This breathable material is a blended fabric, 98 percent polyester with a hint of spandex. We also encourage you to read about how we may research and/or test Products here. Both have their benefits, but keep in mind Purple has intended for the New model to be the superior mattress, though the Original still offers some great benefits and a more affordable price point. Original Purple Bed Comparison for 2020, Check pricing and availability by clicking the button below, relieve pressure in areas like the hips and shoulder, Our Saatva vs. DreamCloud Premier Bed Comparison for 2020, Our DreamCloud Premier vs. Nolah Bed Comparison for 2020, Our DreamCloud Premier vs. Zenhaven Bed Comparison for 2020, Our Brooklyn Aurora vs. DreamCloud Premier Bed Comparison for 2020, Our Layla vs. DreamCloud Premier Bed Comparison for 2020, Our Nectar vs. DreamCloud Premier Bed Comparison for 2020, Our WinkBed vs. DreamCloud Premier Bed Comparison for 2020, Hyper-Elastic Polymer™, poly foams, and pocket coils, Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ is temperature neutral with airflow design, Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ is temperature neutral with airflow design and pocket coils have air pockets to permit air to flow freely, Gentle cradling, depending on sleep position, Gentle cradle, depending on position and firmness option. It did, about 60 days in. New Purple Construction. We rate mattresses on a scale from 1 to 10, with a 10 being as hard as concrete. Joe has an undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University and an MBA from Columbia University. Nectar has more of a sinking, memory foam feel, while the new Purple is more responsive. Welcome to Mattress Clarity! Let us make it easier, here are some final notes to help you choose. The paid to have a new Purple 4 shipped to us with white glove setup and hauled the old Purple 4 away. This, Each firmness level has a 7.5″ thick layer of individually wrapped coils. Another addition to the newer model is it comes available in three different firmness levels, Soft, Medium, and Firm. I’m curious to see how this panned out for you. I know there’s a bed adjustment period, but I’m not talking whether I have comfort, I’m talking pain. - I'm going to bump this review up to 3 stars for now. Beneath the polymer layer are the supportive foams that give way to very slight sinkage. You may have seen their witty ads boasting how their mattress can withstand the “egg test” and how their Hyper Elastic Polymer™ is a superior option compared to memory foam. That decision will be up to you, but to gather more details on these products check our links below. Shoppers can choose between a 3-inch or 4-inch Purple Grid comfort layer. He mainly focuses on mattress reviews and oversees the content across the site. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The New Purple. But if sleepers want a more responsive bed, the New should work best because of the innerspring unit. In-Depth The New Purple vs. Sinkage is going to vary between the New Purple 2, 3, and 4. This foam, The 6″ base layer uses breathable foam designed to. The mattresses compared here are generally on the soft end of the spectrum, but the brands described differ in feel, price, and construction. See our. Sinkage in either of these models is going to vary depending on body type and sleeping positions as the polymers are designed to react to pressure points. Both are quality products that have some important structural differences that can drastically affect the support and feel of these mattresses. If that doesn't do it then I'll go with something else. I tried the pillow before the mattress. The newer model, in comparison, incorporates reinforced foam edges. The newer model tops the same material over a pocketed coil system that helps maximize support and minimize motion transfer. In 2019, the company updated the material to one that worked to better complement the unique comfort system. The original Purple mattress launched a new kind of bed-in-a-box: one with unique materials and…, Memory foam is more popular today than ever – just scanning the Internet for memory…, Since its inception in 2014, Casper has taken the bed in a box market by…. When this is your situation edge support quickly becomes a key factor in your mattress selection. To learn more, please read our full disclosure page here. So who will it be? Joe has personally tested nearly 250 mattresses and always recommends people do their research before buying a new bed. UPDATE! Out of the box, the Original is a great option for the majority of people and sleeping positions. The new Purple is more temperature-neutral and breathable. The new Purple mattresses — Purple 2, 3, 4 — and Nectar are both relatively soft, bed-in-a-box options that otherwise differ in many ways. Hopefully this review helped you determine which brand and mattress may be the best option for you. He likes things simple and take a straightforward, objective approach to his reviews. (Purple is 11″ to 13″ thick; Nectar is 11″ thick. This hybrid incorporates the company’s proprietary Smart Comfort Grid™ and a supportive pocket coil unit. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to It can be expected that most sleepers will sink further into the bed on the 4-inch top, while the 3-inch allows a moderate sink, and the 2-inch leaves sleepers resting on more of a firm, supportive surface.

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