Too bad about the gravy though. My sister knows how to make “Brown Gravy” using just shoyu (no meat stock), and it’s surprisingly really good! Every diner, every plate lunch place, everyone has loco moco. Like all popular Hawaii foods (think malasadas and saimin), many restaurants make fancy/premium versions. Confession: My name is MJ, and I’m addicted to the Food Network. It’s a dish that originated in Hawaii, and beyond that, I don’t know the history., John, Rainbow Drive-In is definitely the kind of place that will hit da’ spot after a day out of surf ‘n sun. Whichever ones I/we get, I’ll make sure to get that BEST Mac Salad (them be fightin’ words! Like all popular Hawaii foods (think malasadas and saimin), many restaurants make fancy/premium versions. It is not fancy food. You could really taste the ginger, which I love in how that compliments the beef. – Rainbow Drive In. All rights reserved. I love your post but you still have much to learn, grasshopper. What we call "rice" in Hawaii is called "sticky rice" on the mainland. Loco Moco is comfort food, it's diner food, it's food you make at home. Savory, and flavorful, and egg yolk-y. The rice should be Japanese short grain rice. Here’s how I did it: MJ’s Loco Moco Recipe (Serves 4) 4 cups rice (I used Jasmine) 1-pound ground beef. ?” In addition to the chili flavor, the gravy has good rich flavor and texture. An island favorite and iconic dish the loco moco made Wolfgang’s style with a homemade hamburger steak patty served over hot steamed rice, topped with a fried egg and smothered in rich brown gravy. Pan fry or broil the patties to desired doneness. Rainbow Drive In Teriyaki Beef Plate, $5.75. Actually, contrary to most people beliefs, Rainbows has not changed ownership since they opened in 1961. Eat it with a fork, spoon or chopsticks...I've seen it all ways. Lindy got it right with the cornbeef hash and eggs over easy with gravy all over, then kethchup, shoyu, and worchestershire to top it off. We may earn a small commission (at no cost to you), if you purchase through the links. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod Loco Moco is comfort food, it's diner food, it's food you make at home. If you haven't tired Loco Moco before, make sure you try a simple version first. Your email address will not be published. I enjoy gravy too, but wouldn’t appreciated that chili taste either! I think they have one of the better gravys out there. Just put the gravy on top of the mac salad and it’s all good. I came face to face with Geoffrey Zakarian at a wedding once and bee lined the other direction out of nervousness. While cooking, mix flour and beef broth together. 4) When patties are done cooking, remove from the pan. Loco Moco was invented in 1949 in Hilo (on the Big Island). Demi glace is a rich, glossy brown sauce from which the liquid has been partly evaporated, typically flavored with wine and served with meat. Wus’ up with that chili flavoring in it? pretty good! We always pestered him for the recepie but he took it to his grave. Loco Moco at Four Seasons Hualalai (Big Island). Loco Moco made with waygu beef. Tags: food, foodie, Lifestyle, totally buffalo, Welcome to Totally Buffalo! Still, I’ll never forget the Loco Moco at Country Kitchen (now closed) way out in Kaa’awa next to 7-11. Nutritionist: Looking to lose weight for summer? Maybe I’m weird. lol, Josh, on that Secret Life of… (Drive Inns) Food Network show, the owner’s last name was Gusukuma. As an Amazon Associate Onolicious Hawaii earn from qualifying purchases. I moved to Hilo almost 15 years ago and remember when returning to Honolulu for a quick trip we stopped at Likelike Drive-In and they didn’t even know what a loco moco was. Written by Lifestyle Contributor, MJ Cimato of Cooked Buffalo. Definitely one of my top plate lunch spots on that side of the aina. But hey, everyone has their own preference – especially with gravies and sauces (flavor, depth, quantity, viscosity, etc.) Boyfriend gets the chili dog and slush with ice cream. Or more specifically, the “brown gravy” at Rainbow Drive In.

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